It’s Time

Today was one of those days when I overslept.  Got up just in time to eat, shower, vote, and get to my doctor's appointment.  No time to comment or post before we left the house.  

Got home around six.  Fed the beasts. Scooped their boxes. Watched the world and local news.  Didn't take time to read or post.

After that I decided to read the newspaper - needed to get the daily sudoku and word jumble (which I solved).  Then it was time for our evening cup of coffee and of course the beasties wanted a snack as well.  I don't know how they got so spoiled.  Still didn't take the time to comment or write.

With the coffee cooling it was time to check the emails for the day and see what is happening on FB.  Still didn't get to commenting or writing.  Can you sense a pattern here?

Finally decided I would read some posts and write some comments.  If I didn't get around to writing I would at least have read and left some thoughts on others' posts.

It is still early so maybe I'll get something written and posted.  I haven't taken the time during the day to write anything so now I guess: 

                                                                      It's Time. 

                                                        I haven't notice a problem,
                                                        But before one develops 
                                                        Best to get things checked out so
                                                                    It's time.

                                                        I'm sure all is well.
                                                        There's nothing amiss.
                                                        But best to be safe so
                                                                   It's time.

                                                        I've done this before,
                                                        But it's been two years.
                                                        So in all honesty
                                                                   It's time.

                                                        Didn't want it done in winter.
                                                        Summer's too hot.
                                                        Perfect weather right now so
                                                                  It's time.

                                                        So, things are all set,
                                                        They'll be here soon.
                                                        Honey Dippers are on their way.
                                                                  It's time.


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10 responses to “It’s Time

  1. Tuesday seems to often be busy for me lately too!

    • I wonder why that is. Of course, if I wrote something on Monday and had it ready for publication on Tuesday…nah, that would be too easy.

  2. Time is a such a pressing factor in life. When you think you have time, it takes hours away from whatever is pressing. It is better to enjoy a day like you did than worry about the other “important” tasks. I think I need to be reminded of this thought so I can reconstruct my days, Bob.

    • Sometimes we, and I mean I, spend so much time thinking about what we need to do and the time required to get those things done that we don’t focus on enjoying the time we are presently in. I know I have missed so much joy of the present obsessing over what needs to be done later. I agree with you, Carol, that we all need to remind ourselves to stay in the present.

  3. Lainie Levin

    I’ve been there – when you’re cruising through the day (or careening at breakneck speed, as I often do), and you know you need to stop and write at some point, you know you need to read posts at some point, you know you need to comment at some point…if only…this darn car…would just…pull…OVER.

  4. So, plumbers are on the way? Good luck.

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