I am not one for reading medical columns in the newspaper since after I finish reading one I start to  see symptoms of whatever disorder was discussed in myself and I am sure I have that illness.  I don’t need that.

I have noticed, though, that there is something wrong with me.  As I read an article by John Usalis in our Sunday paper I had an aha moment.  What he described is exactly what I have.  He even had a name for it: Age-Activated Attention Deficit Disorder, AAADD.

Here is an example of how it works in me.

I thought of trying a new recipe for dinner so I went out to look in a binder where I keep recipes I cut out of magazines and newspapers.  I found one I like.  I also found a cookie recipe that sounded interesting so I thought I would make those as well.

I went to the cupboard to check on ingredients and found I was short on flour so a quick trip to the store was necessary.  As I walked the aisles of the store I found a few things that looked good even though they weren’t on the list I didn’t write.  I threw them into the care.

When I got home I unpacked the bags and got ready to bake.  I looked out the window and saw that the mail had just been delivered.  I went out to get it.  Walking back to the house i noticed that there were a couple of bills intermingled with the junk mail.

I thought I would sit down at the desk and pay them so that I wouldn’t forget about them.  I got out the checkbook and noticed I was short on checks.  I needed to get some more which happened to be in a drawer in the other room.

As I was headed for them one of the cats decided this was the perfect time to leave a furball.  Great.  Off to the sink to get some paper towels for clean up.  Luckily the cat got sick on the vinyl floor and not the living room rug.

I cleaned up the mess and decided I needed a cup of coffee.  As I am filling the cup with water for the coffee I notice that one of the plants on the window sill looks a bit droopy and could probably use a little drink.  As long as I was going to take care of this plant’s needs why not water the other plants as well?

I filled the watering can and took it into the living room so that I could water the plants in there.  Looking at those plants I saw that some of them needed a little TLC.  I put the watering can down and begin to pluck off dead leaves.

At that moment the phone rings.  It is a call I have been waiting for about a luncheon I am organizing for the retired teachers.  Phone call finished I put the phone down, get up and think, “Now, what was I going to do?”

At the end of the day no new recipe was tried, no cookies were made, no bills were paid, no new checks were put in the checkbook, I didn’t have my cup of coffee, and all the plants weren’t watered.

As I was going about my business I passed the bathroom several times so of course I needed to stop.

At the end of the day I am confused as to why nothing got done. I know I was busy all day because I am tired.

I need help for this condition.  I need to call my doctor and make an appointment so that I can discuss treatments.

But first, I only have 25 pages left in the book I am reading.


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Too Early?


I admit that here in PA the weather this winter has been strange.  We have had more rain than snow.  We have had more warm temperature days than cold.  I know we still have half of February and all of March to get through and we have even had snow into April some years.

I am not complaining.  The older I get the less I like the snow and ice.  I understand that some businesses are hurting because of the warmer temps.  Ski resorts find it too warm to make snow.  Ice fishing areas are hurting because the ice is not thick enough to support someone’s weight.

One thing I have noticed, though, is that nature seems to be responding to these temperatures.  I looked at the daffodils around our porch.  Usually at this time of year their little green heads are just starting to poke through the ground.  No so this year.


The catkins on our pussy willow are ready to open.


The forsythia is yellow.


I guess no matter what the calendar says I guess Spring is on the way.



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Just Wonderin’


It seems like the last few weeks I have been constantly on the go or resting because I have been constantly on the go. Yet, if you asked me I don’t think I could give you a clear answer as to what has been going on and what I have done.

This has found it way into my Tuesday writing as well.  I didn’t post anything last week although I did read other posts and comment on them.  With the March Challenge not too far away I thought I need to get my act together.

I still wasn’t sure what to write about today, but then I remembered an article I read in the Sunday paper two weeks ago,  The article listed several questions to which there are no real answers, at least none that I know of.

So, I thought that for this post I would try to find some perplexing questions.  Maybe you will have some answers.

  1.  Why are there no “B” batteries?
  2. If money doesn’t grow on trees why do banks have branches?
  3. How can something be “new” and “improved”?  If it is “new” what are they improving on?
  4. If glassblowers inhale do they get a pane in the stomach?
  5. Why is vanilla ice cream white when vanilla extract is brown?
  6. If vampires can’t see their reflections, why is their hair always so neat?
  7. Is there a time limit on fortune cookie predictions?
  8. If you are bald, what hair color do they put on your driver’s license?
  9. If a kid refuses to sleep during nap time is he guilty of resisting a rest?
  10. Why is the show called Unsolved Mysteries?  If they were solved they wouldn’t be mysteries.

In case you answered all of these questions here is one last one to ponder on those nights when you can’t settle and fall asleep quickly.

Is the “s” or “c” silent in the word “scent”?


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Good News or Bad News


I am sure most of us have been asked whether we would rather have the good news first or the bad.  Personally, I would rather have the bad first and get it out of the way.

But what if you were the giver of the news?  Would you rather give the good news first or the bad news first?  I am kind of facing that situation at the moment.

Each year our retired educators association awards a $400 grant to a teacher working for a district within our county.  We have a person who heads the committee collecting the applications and then presenting the winner with a check.  This year that person has had health problems and her husband passed away.  As a result she resigned from the position.

As president of the organization it fell to me to get the information to the district superintendent, collect the applications, take them back to the Board to choose a winner, notify the lucky winner and give my regrets to the one not receiving the grant.  For the longest time I had only one applicant.  This would make things easy.  Then a second one came before the deadline.  Both were presented to the Board and a vote was taken.  I now have the pleasure of informing one teacher that she will receive $400 for her initiative while regretfully letting the other know she did not receive the award.

So, which letter do I write first?  “I am happy to inform you that…” or “I regret to inform you that…”


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Winter Beauty


The outside sounds were quieted as the snow began to fall.

Slippery roads and careless drivers made for a slow ride home.

Blanketed beauty greeted me as I pulled into my driveway.



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Christmas 2019


One of the great joys of Christmas is spending time with family.  Getting ready for the visit can be a bit hectic especially if you keep putting things off.

Dec. 23:  I knew we were going up to my brother’s on Christmas Day.  I knew I wanted to bake some cookies to take with us.  I actually baked two batches yesterday, but I didn’t finish topping them.  One needed icing and one needed to be rolled in powdered sugar.  I also wanted to make two more batches.

With all of this to do you can pretty much guess how I spent Monday.  Kathy and I went to the movies.  Yes, Kathy wanted to see Cats.   That is a whole different post.  I will just say that I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

Dec. 24:   I finished the cookies that weren’t complete plus I made two more batches.  Bad news, though.  Because we don’t eat dairy products on this day I couldn’t sample them.  I had never made them before so I didn’t know if they would be good enough to take for company or not. Here are the four types I made.r

From the to left we have iced cranberry orange cookies, Mexican wedding cakes, red velvet cookies, and chocolate buckeye brownies There is a peanut butter center under that chocolate frosting.  I didn’t have to worry; all four were delicious.

After the cookies were finished it was time to start wrapping the presents I had bought for Kathy.  I finished just in time for bed.

Dec. 25: Christmas Day starts with 10:30 Mass. It was a small crowd there since most people went to one of the three Christmas Eve Masses we had.   By the time we got home, had some breakfast and packed up some cookies it was time to head to my brother’s.  Opening presents would have to wait until the evening.

We had a nice afternoon visiting.  Our nephew and his wife, whom we haven’t seen since last Christmas, were there.  It was nice catching up with them.


When we got home we decided to make a cup of coffee, sit on the floor and open our present.  This was a nice way for us to end what was a very enjoyable Christmas Day.  Hope all of you enjoyed your day as well.

Best wishes for a Happy and Healthy 2020!



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Christmas Concerts


This weekend was a weekend of getting into the Christmas Spirit.  It started with a bus trip to Philadelphia with the school retirees.

Our Recreo committee planned a trip to go hear the Philly Pops Christmas Concert.  Although I have been to Philadelphia a few times I had never been to the Kimmel Center.  I didn’t even know where in Philly it was located.  Well, it is right in center city.

Before the concert we stopped at a Buca di Beppo for lunch.  This was also a first for me.  It was an interesting place with delicious food. We started with two salads, a house salad and a Caesar salad. That was followed by spaghetti with meat sauce, fettuccine Alfredo, and chicken parm.  Dessert was cheesecake.  Thought I might be too full to enjoy the show, but I wasn’t.

The show itself was great.  Joining the Pops were Mandy Gonzalez, the Pops chorus,  the African Gospel Choir, and the Melodica Men.  This was truly a great way to get into the holiday spirit.


Things continued on Sunday. The Schuylkill County Chorus held their annual Christmas concert at a local church.  We have been going to this concert for a few years because a friend of ours sings with them.  The first half of their concert features religious songs while the second half is composed of secular songs.



Here is our friend, Keith.


This was another great way to get into the Christmas spirit.

Of course, when the concert was finished we had to go out for dinner.  Keith had made reservations for a group at a local restaurant.  Another great meal.

It is hard to believe that Christmas is only a week away.  After this weekend I know that I am ready for it…at least mentally.



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