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SOLSC Day 29

Here it is, Sunday.  Two days left to this challenge.  I thought I would make a list of 10 things I am grateful for during this time.  Here they are in no special order.

  1.  Even though I can’t go to church, I can still watch Mass on EWTN.
  2. I am staying home, but I am not by myself.  I have Kathy and three cats to keep me company.
  3. The freezer is well stocked for the moment so I know we can eat.
  4. With the warmer weather I can go outside and do some yard work.
  5. I have stacks of books to read.
  6. I can still contact family and friends by phone or social media.
  7. The March Challenge gave me one thing to focus on during the day.  I enjoy reading  other bloggers and being inspired by their words.
  8. We have plenty of good music we can listen to and enjoy.
  9. Looking out the window and seeing birds at the feeder and daffodils and forsythia in bloom makes me smile.
  10. I still have my health.


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SOLSC Day 28

With all of this time on my hands I needed something to do, especially in the evenings when we don’t turn on the TV.  After doing things throughout the day I like to sit quietly at night and read or work on a project of some kind.

I enjoy working with plastic canvas.  The pieces are big and it is not delicate work.  I know Kathy’s quilt guild will be having a show in September of 2021.  I usually make something for them to sell at their quiltique.  This might be a good time to get started on that.

I found the pattern I wanted and the different colors of yarn that I will need.  The first thing I had to do was trace the patterns onto the canvas.  I will say that this is my least favorite part of the project.  However, I got it done.

pc1Now to cut them out.  This design isn’t too bad.  I have done some with more intricate cutting.


There, now I am ready to do some stitching.  Oh, by the way, can you tell what it will be when it’s finished?  If not, it might be easier to see if I arrange them in the shape they will take.


There, now I think you have a pretty good idea.  Following the design chart, it took about a week and a half to complete.  All pieces are filled in.


All that is left is to join them.


Mrs. Bunny is finished.   Well, almost.  When things are open again I need to get some ribbon so I can tie her bonnet under her chin.  I also need some lace trim for the bottom of her apron and around her bonnet.

Now, what should my next project be.  How about a Halloween witch?


No, I have a better idea.  Because their show will have a patriotic theme in 2021 I will go with a patriotic design.



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SOLSC Day 27

Fluffy white clouds gather around the glowing yellow sun.

Bringing joyous anticipation to those watching it.

Soon the egg will be eaten warming heart and tummy.




Running to the window she watches the activity.

Birds flying to the feeder getting their mid-morning snack.

She lays down, head on paws,and naps in the golden sunlight.




As I look out the window a smile spreads across my face.

In the midst of a gray day golden patches of  sunlight.

Daffodils and forsythia wave gently in the breeze.




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A Time to Bake


SOLSC Day 26

It was bound to happen.  Last week I made some cookie bars for us.  When I am home for a stretch of time I like to bake.  Well, after enjoying two a night with a cup of coffee they are gone.  Because of that I knew it was time to do some more baking yesterday.  What to make.

I pulled out my nicely organized (believe that and I will tell you another one) book of recipes looking for one in particular.  I needed something with chocolate.  There it is.


I knew I had all of the ingredients because I bought them the last time I went to the store.  I got them, as well as the pot and pan I would need, and placed everything on the counter.


First thing I did was line the jelly roll pan with foil.  I like the Reynolds non-stick.  Using a pat of butter I greased the foil, an important step for this recipe.  When the pan was ready I lined it with a single layer of saltines, salt side down.    The salt is important so unsalted crackers o not work for this recipe.


Now it was time to make some toffee.  I put the two sticks of butter, yes – two sticks, in a pot to melt and had a packed cup of brown sugar waiting to be dumped in.  OK, this is not the healthiest of recipes but it sure is good.


Butter is melted so in goes the sugar.


Once the sugar was melted and boiling I let it boil for three minutes stirring it constantly.  At the end I had a pot of liquid toffee.


That nice gooey concoction got poured over the saltines.  Using an offset spatula I spread the toffee over the crackers making sure everyone was covered.  Of course I had to lick off the spatula before I washed it.


Now, into a 400 degree oven for seven minutes and then out to a cooling rack.  Seems like a waste to heat the oven to 400 degrees for just seven minutes of baking, but it is part of the recipe.


But I said I wanted some chocolate.  So while things were still piping hot I opened a 12 ounce bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips and poured it over the hot toffee.  Well, maybe it was a 12 ounce bag of chocolate minus a handful or two.  Kathy had some, too.


Of course the chocolate melted so using my spatula once again I spread the chocolate over everything.  Before you ask, yes, I did lick this off as well when I was finished.  After all, I couldn’t just wash all that good chocolate down the drain.


For the finishing touch I chopped a cup of almonds and sprinkled them over the hot chocolate pressing them down into the chocolate.


Now came the hard part, letting them cool. I let them sit on the counter for a bit until the pan cooled then I stuck the whole pan into the refrigerator.  After a few hours I took it out.


Doesn’t look much different from the last picture except now it is cold.

The last thing I had to do was break it into pieces, put it in a container, and enjoy.


Yum.  The saltiness of the crackers plus the sweetness of the toffee crowned with chocolate and nuts make one delicious snack.



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Enough Already


SOLSC Day 25

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not one to complain.  I am the sweetest most mild mannered guy you will ever meet.  BUT THIS IS TOO MUCH!.  What  is going on?  My world is turned upside down and I don’t like it.  Something has to be done and I mean yesterday.


I had a nice routine to my day.  I would get up when I felt like it.  My servants would get my breakfast ready and then they would go out for the day.  Now. They. Are. Home…CONSTANTLY!!!

This is highly interfering with my day.  They haven’t left the house since last week.  How am I suppose to get my 20 hours of sleep if they are around doing things?  Of course I have to check up on them because who knows what kind of trouble they might be getting into.

It wouldn’t be so bad if they went about their business and left me alone.  But can they do that?  Nooo!  First of all they have to get that metal fangy monster out.  I am perfectly capable of grooming myself.  I don’t need their help.


With all that they have to do around the house they expect me to entertain them.  I am not a paid actor and I don’t work for free.



I do finally find the time to grab a needed and well deserved nap.


Are they content to sit quietly and let me sleep?  What do you think?  They come over and pet me or rub  under my chin.  Do I annoy them when they are trying to sleep?  Oh yeah, I do but that is perfectly OK. They tell me how cute I am.  Well, of course that is true, but why can’t they leave me alone?  (I have got to stop this purring.  They might think I like this.)  After all, who knows where those hands have been.



I don’t know how much more of this I can take.  Someone needs to do something…FAST.  If not, I may just find myself breaking out the catnip.


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Not Now, Please


SOLSC Day 24

I turn on my computer and I get this lovely notice from HP that my computer is of that age where service may be no longer available for it.   They are saying my computer is old.  How dare they.  Don’t they know my computer has feelings and it is aware of everything that’s sent through it?

Well, if they thing that I am going to run right out to the store and buy a new one then the jokes is on them.  Ha.  All stores are closed so I can’t get into one.

They could tell me to shop and buy one line but that is not going to happen either.  When it comes to computers I like to see what I am getting.  Plus, I need a computer tech to set things up for me and transfer my files.  I would not attempt that on my own.

My computer works fine even for its age.  I am not calling you old, baby.  You are experienced in my handling and using you.  So what if you sometimes change words on me when I am writing something and I end up with a text or post that makes no sense.  I know you are just trying to get me to proof read before I hit “send”. Besides, I have gotten these notices before on other computers and I know for a fact that no immediate action needs to be taken.

So, for now and the time being it is just my outdated (sorry, I meant to say seasoned) friend and me.



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SOLSC Day 23

One of the most disappointing things about this virus is the fact that everything is being cancelled.  Some of you may recall that during the last month of this challenge there was always a huge quilt show in Lancaster.  That was always good for several posts for me.  This year the show is not happening’

Because I always counted on that show for some posts I thought I would take time today to revisit some of the shows Kathy and I have attended over the rears.  Some of these quilts might seem familiar because I did feature them in previous posts.  However, I think they are still worth a second look.

If you know me you know that I can’t pass up a quilt with cats.  So, here are two quilts.  The first is a cute domesticated kitty and the second is the king himself.



As long as we are on animals how about this colorful giraffe?


This pattern always intrigues me because of the 3-D illusion of it.


I like the lattice work design of this one.


Applique quilts are always something to see especially when done in a Baltimore Album pattern.


I like the touches of color in this otherwise gray quilt.


Hexagons always make for interesting quilts.


Stained glass window designs are striking.


Many quilters like to incorporate flower designs into their work.


To finish up this baker’s dozen of quilts here are three just because.




There are several quilt shows scheduled for our area throughout the summer and fall.  Here’s hoping things ab somewhat back to normal so that they are not cancelled as well.


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