Valentine Sweets

With Valentine’s Day falling on Sunday this year I thought I would make us a special dinner and dessert, During the week I went to the store and bought all the ingredients I would need for the meal and for something sweet to top off the meal.

Dinner was going to be some baked pork chops in a mushroom sauce. Dessert was going to include strawberries. However, as plans usually do, things did not happen the way I had hoped.

Friday morning Kathy was not feeling well. She had no appetite and didn’t feel much like moving. She spent most of the day in bed. Valentine’s Day was still two days away so I hoped this would pass by the,.

Saturday morning came and I thought I would make Sunday’s dessert before she got up. Got all my ingredients together: cream cheese, sour cream, Cool Whip, lemon pudding, milk, graham crackers, and strawberry pie filling. I was going for a strawberry trifle.

I had some latitude with the recipe which offered some variations. I chose lemon pudding instead of vanilla or cream cheese. I chose gram crackers over pound cake or vanilla wafers.

I mixed things and layered things and I must say I was impressed with the result.

I thought I would take the beaters in to Kathy so she could have a little taste. She had some and then decided to bring the beaters out. She was totally unsteady on her feet and her focusing was way off. We put her back to bed for the day. As the day wore on she began to feel better. She was able to come out and watch a virtual Mass for Sunday. She was also able to have some dinner – chicken noodle soup which is our go to meal when either of us is feeling under the weather.

Sunday came and she was feeling much better. Whatever she had had passed. She didn’t want to press her luck so our pork chop meal was our replaced by more chicken noodle soup.

However, she was feeling fine after dinner so we did have some dessert – not a lot but just a taste. It was good!

She is totally over whatever hit her over the weekend. We are glad for that.


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18 responses to “Valentine Sweets

  1. The trifle looks beautiful, Bob. Well done!

    Hope Kathy feels 100% better soon.

  2. jumpofffindwings

    I want some! (I love the creative substitutions.) I am glad Kathy has recovered, too, and in time for “a taste.” I know dessert shouldn’t be what motivates me to eat well with health in mind, but if I’m honest, I gotta admit it often is.

  3. I agree. A little bit of sweet just finishes off a meal. Unfortunately, I like to bake and I like to eat. Portion size is what matters.

  4. I love a good trifle – and that one looks delicious! I am glad Kathy is feeling better. Chicken soup and trifle seemed to be the ticket!

  5. Lainie Levin

    You are so right. Plans have a funny way of sending us down the road and around the bend, don’t they?

    So glad everyone is feeling better! And…that trifle really does look QUITE delicious. The lemon pudding substitution. What a great idea!

  6. Glad to hear she’s on the mend! I wouldn’t have thought to add lemon pudding but it sounds great. Campbell’s Chicken Noodle it the cure for all sickness, isn’t it?

  7. You had me hooked to read at Valentine sweets. Glad you weekend turned out well. Your thoughtfulness to plan ahead is much admired.

  8. Oh I am glad it was just a weekend illness and nothing more. Sorry about your dinner but the dessert looks great! Maybe try for a Valentines day dinner next weekend. Then you have a reason to try another new dessert!
    Take care and be well!

    • Since we have all of the ingredients for the pork chops we will be trying them one day soon. Don’t know if my waistline can take another dessert so soon.😊

  9. Bob, I am glad that Kathy is feeling better. Best laid plans…but your dessert does look pretty and sounds delicious. I do have to say your chicken soup is not only good for the digestive track but for the soul. I hope you get to enjoy a belated Valentine’s Day with Kathy.

  10. Leigh Anne Eck

    It may not have been the day you had planned, but at least you had a beautiful dessert! Glad your Valentine is doing much better.

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