Back From Afrtica


After two weeks, Kathy and I returned home home from Africa Sunday night around 11 P.M. What an amazing trip we had.

I am not sure that me body has gotten back to the routine of daily life back home.  It might take a few more days to readjust.

Since we spent yesterday unpacking, doing laundry, taking care of the accumulated mail and picking up our “kids” from the spa, I didn’t have time to sort through to pictures we took so that I can bore you without countless shots.  I will wait until next week to start the picture show.

However, to get started here is a picture of a sunset on the Zambezi River.

Sunset on the Zambezi


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This is the Week


There is a lot happening for us this week.  The first big thing for me is that yesterday I officially became covered by Medicare.  Yes, on Thursday I will turn 65.  I now will need to let my doctors know of my new coverage as well as my pharmacy since my new drug plan kicked in yesterday as well.

Because this is my birthday week I have received several freebies from different places where I am registered.  I have to take advantage of them. So, yesterday Kathy and I went to Ruby Tuesday for dinner.  I got a free burger.  Not the healthiest, but it was free.

Because we were both a bit full, even though I only ate half of my burger and brought the rest home, I couldn’t do dessert.  So we went to Michael’s and walked around for half an hour. Now I was ready for dessert.  On to Dairy Queen for a free chocolate covered cherry blizzard.   It hit the spot.

As with every year for our birthdays, Kathy’s is August 9, we usually celebrate with a trip to NYC.  Tomorrow we are off to the Big Apple to see Waitress and On Your Feet.  We will meet our nephew and his fiancee for lunch before the matinee.

On our way home on Thursday we will stop in Hershey at Houlihan’s for dinner.  I get a free meal there as well and it is a nice way to end our New York trip.

Friday we go crazy.  It is the day we take the cats to the “spa” for their extended stay   Saturday we head back to New York to hop a plane to Africa.  We are basically packed for that trip so we just need to add medications and personal grooming items.

I can’t believe it is here already.  I must admit that I am excited as well as a bit nervous.  So, this will be my last post for about 3 weeks.  I am not taking my laptop with me.  Pictures and stories to be posted when we return.


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Another Quilt Show


Last Thursday Kathy and I went to Hershey for  Quilt Odyssey.  This is an annual event held during the summer months.  Kathy likes it because of all of the vendors.  She  always finds something new, something she must have.  This year was no exception.

Although the show opened at 9:00, we didn’t get there until around 10:30.  It is only a 45 minute ride so we thought we would let the initial crowd get a head start.  That way we wouldn’t have to stand in line waiting to buy tickets.

We always do the merchant mall before we look at the quilts.  Here is a sample of the crowd as we entered the room.

Hershey 1

After about two hours of looking around and getting just halfway through the vendors, I was hungry.  It was time to eat.  We went to the Bear’s Den located in the Hershey Lodge.  Of course, I couldn’t possible eat in Hershey and not have a chocolate martini.

Hershey 2  Yes. that is a Hershey’s kiss on the bottom of the glass.  Lunch for me was a pulled pork sandwich while Kathy had a taco salad.  The food was delicious.

After lunch it was back to the vendors.  After seeing all of the things available and making a few purchases, it was time to go see the quilts.  Hope you enjoy the pictures and the commentary.

The first quilt we saw was a Mariner’s Compass.  I have always liked this pattern and I love the colors in this quilt.

Hershey 6

Sometimes the design just doesn’t fit on the quilt so it extends beyond the border.

Hershey 4

I cant imagine cutting and working with pieces this small.

Hershey 7

This I just thought was pretty.

Hershey 8

Anyone for cake?

Hershey 10

Hershey 11  Can you imagine using this much thread and doing this many stitches?  Here’s the quilt.

Hershey 14

I can appreciate the work that went into this quilt, but it is a bit too busy for me.

Hershey 16 - Copy

Again, I just thought these was pretty.

Notice how many baskets were made for this one.

Hershey 22 - Copy

Here it is,

Hershey 19 - Copy

If you like modern looking quilts here is one for you.

Hershey 20 - Copy

Each feather on this one was put on individually.

Hershey 26

To end, here are two miniature quilts.  The pictures are deceiving.  Neither one is bigger than an 11 x 14 picture.

Well, that finishes Hershey for another year.  The next big show will be held at Oaks near Philly in September,  We will be there.


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Christmas in July


Getting a package in the mail is always exciting especially if you are not sure what is inside of it.  Yesterday I received a package.

cat toy club 1

Of course, any time a package comes I am not the only one to check it out.

Oh, no wonder Dustin and Ned are checking out the package.  It is for them.

cat toy club 5

Ned’s breeder’s husband started a club where every month a box of toys comes for the cats.  I know, they are spoiled.  Here is this month’s collection of goodies.

cat toy club 11

Dustin already knows which one he wants.

cat toy club 6

Ned is looking and trying to decide.  Molly is waiting her turn.

cat toy club 7

Ned has a thing for feathers so here is his pick.  Molly loves laser lights.

Actually, all of the cats enjoy the dot of red light.

So, I guess every month will be like Christmas for the cats.

cat toy club 11

Wonder what next month will bring.


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Upcoming Trip


Thus was not the post I was planning on writing today, but when I received a email early this morning I changed my topic.  As I have already mentioned in previous post, an by now you might be sick of hearing about it, Kathy and I are going to Africa in a few weeks.

Since we are not the ones planning the trip, I have no idea what is in store for us.  The only thing I know for certain is that at some point we will be visiting Victoria Falls.  I hear it is beautiful and am looking forward to seeing it.

Other than that I had no idea what was going on.  That is, until this morning.  My phone pinged at 6:00 this morning.  I checked to see who the message was from, but not recognizing the name I put the phone back and rested a while longer.  When I finally did check my messages I realized that it was a partial itinerary of our trip.  To say I was excited would be an understatement.

There was some basic information about the weather and what kinds of clothes to pack.  I can now weed out the things I thought I might need but won’t.  Then came the information.

We will be spending 2 nights on a safari in South Africa at Shepherd’s Tree Lodge, Pilanesberg Game Reserve.  I was hoping that we would be taking a safari and now it looks like we are.   This has me really excited.

I read a bit more and found out that out mode of transportation is going to be elephant.  Huh?  Elephant?  Really?  Aren’t they knida big?  How does one get on an elephant let alone ride one?  I haven’t ridden any animal since I rode a pony at a kid’s park.  I won’t mention ow long ago that was.  Oh well.  I hope my elephant is friendly.  It also turns out that Kathy will celebrate her 70th birthday while we are on safari.  Should be interesting.

I better make sure I have new memory cards for my camera and lots of batteries.  Hopefully I will get some good pictures.

Oh well, this is now one more thing to think about and be excited about during the next few weeks.  I am sure they will pass quickly.


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4Th of July


On Sunday, Kathy and I went to my brother’s for a Fourth of July picnic.  As with other times, his house was filled with family, friends, and good food.

To get things started, snacks wee brought out while the grill was being fired up.

Lenny's 2 Fresh fruit, crab dip, cheese, mini tacos all served to whet the appetite.

Small groups formed while people were still arriving.

Lenny's 1  Here Kathy sits with my brother’s mother-in-law and Foster, the woman who is planning our Africa trip.

As the food was cooking we moved to tables set up outside.


My brother, Len (blue shirt) and his wife, Carol, are always the perfect hosts.

Lenny's 4 My nephews, Jason (holding the dog) and Leonard (with the beard) were able to make it home for the festivities.  Always great seeing them.  Jason is holding the dog because Beck is hyper.  He loves people and is a jumper.  At the moment I still can’t risk him jumping up on me.

Lenny's 7  Leonard’s wife, Mimi, is joining us on out Africa trip.  Leonard, unfortunately, can’t go because he is doing a rotation in a Chicago hospital.  He will be there for the month of August.

Lenny's 8  Jason and his girl friend Marissa will be joining us as well as Marissa’s parents.

I really don’t have any pictures of the food.  I guess I was too busy eating.  I sometimes find it hard to believe that where once I use to be the kid at gatherings like this but now I am an adult watching the next generation.

It is always nice when we can take time out of our busy schedules to all come together to spend time with each other.  That is really the celebration.


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30 Days!

When I got to rehab I was given a monitor and told to get hooked up.  rehab 4  For the next hour I was sending heart rate as well as other information to a computer .Before starting on any of the equipment, blood pressure was taken.

30 Days!

I got on the stationary bike. I pedaled and pedaled for 20 minutes.  All the while I watched the end of the 12:00 news followed by Everybody Lobes Raymond. At the beginning sessions I stayed at level 1 resistance. By the end I was up to level 6.

30 Days!

After a drink of water it was off to the Stepper. (Didn’t get a good picture).  For the first few weeks I used just the legs and not the arms.  I had to wait until 6 weeks after surgery to make sure the inside was healed.  Again I started off at a level 6.  By the end of my sessions I was up to level 9 (out of 10). I stepped for 20 minutes.

rehab 3

30 Days!

After another drink it was off to the treadmill for the last 20 minutes. I started at an incline of 1 with a speed of 1.5.  I ended with an incline of 5.5 and a speed of 4.0.

Following another drink I waited for my heart rate to come down and have my blood pressure taken one final time.

30 Days!

These gals pushed me and encouraged me to do  my 2  I know this is a picture of a picture, but Chris, the one in the middle, was off having foot surgery my last day there. Judy, Chris, and Amy – can’t say enough good things about them.

30 Days!

Because they were pleased with the progress I made, Amy, Chris, and Judy decided I didn’t need the full 36 sessions.  30 would be sufficient.

30 Day!

After 30 days of therapy I graduated and received my certificate.

rehab 1



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