Extending an Extension

If you have been following my blog you know that 2019 Kathy and I took over as co-presidents of the Dauphin County Chapter of Pennsylvania School Retirees (DCPASR). It was a two year term ending January 1 of 2021 when our president elect would take over. Then came COVID.

As a result, the state organization. Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees (PASR) made the recommendation that all officers stay in place for the first half of 2021. The thinking was that since we were in office when COVED hit and had been navigating our chapters through what was going on it would make sense for all to stay in place instead of having a new president president deal with what we had set up

Of course it was up to the sitting presidents (Kathy and me), our president-elect, and our Board if we wanted to follow suit. Kathy and I discussed it and decided we would stay on if our president-elect and the Board agreed to it. There were no complaints so Kathy and I found ourselves going from a two year term to a two and a half year term.

I am sure you can guess where this is going. Last month at out Region meeting a motion was made for all existing leaders to stay in place for the remainder of the year. What! After that the suggestion was made that a new president be elected for a one year term followed by the same person being reelected for a two year term. Because our chapters are divided into even and odd chapters if we elected a president for a two year term starting in 2022 it would through things out of whack. This might seem trivial, but because of some of the activities we do are based on whether we are an odd or even chapter this could really cause confusion.

So, the questions become do Kathy and I want to stay on a presidents for six more months? Will our president-elect agree to a one year term followed by a two year term? Will the Board want us to stay on for six more months? The answer to all questions is “yes”.

So, our two year presidency turned into a two and a half year term which now turned into a three year term. Luckily it is not a taxing position and we enjoy doing it. For better or worse DCPASR is stuck with us as co-presidents until the end of the year.


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14 responses to “Extending an Extension

  1. I am glad you both are enjoying it. Life is different from what it was.

  2. dianeandlynne

    Flexibility is the name of the game. It’s good you are flexible and enjoying the job!

    • If you don’t bend you break. It is nice that the Board is happy with what we are doing and gave us the vote of confidence to stay on through the remainder of the year.

  3. britt

    Oh my, what need for flexibility indeed. May you each enjoy this year though! 🙂

  4. Thank goodness you and Kathy a- you like the job, b- others like you in the job and c- you are flexible with the job. And the ones coming in after you are as well to even, or is that odd(?), things out again.

  5. I am sure that you and Kathy will do everything to help the board get through another 6 months. Best of luck to both of you, Bob.

  6. Terje

    You are kind to continue.

  7. Thanks, Carol. We will do our best. Glad we have such a good board backing us up.

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