Thoughts About Snow

Yes, I am taking the easy way out today and writing about the 3 day snow event we had. First of all, when the forecasters predict 8 to14 inches I naturally assume they are giving me a choice as to how much snow I want. I don’t like to be greedy so I will always choose the lesser amount. Why then do I get the high end number?

We were blanketed with a good 14 inches since this storm began Sunday morning. It really was pretty seeing the freshly fallen white blanket of snow.

A blanket of white

Promising a brand new start

Hope to the future.

Snow covers the roof.

Waiting inside there is food.

Birds will be happy.

Living in northeast PA snow is expected during the winter months. However, must we get all of winter’s snow in one storm?

I did finally get my car shoveled out. I will clean around Kathy’s car tomorrow. I hate to admit, but I can’t shovel for as long as I was once able to. Seems an hour is my max time then I need to go in and rest before going out again. Luckily there is no place we need to be this week so if it takes a few days to clear both cars so be.

I just know I need to have everything cleaned by Sunday because another nor’easter is predicted to hit us then. Ya gotta love winter in northeast PA.


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6 responses to “Thoughts About Snow

  1. Bob, your post is filled with winter sights that were inspirational and humorous (Why then do I get the high end number?). We got that high end number too as you saw in my post. I captured one of your photos and poem for #WintersEmbrace2021. Stay tuned for the email. Many thanks.

  2. Lainie Levin

    Thank you for sharing / Your world, blanketed and white / For us to enjoy =)

  3. Thank you for the pictures. We have have torrential rain off and on for several days and there is mud everywhere. You have captured the cleanliness and peacefulness that is snow.

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