Then and Now


A couple of weeks ago Kathy and I went to a quilt exhibition in Middletown.  Notice I said “exhibition” and not “quilt show”.  This was not a display of newly made and judged quilts. No awards were given for Best of Show or Best Hand Quilted. There were no vendors present to sell quilting needs.  This was not sponsored by a national quilt show. There was no charge to enter.

Instead, this display was organized by the Middletown Historic Society.  Yes, there were recently made quilts, but they were paired with their antique counterparts.  Although the quilts had the same or similar patterns, one might have been made within the last ten years while its partner was made during the 1800’s.  It was something to see them side by side.  Depending on which part of the country the quilt came from the name changed,  Here is a pattern know as the Lone Stat or Star of Bethlehem.  Looking at the four can you figure out which is the oldest and which is the newest?



I’m not saying.

Looking at these two crazy quilts again one is new while the other is not.  In many instances the fabric is the clue to the age of the quilt.


A popular applique pattrn is that of Sunbonnet Sue.


Here is a traditional Log Cabin and a Log Cabin Heart.  Sometimes a traditional pattern is given a new twist by the design in which it is used.


I will finish with the Flying Geese Pattern.  Here are three quilts utilizing that pattern.  Again, the new is paired with the old.




I am amazed at how well the antique quilts have held up.  Yes, they show some wear and are worn thin in parts.  But, after all, these quilts were made to be used and not just put on display.

Beside the quilts, there were many other historical artifacts on display at the historical society.  Some day we might take another trip to look more closely at them.  I am glad that Kathy saw the ad for this unique display and that we decided to go.




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This Is So Unlike Me


I am usually a patient guy.  I try not to let things rattle my cage too much.  I generally go with the flow.

So, what I did last week was so out of character for me.  I don’t know if it was the approaching storm or if my meds got to me.  Here’s what happened.

I had an appointment with my ENT.  I go every four months to have my ears checked and dewaxed.  I tend to get a build up.  I had a 10:15 appointment.  Usually when Kathy and I go out we make a list of things we need to do and places we need to go.  Make the trip count.  This trip was no different.

There were four or five things we needed to do after my appointment.  Some had to be done by a certain time because places would close.  When I got to the doctor’s office I noticed that the waiting room was full.I knew I would not be taken back at my scheduled time.  As I sat I noticed that no one was being called back and very few were leaving.  The doctor was running behind schedule.  Fine.

Because of the weather forecast and the list of things I needed to do I was getting antsy.  After 30 minutes I decided to ask the receptionist how late the doctor was running.  She asked for my name, checked her list and told me it would be at least 45 minutes before I was called back.  I know from previous visits that when I go back it is at least 15 minutes before the doctor comes in.  That puts my wait to an hour plus the half hour I already waited.

I found this unacceptable.  Why should I have to wait that long just because the office staff overbooked.  I told the woman that I had other things to do and I had to go.  Could they call me when the doctor got caught up a little.  They don’t do that.

Well then, why didn’t they call me before I left home to tell me the doctor was running late.  They knew before I got there he was off schedule.  I was annoyed.  I told her that I was going to leave and did.

Normally this would not have bothered me and I would have waited.  I don’t know what had me so anxious this time.  Now i have to make a new appointment.  I will ask for a time when they are not overbooked,


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The King (at least in his mind)


He sits high above the others surveying his kingdom and his subjects.  He is the ruler of all he sees.  From his seat of power he determines who may approach and if they should be given an audience.


Others have tried to dethrone him, but he stands or is it sits his ground.  After all, he holds the advantage.  Get too close an the weapons might come out. Subjects, after all, must bow to the supreme ruler.  They may approach but not get too close.


All must show due respect. Those being ruled must know their place.


Meeting the peons is tiring work.  One last look at his kingdom before leaving the throne.


All audiences have been granted for the day.  Now it is on to more serious matters of state.  From the throne his highness retires to a more comfortable seat.


He then relaxes contemplating the good life he leads.  Personally. I think he is just sleeping.



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Sometimes You Just Have to Call for Help


I admit.  I am not a handyman around the house.  I did not get the “repair gene” when I was born.  That is not to say, however, that I will not try my hand at doing small projects around the house usually with a modicum of success.

However, there are two things that I will not tackle – electrical work and plumbing.  I do not want to light up tilt so anything more  than changing a light bulb is beyond me.

With plumbing I can see me flooding the basement or having a geyser shoot out of the kitchen sink because of something I did or didn’t do.

So last week when we were having toilet troubles I called a plumber.  First of all, to flush I felt that I needed to go to the gym to develop muscles because the handle was so hard to push.  Secondly, the thingy (I apologize for using such a technical term) inside the tank didn’t reseat itself so the water kept running and not filling the tank.  Thirdly, the doohickey (another technical term) that directs the water into the tube to fill the tank snapped off so the water was hitting the lid and dripping onto the floor.

The plumber came and looked things over.  He couldn’t understand why we had the ball and chain unit.  Most companies use the Fluidmaster type.  My answer, “I don’t know”.

Because he hadn’t been back to the shop before he came to our place he didn’t have the part he needed on his truck.  Luckily there is a hardware store two miles from our house so he was able to go there and buy what he needed.

In no time at all he had new insides in place for us and I no longer had to exert 50 pounds of pressure to flush.  Glad to say that things are flowing smoothly once again.


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Really Reaching Here


7:45 and I still haven’t posted anything yet.  I had a thought last night, but that didn’t pan out.  Not enough to say to make it a worthwhile or interesting post.

But, because it is late and I don’t have any other ideas I will bore you with two things that happened and needed to be taken care of.

First incident has to do with my car, my new car, my car that isn’t even one month old yet. The car on which I have just made the first payment.

First of all I will say that I love my new vehicle.  I am still learning all of the bells and whistles it has and probably will never learn all of its features.  I enjoy driving it so I am always ready to go somewhere, even if the weather isn’t the best.

In this part of PA we haven’t really had bad winter weather…yet.  We have had some flurries and freezing rain.  Anyway, Kathy and I were out one day just going to blow the cobwebs.  We were traveling I 81 which had been salted and cindered.

I was doing the speed limit, maybe a tad faster, but apparently I wasn’t going fast enough for the tractor trailer behind me.  He decided to pass.  Not a problem.  As he passed and then proceeded to get back in front of me he sent a piece of cinder flying back.  I heard it hit my windshield.

Yes, I now have a ding in my windshield.  I have been driving for many years and this has never happened to me.  I called my insurance company and I have an appointment to get it fixed tomorrow.  If it can be repaired the cost is covered.  If the windshield needs to be replaced I have  $100 deductible.  I think it an be repaired because there is just a hoe and no spider webbing.

Anyway, I am off tomorrow to get it fixed.  I could have had the company come to the house to take care of it but I opted to go the them instead.  Oh well, I guess I will just have to have dinner out since my appointment is for 3:00 and the job takes 45 minutes.

As for the second thing that happened, I think I will let that go til another post.


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That Dreaded Four Letter Word


Let’s face it, words affect us.  Some words make us feel all warm and bubbly inside while others make us cringe.  Some words make us laugh while others make us cry. Some make us froth at the mouth while others may elicit no response whatsoever.

There is one four letter word that always gets to me whether I hear it or see it in print.  I am sure you all know what word I am talking about.  It seems every time I pick up something to read that word is there blatantly staring me in the face.  Whenever I talk to someone that word seems to crop up at least once in the conversation.

Yes, that word does have an effect on me and I’m sure on many of you as well.  SALE!  There, I’ve written it.  What other word has the power to turn people crazy?  What other word makes us want to go out and buy something we don’t really want or need at a price that has been inflated just so it can be marked down to the same price it was the day before the sale began?

I admit that I am drawn to a sale.  I don’t want to miss out on a bargain.  Well, last Friday Kathy and I went to a sale.  This sale happens just twice a year, January and August.  Even though I don’t need more of what is being sod I still end up with a bag full.

This sale is held by out local newspaper.  On sale are books, thousands of them.  All hardcovers are $3.00.  Paperbacks run $1.00 each.  Children’s books are 3 for $1.00.  How can you go wrong?

The newspaper staff spends months collecting books, sorting them, and arranging them for sale.  People flock to the sale.  There is always a line waiting to get in when the doors open.

Usually Kathy and I go in the afternoon when the crowd has thinned out a bit.  This time we were there about 15 minutes after the doors opened because we were going to meet some friends for lunch afterwards.

You can see some of the people milling around when we got there.


The books are all arranged alphabetically by author.  There are special displays for some authors such as James Patterson, David Baldauchi, Nora Roberts, and John Grisham.  There is a section for large print books as well as romance and sci-fi.  There is a special place for biographies and craft books.  No matter what kind of book you like, you are bound to find something here.


There are two rooms devoted to the sale and it seems that no matter what time you go to the sale there is someone else there.


If you were to look around our house you would see that we probably don’t need any more books.  Hogwash.  One can never have too many.  One of the main reasons I like this sale is that it gives me a chance to pick up books by authors I would not usually choose.

So, did I buy any books?  Do you really have to ask?


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It Followed Me Home


It followed me home.

Can I keep It?

I promise to make sure it always has plenty to drink.

I will feed it whenever needed.

It followed me home.

Can I keep it?

If it gets dirty I will give it a bath.

Nice soapy water for washing and soft absorbent towels for drying

It followed me home.

Can I keep it?

I know I don’t need another one.

We have enough.

But it followed me home.

Can I keep it?

If it ever develops a problem I will take it for help.

Nothing but the best for my new baby.

It followed me home.

Can I keep it.


I can keep it!


Now I just have to make the payments.





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