A Patch of Green

We seem to be in a weather pattern where it snows every other day. I no sooner get the driveway cleared and the cars cleaned off when another storm hits and I need to do it all over again. Living in eastern PA this is something to be expected.

The last couple of years, however, were pretty mild. We maybe had two major storms all season. I think that spoiled me. Now I feel like winter will never end.

I look out the bathroom window at our back yard and all I see is a blanket of white covering the ground. I do admit that it is pretty.

The snow is unblemished unlike the snow out front where it has been dirtied by plows going by and pushing muck onto it.

However, there is something unusual about the snow in the back yard and that is what led to this poem.

The world is blanketed in snow
All around there is white to be seen.
But wait.  I look.  What’s that I see?
Could it be?  Yes. A small patch of green.

How can this be in a field of white?
What I’ve heard them all say is true, I think.
No matter what and no matter where
It’s always green over the septic tank.


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24 responses to “A Patch of Green

  1. Love it – I will take green where ever it is! We are all white here in Minnesota as well. No septic tank in the city to warm up the earth! I will have to wait it out for the spring thaw!

  2. I love this! I knew the picture was of your septic cover, yet the twist in the delightful poem surprised me!
    Spring is coming!

  3. This is so funny! Despite the ick factor, it is a wonderful harbinger of good times to come.

  4. The patch of green is interesting and the snow looks good but it must be difficult to clear and clean everyday.

  5. jumpofffindwings

    You’ve made me laugh, and I definitely appreciate that as the rain continues to fall here. Spring is coming! (The septic tank cover is more consistent that a groundhog.)

  6. Terje

    A patch of green in mid-winter, no matter what the location, is a good sight to see. Smell wise, who knows.

  7. This is a hopeful picture! I can’t wait to see green grass again!

  8. Patterns: last year no snows over 3 inches and this year at least a dump over 3 inches every week. The grandkids got snow so I am ready to be done!

    And yes, septic tank has its own heat and own green!

  9. Leigh Anne Eck

    I have to admit that I did not know what that was, and I chuckled at the last line! You are always a hoot, and I love stopping by!

  10. Lainie Levin

    This is fantastic! You know, I’m also living somewhere else where snow has lost a bit of its wonder. I love how you were able to bring some surprise and humor to us all on these long cold winter days.

    • One snowfall a year is fine. Snow every other day is too much of a good thing.

      • Lainie Levin

        Yes! I know there’s too much snow, or snow too often, when I start to lose my sense of wonder about it. NOW my sense of wonder is attached to seeing the beautiful spots of brown and green that are gradually appearing from UNDER said snow!

  11. What a hoot! That is a new one to me and I’ve grown up with snow (lived in Syracuse, NY-Central New York’s hotbed for snow-or should I say coldbed?) Snow upon snow upon snow over a blanket of ice-that is what Long Island has looked like. In Syracuse what you mentioned about the snow is called dirty snow. I, of course, prefer the pristine white blanket (but this year, the snow has been a killer to shovel).

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