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Paducah, Day 3, Part 1

Well, we have reached the third and final day at the Paducah quit show. Either there were a lot more quilts to see on this day or Kathy took more pictures than she did on the previous two days. In fact, that there are too many to put into this post. So, unfortunately, I will have to drag this show out for one more week. I will post half of the pictures today and the rest next Tuesday. Here goes.

I am the type of person that likes order and organization. This appeals to me because I like the3 structure.

I really like how the point of one star strikes the center of the stars surrounding it.

I think the appliqued border makes this quilt.

This I find interesting. Looks almost metallic.

These guys look like they are enjoying themselves.

This rose really stands out.

Pictorial quilts fascinate me.

How about a stained glass window?

These flowers are ready for their close up.

I bet these two are wondering why all of those people are staring at them.

The work that went into making this one!

I like the colors in this one and just look at the quilting.

This one is bright and catches the eye.

They just look so calming.

Something to brighten up the day.

Well, that does it for today. The final set of pictures will be posted next week. I promise.


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Paducah, Day 2

Day two at the quilt show brought a variety of different types of quilts to see. Some were definitely modern and artistic while others had a note of tradition to them even though they were not your traditional types of quilts. See what you think as you view these pictures.

Let’s start with one that looks like it could be a row-by-row quilt, at least to me. I like the diffrerent blocks that make up this quilt.

Here is one that is bold in its colors. The electric colors stand out against the black background.

These are all traditionsl patterns, but the colors give them a different twist.

Although I appreciate all of the work put into this quilt, it is too busy for me. No place for the eye to rest.

This I like. Even in this picture you can see the quilting designs.

To me, this has an optical illusion effect to it. It looks like the design is floating over the background.

Birds and flowers, two of my favorite things.

I’ve been to many zoos and wildlife preserves but never saw animals in these colors. I like them.

This is just pleasing to my eye. It acts like a bit of calm amid the other quilts.

Back to some abstract colorful quilts. Some tiny circles on this one.

This just looks time consuming.

I just think these two are cute.

The solid colors really show off the quilting.

Baltimore albums are always a hit at quilt shows.

Not really wild about this one, but I can’t say why.

Again, no place for the eye to rest. Too busy for my taste.

When I saw this, it reminded me of the bobbins of floss Kathy has for her cross stitch projects.

I am always fascinated by these kinds of 3-D effects.

Anyone for popping some bubbles?

To me, this just seems out of place with the other quilts in this collection. Maybe there is some explanation I am missing.

Baskets of flowers are pleasing to look at.

Well, that does it for this week’s tour of the quilt show. Kathy spent one more day at the show and next week we will look at pictures from her third and final day at Paducah. Until then, here’s looking at ya!


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Paducah, Day 1

Last week I wrote about Kathy going to a major quilt show in Paducah, Kentucky. She and her friends came home Sunday. They had a really good trip and a great time at the show. They spent three days at the show and since the building was a three story building they devoted one day to each floor.

Although there was really nothing that Kathy needed to buy, she did find some fabric, patterns, and thimbles. She also took some pictures that I could share on this blog.

This might be a lazy way of doing things, but I thought I would devote one day and the pictures from that day in three separate posts. This gives me topics I don’t need to think much about for the next three weeks. So, here are some pictures from day 1, Wednesday.

Kathy said that many of the quilts were artsy and not the traditional patterns we both tend to gravitate to. Here are day 1 pictures with my comments.

I remember seeing this one or one similar to it before. I like how the dark background makes the animals stand out.
I know the picture isn’t blurry, but the background sure plays tricks with my old eyes.
I just think it is fun to try and spot the different animals in this quilt.
A different take on a wedding ring pattern.
Not particularly wild about the yellow background on this one.
I like this because it is simple and clean looking.
I think the quilting on this is striking.
A bit too busy for my taste.

There is something to be said for a two color quilt.

How can you not love cute giraffes?
You knew there had to be at least one cat quilt.

Next week we will look at day two photos.


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Road Trip

Email arrived. “Call me.” The message was not for me but for Kathy from one of her quilting friends. The call was made. Her face lit up as she talked to her friend. Conversation ended she turned to me and filled me in.

One item on Kathy’s friend’s Bucket list was to go to Paducah to the quilt show there. She and two of her friends were going this year but one had to back out because of her husband’s pending heart surgery. Would Kathy be interested in taking her place on the trip? I think you know the answer without me saying it.

So, Kathy is on her way to Paducah and I am house sitting and taking care of the cats. In case you are wondering, I was all for her going. This will be her second time at this show, one of the largest in the country.

They will be leaving at 7:30 this morning and getting back some time next Sunday.

It has been my goal to write a poem every Tuesday during April, so here is my deep thought provoking attempt for this last Tuesday of the month.

Road Trip

A road trip planned,
but not for me.
She said "Yes" without hesitation.

A road trip planned,
but not for me.
Paducah, Kentucky their destination.

A road trip planned,
but not for me.
To one of the biggest quilt shows in the land.

A road trip planned,
but not for me.
Although you may think it, I wasn't banned.

A road trip planned,
but not for me.
A good time they'll have I do not doubt it.

A road trip planned, 
but not for me.
So I'll stay home and three cats I will sit.

A road trip planned,
but not for me.
I wish for them lots of fun and excitement.

A road trip planned,
but not for me.
I know she'll have fun; I'm so glad that she went.


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Ten Things To Love About Springtime.

1, The days are longer. No more eating dinner in the dark.

2. The days get warmer.

3. We can shed our winter clothes.

4. Birds are transitioning, as observed by who is visiting our feeder.

5. Spring flowers bloom and grass turns green adding color to gardens and yards.

6. Basketball players gather at the hoop in the park, a hoop that saw no activity during the winter months.

7. The sound of lawnmowers cutting the grass replaces the sound of plows making roads passable.

8. People on the street stop to talk rather than give a quick wave on their way to warmer surroundings.

9. Music can be heard from passing cars whose windows are open letting in the warm spring air.

10. The sunshine is bright and welcoming.

Just because, let’s add one more thing you gotta love about springtime.

11. April snow.

In keeping with my goal to write a poem every Tuesday during the month of April here is my offering for this week. I thought I would go with a sijo.


Looking out the window I am greeted by bright yellow sunshine
The sight of it warms my heart and brings a big smile to my face.
Wait, it’s not the sun but the blooming forsythia in the yard.


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Invitation to Poetry

Although every now and then I dabble in poetry I must admit it is not my strong suit. Generally what I write is a bit whimsical with no deep thoughts connected to it. I admire those who create beauty with their words. After coming off a month long challenge of writing something every day I had no desire to spend the next 30 days writing a poem a day, so I am not.

However, I am challenging myself to write a poem every Tuesday for SOL. What kind and how successful I am remains to be seen.

Friend and fellow slicer Carol Varsalona issued an invitation last week in her post for people to write a poem and submit it to her for her Poetryliscious Gallery. In case you didn’t see Carols invitation here is the link for it: I am sure there is a better way to insert this link but I admit I don’t know how to do it.

With Carol’s permission I am extending her invitation to all who read my post. I am sure that if you participated in and read posts during the March challenge you came across many formats you think you would like to try and I am sure some of them were poetry formats. Why not give it a try and submit a poem to Carol?

Knowing my style of writing Carol suggested I try writing a doditsu. I admit I wasn’t quite sure what the format was so I did some research. It sounded like something I might be able to do so I gave it a shot. Here is what I came up with. I hope it fits the pattern and I hope you will join me in submitting a poem to Carol for her gallery. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

The skies opened up; rain fell.

Drenching all who ventured out.

Rivers flowing down the streets.

Nature’s birdbath filled.

The skies opened up; rain fell.
Drenching all who ventured out.
Rivers flowing down the streets.
Nature’s birdbath filled.


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Pile Up

When you see the words “pile-up” what comes to mind? Do you think of an accident where several vehicles are involved in a pile up?

Do you think of the laundry basket with its pile up of clothes that need to be washed?

Do you think of the work that has piled up while you were away?

Maybe you think of the pile up of papers that need to be graded before you see your students again.

I am wondering how many of you think of a bunny pile up? I would venture to say not many if any. Well, let me put that image into you head.

Three weeks ago I bought a plastic canvas kit and I shared my progress on it every Tuesday during the March challenge. Last week you may recall that I had all of the pieces finished. All I needed to do was join them.

I don’t know what kind of image you may have gotten when you saw the completed pieces. Some thought of a bunny garden. Well, the actual finished piece is called “Bunny Pile-up”.

My goal was to complete the project before Easter and hang it on our door as a greeting to visitors. I am glad to say I met my goal.

Down the garden path they hop
Every now and then to stop
Pick a flower, maybe two
As a present just for you.

Much too short to reach the bell
How they managed they will tell.
With their hands they form a cup
And make a bunny pile-up.

When you go answer the door
There you will find three not four
Bunnies dressed holding flowers 
Stay a bit but not hours.

Hope these flowers make your day
Then it's off and on their way.
Might be near or might be miles
Hoping to bring others smiles.


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Thank You


Well, we made it. Here it is the last day of the 2022 Slice of Life Story Challenge. Thank you Two Writing Teachers for hosting this event.

When it started I wasn’t sure if I was going to participate. Once I started I wasn’t sure I would continue. I did and here I am at the end. Why. Because of you, dear readers.

Your taking the time to read what I wrote and comment on my posts kept me going. I thank you for your kind and encouraging words. It was great reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones. I look forward to hopefully seeing many of you back here next Tuesday.

Thank You

Thirty-one days of writing have quickly passed
Hours spent writing, reading, and commenting
And today this challenge has come to an end
Now life can go back to being ordinary
Knowing we all have grown.

Yearning to grow we tried different formats
Our imaginations took flight
Under the wings of mentors.


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Tangled Titles


I was looking back at the titles of the posts I wrote during this month. I did not have a theme to connect my posts. I just wrote whatever popped into my head on any given day. I just have a hodgepodge of titles with no common thread binding them together. I wanted to see if I could do anything with them. So, playing around I moved, shifted, arranged and rearranged them and came up with what I call Tangled Titles. All titles are exactly as I wrote them, but they are not in order from Day 1 to day 30. Does any of this make sense? I will let you decide.

Tangled Titles

Jewel Cases
Blocked Already
Angry? Frustrated? Annoyed?
Minor Glitches

Cake Calling
Cooks With Collars
Answering the Call
Another Year Another Challenge

Getting Started
Getting Old
Getting There

All About Yesterday
New York State of Mind
Looking Back/Looking Ahead
Blasts From the Past

No Excuses
Almost But Not Quite
Off Again

Expanding Zoom Knowledge
Pet Peeves

Celebrating the Day
Side Trip
Buyer’s Paradise


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Almost but not Quite


Well, here it is, Tuesday. It is time for another project update. You may remember last Tuesday I was not too please with my progress. I didn’t get as much finished as I had hoped. Here is where I left off.

As you can see, the stitching was completer, but I didn’t have any of the details put in place. Beside that, I had a second piece that I hadn’t even started.

There was still a lot of stitching to do. My goal when I started this project was to have it completed by the end of this challenge.

Well, unlike last week this was a very good week. I got the details added to the first piece.

As far as the second piece goes, I got that one completely stitched and I also got the details added.

I am happy to say that all pieces are now completed

The only thing I need to do to finish the project is to join everything. Yes, I probably could had done all of that yesterday, but other things needed to be done so I put it off. I most likely will meet my goal of having this project completed by the end of the challenge, but you, dear reader, will need to wait until next Tuesday to see how it looks when all of the pieces are put together.


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