Let’s Celebrate

It is a kind of gloomy day here today, so let’s celebrate.

It is gray and cloudy, so let’s celebrate.

The sun will not shine through today, so let’s celebrate.

Some much needed rain is in the forecast, so let’s celebrate.

There is no place I need to go today, except for a haircut later, so let’s celebrate.

There are no pressing matter today, except to post, so let’s celebrate.

Open the cupboard and there it is, so let’s celebrate.

Fill the container and get what I need; let’s celebrate.

Filter in place, coffee measured, water in place, so let’s celebrate.

If I can’t wait a single cup is faster, so let’s celebrate.

In three minutes it will be ready to be enjoyed, so let’s celebrate.

Happy National Coffee Day! LET’S CELEBRATE!


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22 responses to “Let’s Celebrate

  1. Definitely, let’s celebrate!
    Yay! Coffee Day!

  2. glenda funk

    Have you read Ross Gay’s “The Book of Delights”? It has much the same theme as your celebrations. I actually like the cool nip in the air,

  3. Terje

    How clever to play with the unexpected celebrations leading up to the National Coffee Day. And why not to celebrate the gray and cloudy. Cheers!

  4. Hooray for coffee! What a great celebration.

  5. Having nowhere to go on a gloomy day is worthy of celebration!

  6. jumpofffindwings

    Where would we be without coffee? I love the refrain and the topic. (I can’t imagine ever giving it up.)

  7. So many things to celebrate, even if we have to dig deep to find them!

  8. My son told me it was National Coffee Day but when he went to Dunking Donuts there was no free coffee unless you bought something. We went to buy K cups so we did get a free large cup and it was yummy! I am glad that you woke with a positive attitude. Coffee time is a ritual in my household for my husband and son.

  9. Lainie Levin

    I just love the idea of having so much to celebrate in the little things right in front of us.

    Thank you. =))

  10. Mine starts with a glass of hot filter coffee 🙂 It is good to celebrate.

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