A cup of hot chocolate or tea enjoyed while sitting

Under a cozy throw or quilt.

Trees sporting colorful leaves. Leaves that get caught up and carried by the wind

Unrivaled in their grace as they dance toward the ground.

Meanwhile, birds continue their southern migration

Northbound once again when Spring arrives.


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17 responses to “Autumn

  1. jumpofffindwings

    This would be fun for the kids to try! Thanks for the inspiration and for such beautiful praise for my favorite season!

  2. Your autumn poem makes me want to have a go with the same fall theme. Living on a lake provides me with such fodder for this type of writing – and your poem provides a great mentor text.

  3. Terje

    The first two lines got me in a second. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

  4. Love autumn, and your lovely acrostic. Leaves dancing is always a wonderful image.

  5. Autumn mornings are my favorite.

  6. We don’t have an autumn season here, I love to read about it and see the photos shared by so many blogger friends. Well written.

  7. LAK

    Thank you, Aretha, for this beautiful poem. I count birds as some of my most beloved friends. I live at over 7,500 in a forest. I call it tree-house life. We get a plethora of beautiful birds here whose annual departures remind me all the more of the treasured gift they are. I’m always giddy when they return.


  8. I think you know that I would love this poem with its rich sensory appeal. Please take a photo of fall in PA so I can pair your poem to a scene for the #AbundantAutumn Gallery.

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