A New Sleeping Aid

Are you a restless sleeper? Do you find yourself taking up more than just your half of the bed? Do you have restless legs? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions may I offer you a remedy that I found that really works.

I am all over the bed when I sleep. I can never get up in the morning and just smooth the covers back into place.

All that changed when I got my first sleeping aid. I admit that I was a bit reluctant to try it, but after seeing how it works I wouldn’t be without one. Although to my way of thinking it could use a few modifications.

I am talking about a Calming Appendage Thingamabob (I know, real scientific sounding). This device, commonly called a C.A.T. has several unique features.

First of all it is fully automated. You do not place the C.A.T. where you want it. It finds its own ideal spot. This may take several minutes since the C.A.T. roams around the bed until it finds the spot it desires. Once the C.A.T picks its spot and settles there is no moving it. Mine usually picks a spot at the back of my legs, moves right up to them, and then parks itself for the night. When in this position I know that my legs will not travel beyond that point during the night. The C.A.T. just won’t allow it.

The amazing thing about the C.A.T. is that it seems to know not all nights are going to be bad. On those nights the C.A.T repositions itself at the small of my back. This still is effective in keeping me on my side of the bed.

I did mention that I would like to see a modification made to this device. There is a problem with its heat control. It is not adjustable. It is always turned to high. This is fine during the winter months when a little extra warmth is welcome, but come summer it gets a bit overbearing. As I said, there is no way to adjust the temperature control.

I should mention that the C.A.T. comes in many styles and colors. I opted for a smoky gray. Since I like to name things I call this particular C.A.T. Molly.

Some nights are really bad for me and Molly is not enough to keep me in place. On those nights I need a second C.A.T. so I have another one I call Ned. Ned has been known to position himself next to Molly and the additional weight definitely keeps me from sprawling out. Other times Ned will pick a spot on the other side of my legs. With a C.A.T. on both sides of me I know I am not moving at all during the night.

So, if you have trouble staying on your side of the bed I suggest you look into getting a C.A.T of your own. You would not be sorry. I also hear that the company produces a Detached Overnight Gadget (again, very technical sounding) commonly referred to as a D.O.G. I do not have one of these so I can’t speak to how well they work. If you happen to have one please leave a comment as to its effectiveness.


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27 responses to “A New Sleeping Aid

  1. Yay, Molly. What a great device, a C.A.T. I am always amazed at the talents of your cats! ❤

  2. If you want a bad sleep, I recommend a D.O.G. sleeper (Deliberate Overspreader & Greedy). They love the middle of the bed, pushing their humans to the edge…literally and figuratively!

  3. Lainie Levin

    Ha! Here I was, trucking along through the first paragraph when your acronym stopped me in my tracks. I loved this! And we can’t forget that if you’re lucky (my fingers accidentally typed “licky” and I almost wanted to keep it), your C.A.T. will also function as a white noise machine…

  4. LOL! This was so clever. I, like Adrienne, have a D.O.G.–a 70 lb. Rottie mix. She doesn’t let you move around at all.

  5. I loved reading this! So clever! Fully automated, non adjustable heat setting, and coming in many styles and colors. Too funny! I opted for a tortoiseshell C.A.T. and used to also have an orange and white C.A.T. The orange and white one was banished from the bed, however, because instead of helping with restless legs, it caused nightly injuries with viscous, bitey attacks! I think that C.A.T. definitely had a few wires crossed.

    Thanks for a great slice to read!

  6. Sara Thornton

    I have been using multiple devices with success for years.

    • I know you have. The device we got from you seems to like the recliner better than the bed. I am waiting for him to learn how to use the controls on the chair.

  7. I must share this post with Ralph. He has had the C.A.T. thingamabob to help him sleep and to wake up in time for work. This post is delightful and full of great details. I was surprised, too. I really thought there was a C.A.T. device to help you sleep! What a great slice, Bob!

  8. As always…I LOVE your humor!

  9. Hilarious! I’ve had several models of this device through the years. The first one was called Moppet.

  10. Another new addition to your cat family! Bob. I could not decide what a CAT is but eagerly awaited the final thought. Love the humor before bedtime.

  11. While your C.A.T. devices sound wonderful, I myself have made use of several D.O.G.s over the years. Though an unwieldly mouthful when spoken in full, some prefer the term Multiple Aid Nuances Broad Employment Strategic Template Fast Reliable Instant Efficient Network Disbursement most commonly briefed as MANs BEST FRIEND. While sizes for use as personal sleep aides exist, those have never been of need in our household. Our devices have always been grand sized floor models designed for multiple employment use such as familial entertainment, outdoor exercise companion and household security aides. Each model had their own Detached Overnight Gadget – Baseline Enhancement Docks, commonly known by their full acronym D.O.G. B.E.D.s for energy recharges as needed. Our D.O.G.s went by more mundane pseudonyms such as Shaft, Smokey, Egypt, Perseus and Maxwell. I currently do not have a D.O.G. in employ, but can myself making use of another floor model again in later years.

    As you can tell by the above I was not in the least entertained by your most charming informercial.

  12. I am so glad you were not entertained by this. It is such a burden trying to write things each week that people find amusing. I would rather write drivel that no one cares about so they don’t have to waste their time reading what I write. I know many people who have D.O.G.s, both large and small. I do hope that another one is in your future.

  13. 🙂 I enjoy your posts. Thank you.

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