White, Purple, and Pink

Side by side they stand
Each vying for your attention.
One as white as freshly fallen snow
One as purple as an amethyst
Both filling the air with their fragrance.
White bells
Softly swaying in the breeze
Filling the air
Not with sound,
but with a sweet delicate smell.
Little hearts
Strong but fragile
On display to the world
Treat them gently.


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16 responses to “White, Purple, and Pink

  1. So beautiful, the flowers and the words.

  2. Bob, this week is Spiritual Journey Thursday at my blog. The topic is Blossoms of Joy. Your last photo would make a splendid display of spiritual meaning – treat them gently. Makes me think that not only blossoms should we treat gently in May but our souls. Self-care rituals to strengthen our lives and earth’s. If you would like to join in, please do so.

    • Thanks, Carol. Do I just go to your blog on Thursday if I want to join in? Never joined in on anything so not really sure what to do.

  3. Terje

    Your photos and poems make me smile. Our spring is still at the very early stage.

  4. Treat them gently…I’ve been called on to do that with fragile hearts a lot lately. This is a beautifully sweet reminder.

  5. I love spring flowers! Thank you for posting your lovely poems and photos. We are just starting to see daffodils here, and the forsythia lost their blossoms in the ran we had yesterday. Won’t be long now until the lilacs are here!

  6. hardly an artist

    I enjoyed the hearts. They look fragile by nature. Thanks for sharing the photos and imagery.

  7. Oh such beautiful ladies adorn your garden. Lovely words for lovely such flora. It’s a dreary day here, the flowers brighten my spirit if not the day.

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