Summer Day

SOLSC _ Day 24

I know the season just changed to Spring.  However these cold one day warm the next has me longing for constantly warm temperatures.  My mind is set on Summer.  Even though I am not a fan of humidity, I do enjoy a warm sunny day.

Thinking of summer I thought of something I wrote a few years ago.  I may have shared this already in a previous post, but I don’t remember and I am too lazy to go back and check.

So, if you have already read this just ignore this post.  If you haven;t read this I hope you enjoy it.

Summer Day

In the predawn moments

She awakens.

With one eyelid raised she listens.

Melodious twittering enters through the open bedroom window.

One staccato voice, then another, and finally a third.

Organizing their day or

Reveling in last night’s madcap adventures?


On her way to breakfast

She glances out the dining room window.

The sun just kissing the horizon

Awakens the blossoms.

Petals slowly unfurl

Displaying their blue finery

To the observant eye.


Morning melds seamlessly into noon.

Passing by the living room window

Outside movement catches her eye.

A squirrel performing acrobatic maneuvers

Tries to free some golden kernels

Imprisoned in the wooden log house

Attached to the gnarled limb of a white birch tree.  Success!



An unfamiliar sound assaults her ears.

Running to a side window

She surreptitiously  looks out not knowing what she will find.

A neighbor pruning his shrubs in the sweltering heat of the day.

The hypnotic whir from the clippers

Reminds her of just how tired she is.


Contentedly, she washes her face with her right paw.

Fluffy tail curled around her body

She lazily stretches out on the windowsill

Head resting on front paws.

Eyes close.

Sleep comes.

All is right in her world.





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Not As Smart As It Thinks


SOLSC Day 23

I admit that there are many things that I am not smart about.  I wouldn’t think of trying to rewire the house.  If issues are being discussed and I have limited knowledge on the subject there is no way I would try to pass myself off as an expert on the subject.

If I do know something I am willing to share my “smarts” on that subject with others, but not in a way that it makes the other person feel inadequate or foolish.

This is not the case for all “smarties” or those who think they know better than you.  Since the end of December I have had numerous run-ins with one particular “smartie”.  Every time I do something S perceives as wrong I am told about it with an insufferable “beep”.

Yes, I am talking about my new car.  It is so smart that when I put the headlights on “auto” the high beams come on automatically when nothing is coming toward me and then they click off when approaching lights are sensed.  Except…sometimes they go off when the car’s headlights reflect off of a sign or the roadway.  Now I ask you, how smart is that?  Of course I talk to the car and tell it nicely that if it is so smart it should know better.

Another thing, if I veer out of my lane it beeps at me until I get back into my lane.  However, if there is a pothole in my lane of course I will veer into the other lane to avoid it.  Surely the car should be able to sense this if it is so smart.  Or, what if a delivery truck is parked in the driving lane?  If I don’t go around it I will crash into it.  Surely the camera can see that and not beep.  Again, not too smart.  Of course I tell it, but in a nice way.

Maybe if I keep pointing out things like this, always nicely of course, this car will realize that it is not as smart as it thinks.  Then again, it may just beep at to annoy me.


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Lemon Bars


SOLSC Day 22

Today is food pantry day.  That means getting up at 5:30 to get ready to be at the township building by 7:00 so that we can start filling bags.  It also means that yesterday I made lemon bars for the workers.  This is not something I have to do but something I enjoy doing because they like them.

You would think that after the many times I made these I wouldn’t need the recipe.  Not the case.  So, I got my recipe out to make sure I had all I needed.

bars 1

Next, I had to prepare the pan.  That involved lining the pan with foil and generously greasing the foil.

bars 2

Flour, powdered sugar, and butter become the crust.

bars 3

Crust in the pan, pan in the preheated oven and bake for 17 minutes.  While the crust is baking it is time to get the filling ingredients together.

bars 4

Mix them all together and pour the mixture over the hot crust.

Back into the oven.  After 25 minutes you have a pan of lemon bars.

After they are cooled, it is time to cut them.  Because the pan was foil lined and greased, it is easy to get them out of the pan and loosen the sides.  Sometimes the top cracks and sometimes it doesn’t.  This time it did, but that does not affect the taste.  It is optional to dust them with powdered sugar.  I don’t because I don’t think they need it.

bars 10

I like to cut the bars into approximately 1″ pieces because they are easier to pick up and just pop into the mouth.

bars 11

Off of the foil and onto a pan.

bars 12

Pan is full and ready to go.

bars 13

Hope the workers like them.



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Pretzels and More


SOLSC Day 21

I previously mentioned that Kathy had guild and that she was on the refreshment committee.  She did take some creu de te along with some ranch dip.

She also thought it would be nice to take a little sweetness.  Personally, when taking things for a group I prefer something bite sized so that it doesn’t need to be cut.  What to make?

Kathy had seen something in one of her Facebook posts so we thought we would try it.  What do you see when looking at this?

candy 1

Do you see a sheet of mini pretzels?  What if you were to melt some white candy melts, shape them into ovals, add some pink details using cookie icing, and a half of a mini marshmallow?  These pretzels are now “Bunny Butts”.

candy 3

This was our first attempt at making these so they are not as perfect as they should be, but what the heck?

The other thing we made turned out a bit better.  Start with a pretzed snap.

candy 4

Top with a candy melt and bake at 350 degrees for 90 seconds…no more, no less. Push an M&M into the soft candy and this is what you have.

candy 2

Now Kathy is set with her end of the refreshments.


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Stretching For A Topic


SOLSC Day 20

N – No exciting things happening around here;

O – Only me and the cats at home.

T – Today Kathy has quilt guild, so she won’t be home until tonight.

H- Having some leftover spaghetti and meatballs for dinner;

I – I might make a small salad to go with that.

N – Not exactly sure how I want to spend the day;

G – Going to spend some time reading, though.


T – Thinking about possible topics for the rest of the week;

O – One will be about the show on Saturday.


W – Winter is finally gone; Spring has arrived.

R – Really glad for the change of seasons;

I – I am ready for this snow to melt.

T – Thinking it better melt slowly or I will have a flooded basement.

E – Envisioning a mess if I do.


A – Anticipating our upcoming trip;

B – Browsing through pictures a friend gave us.

O – Only a little more than a month left;

U – Until we take off.

T – Time sure flies.


T – Time to bring this post to a close;

O – Only a few more lines to write.

D – Didn’t know where this was going;

A – And still no definite point to it.

Y – You all have a nice day!


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A Busy Week Ahead


SOLSC Day 19

I was looking at the calendar to see what’s on tap for this week.  Maybe I shouldn’t have looked.  The first thing I noticed about the week is that except for today and tomorrow, I am going to be out every other day of the week.  Kathy will also be out tomorrow.

So what all is happening?  Well, tomorrow Kathy has her monthly quilt guild meeting so she will be gone during the afternoon and evening.  She is on the refreshment committee this month so we (yes, I will help her) will be working on getting her contribution  together.  Since she is taking munchies and dip that will involve cleaning and slicing celery and carrots, making the dip. bagging things for easy transport, and finding our relish trays .  It won’t take long to do, but it needs to be done.

While Kathy is at guild on Monday I need to shovel a path from the road to our propane tank.  This is the only shoveling I have yet to do.  I am not sure when we are scheduled for our next delivery, but I know it is easier for the guys if a path is cleared.  I know I wouldn’t want to be dragging a hose through two feet of snow.

Tuesday I have an appointment to get my teeth cleaned.  I am so glad it wasn’t scheduled for last week.  I also need to go get a renal x-ray before my next appointment with my urologist. When I get home I need to bake some lemon bars because…

Wednesday is food pantry day.  Kathy and I go help out filling the bags for the people who come.  Kathy then helps with the paperwork while I help carry the bags out to the cars. What does this have to do with yesterday’s lemon bars? Well, the workers like them.  They like having a snack during the down time between when we finish filling the bags and the pantry is open for business.  I have offered to make other tings but the answer is always “No”. They want lemon bars since they only get them every other month.

Thursday we are going to a brunch for the Dauphin and Lebanon county school retirees.  Should be fun.  I know the food will be good.

Friday we have lunch out with some friends.  These are people I went to Penn State with 40 plus years ago.  We get together monthly just to touch base with each other.

Saturday we have tickets for Sound of Music at the Hershey Theatre.  I have seen the movie countless times but have never seen the stage production.  I am looking forward to it.

What this all means is it is going to be hit or miss as far as posting goes for the week.  I do know I will post every day but I am not sure what time of day that will be.  I also make no guarantees about the quality of the posts.  Some might be quite short.

If I were organized or a planner I would use today and tomorrow to write several drafts and then just pull one up each day.  Unfortunately, that is not me.  So fair warning, this week you get what you get.


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Good News, At Least I’m Happy


SOLSC Day 18

Several years ago our one and only grocery store in the Hegins Valley closed.  I was upset. Not because now I would have to travel 20 miles instead of 2 when our milk supply was low.  I wasn’t even upset by the fact that I wouldn’t get gas points that I could use to get money off the price per gallon of gas I bought at the pumps over there.

No, I was upset because there would be no more in store restaurant.  Yes, in the little alcove next to the deli counter there was a restaurant. It didn’t seat more than 30 people.  There were always daily specials.  The salad bar, though small, had a nice variety of items on it.  There were always two kinds of homemade soups.

The place was always crowded.  It was a nice gathering place for the valley folk.  You could have breakfast, lunch, or dinner and then do your grocery shopping.

Now it would be gone.  After a year of waiting Redner.s bought the market and reopened the store.  Now I would not have to travel far for groceries.  However, they decided not to reopen the restaurant.  Instead they used the alcove to house the bread items.  Bummer.

Redners has been operating for a few years now and I just recently read in the local paper that they are planning to reopen the restaurant.  Yippee!  The bread will be relocated to a different area of the store and the restaurant is going back where it was.  I am sure that I am not the only one in the valley that is thrilled by this.


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