A Path in the Snow

There is something about looking out on newly fallen snow.. It is calming. It is peaceful. The ground covered in white is disturbed only by some bird and animal tracks. Wires cast their shadows on this pristine canvas.

As I gaze, the peaceful view is unchanged,

But suddenly in the distance something catches my eye.

What breaks up this mantel of white? I need to investigate. I walk to this curiosity and notice someone has made a path in the snow. It starts at the road and goes up a bank.

Dare I follow it? Where could it lead? I decide I must know where this path with no apparent reason for being here leads. I climb the bank. The path continues.

I notice as I walk that this is no random path. It must have a purpise, but what is it? I continue.

My deductive reasoning skills kick in. The snow removed from the path is all to the left of the cleared space. That leads me to believe that whoever cleared this threw the snow to the left only. No snow banks to the right. Am I good good or what?

Continuing with my deductions I also notice the the path is just the with of a snow shovel. With these skills I could have been a detective. There must be a reason for this, But I can’t imagine what it is.

I continue. Up ahead I see the end. I now know where this path leads and why it is here. Of course. It makes perfect sense.

Have you figured out where this leads. OK. I am the one who shoveled this path. It is only the width of a shovel because it really doesn’t need to be wider. In case you didn’t guess where this path ends here is the last picture.

A blanket of white
With a path running through it
Bring on the propane.


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8 responses to “A Path in the Snow

  1. jumpofffindwings

    You clever devil! I love the suspense here, and the “insider” secret. As always, the photos in this “essay” only add to its great composition. My motto: have propane—will barbeque! (I also love the snow…vicariously. You can do the shoveling.)

  2. I think we are in a snow pattern here so my shovel will get a workout. Snow Sunday…snow today…snow Thursday…snow Saturday… I am ready for Spring!

  3. I agree with you about the beauty of snow. And the path is so beautiful. I enjoyed the snow when I was in Germany in 2017. My daughter said it snowed very heavily there yesterday and they are going to have a cold wave in the coming week. Regards

  4. Love the clear purpose of the path!
    And the way you had us follow the path . . .

    • I feel that the guys who deliver our propane should not need to trudge through a foot of snow or shovel their own path to our tank. It is the least I can do to make it easier for them.

  5. Bob, you certainly led us down the path to discover the secret of the shovel-wide trail. This is a wonderful mystery slice with you as the writer and narrator.

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