Just Passing Through

Whenever we travel, whether it is a few miles or a couple hundred miles, a meal out is guaranteed. At places we visit often we have our favorite places to eat. If we are traveling a distance I like to look for someplace that looks interesting. Hopefully the food will be good there and it usually is. Since we are just passing through chances are good that we will not be back for another meal. The memory of the meal, however, will linger.

We have a bird feeder right outside the window in our dining area so we can watch the birds eat while we are eating. We have our regulars who are with us year round, wrens, cardinal, blue jay, red bellied woodpecker, etc. They seem to like the food we provide and I am glad that they do.

In the spring, though, we seem to get some birds stat stay for about a week and move on. We must be on their flight path to wherever their destination is. Like us when we travel they are looking for a place that will serve up a good meal.

I guess word gets out that we provide good food and keep the feeder filled because we get these transients and I am so glad we do. They add a jolt of color to our regular clientele and they all seem to get along.

A few weeks age some goldfinches decided to stop by and visit for about a week. Their bright yellow was like added sunshine to our dining crowd.

Day may be cloudy.

But sunshine is always there.

Brightening the day.

The finches are now gone, but they have been replaced by another bird. Yesterday we had a new visitor at our feeder. I have not seen this one before so I am not sure how long it will visit. Hopefully for longer than one day.

Perching on the hook
You patiently wait your turn.
To fill your belly.
Diner is open.
Eat until your heart's content.
Everyone welcome!


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18 responses to “Just Passing Through

  1. I love the way you insert haiku into your post. Your new visitor is a rose breasted grosbeak, I believe. We have some that stop by our house regularly. I do love the way the birds brighten up the spring feeders. Looks like you’ve got a lovely bunch!

  2. Melanie Marshall

    Love that I randomly clicked on a Slice of Life and found a fellow bird watcher! Our goldfinches have migrated, but we loved them so. Now we have our regular ones, and I never stop admiring the bright blues of the jays or the smart reds of the cardinals.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • We do enjoy watching the birds, and occasional squirrel, gather at our feeder. The cats enjoy watching them through the window as well. They do bring such color and joy.

  3. I love the comparison between the human ad bird lifestyle. When we see the similarities in other people and species, we are more likely to show them kindness.

  4. Anita Ferreri

    I love the connection between traveling birds and humans. I try to be kind to the overweight squirrels who knock the food out of the feeder by jumping on it, but to be quite honest, they are troublesome and steal more than they can eat.
    But I love to watch the birds nibble and so I feed the squirrels as well!

  5. hardly an artist

    Thanks for sharing this intimate look at nature. Love the pictures!

  6. I enjoyed this slice so much! Perfect line: “sunshine is always there” paired with the yellow finch. My step-dad was a champion bird feeder, and I remember times when the finch feeder was full of those sunny birds- in Indiana. And I really love the picture that was in words, not a photo… the homey picture of sharing a meal and watching birds together. That’s a blessing!

    • We love seeing the colors at the feeder change as some birds come while others leave. It is a constant joy to look out the window and see who is there.

  7. Lainie Levin

    I love these bird haiku. You’ve got quite the range of friends who come and visit! At some point, I’ll get around to cleaning and putting our bird feeder back up – although my labrador puppy might make their lives just *that* more difficult…

    • I am glad our cats are house cats and can only watch through the window even if they face from window to window following the bird’s as they fly by.

  8. I like your observations of which stay and which go and return. Your birdie-kus are darling. As bright and fun as the avian visitors to your feeder.

  9. Excuse the lateness of this reply but I had a touch of vertigo this week that altered my weekly plans. I would say that you and Kathy are well prepared for your guests and the invitation to dine is one that can’t be missed. I like your last poem the best for it is such an invitational one that offers the best hospitality in the neighborhood, Bob.

    • Carol, sorry to hear you had some issues this week. Hope all is better. It is a toss up as to whether the birds like the food or we enjoy watching the birds more. As long as they keep coming I will keep feeding them.

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