Leaving the House


Except for a once a week trip to the grocery story over the past several weeks I haven’t really left the house to venture into the great outside world.  Being on a state wide stay-at-home advisory has helped with this decision.

Well, yesterday I did go out.  It wasn’t because I wanted to but because I had to.  I was down to two days worth of my blood pressure medicine and my cholesterol meds.  I needed refills.

I had texted my refill request to Walmart and received word that they were ready for pick up.  Well, knowing I had to go out, and knowing or governor wants people to wear masks when out in public, and knowing we had no masks in the house, Kathy spent Sunday in her sewing room making me a mask.

She looked at different websites and you tube videos on how to construct a mask and she decided on what she wanted to do.  She decided on two 6 x 12 inch pieces of fabric.  She also cut a piece of fusible interfacing and adhered it to one piece.  She then sewed the tow pieces of fabric together.  This was one unit.

She made a second unit as well.  She then sewed the tow units together leaving an opening on both sides.  This way I could slip in a folded paper towel for extra protections if I wanted to.

With the unit complete she added ties to the top and bottom.  I like the ties over elastic because I could tie them tighter and the ties would annoy my ears the way elastic would.

So, the completed mask had four pieces of fabric, two pieces of fusible interfacing, and one folded up paper towel.  Hopefully that would give me plenty of protection.

Picking up my mask I was off to Walmart.


Wonder if anyone seeing me in this would figure out I am a retired teacher.


Is it me or does anyone else who wears a mask out in public feel like an outlaw in an ole western?

Well, I was in and out of Walmart in less than five minutes with pills in hand.  I am now good with meds for 90 days.


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24 responses to “Leaving the House

  1. That fabric choice made me laugh! I can’t sew, but my aunt made masks for everyone in my family and mailed them to us, which was so kind. I will be wearing mine next time I venture out. Hoping our groceries can hold out until next week so I can postpone that trip as long as possible! Glad you were able to get in and out so quickly with your meds today.

    • I have never been in and out of Walmart so quickly. It took me 40 minutes of driving, 20 each way, for a 5 minute stop. But I am set for 3 months now.

  2. Nice! I wore one yesterday for the first time. I felt weird, but was reassured by seeing others wearing them, too.

  3. Oh, how I wish I had not discarded my sewing machine so many years ago! Our dear friend, Nancy, has been busy sewing masks for family members and friends. Ralph found about seven quality masks stored in a box in our basement. We walk the dogs in our neighborhood – a ghost town – without masks. Trying to limit runs to the drugstore and supermarket to once or twice a month. You look great in your mask, Bob. Quite a fashion statement!

    • I am glad that Kathy knows how to sew because my sewing skills are nil. One good thing about cats is that they don’t have to be walked. You and Ralph take care, Lynne.

  4. jumpofffindwings

    I love that your mask is a “signature.” My husband is using his bandana from way back. He really does look like a bandit. Glad you have your meds and can settle back in safely.

    • I admit that it did feel good to get out for that hour yesterday. Now I can settle back to doing around the house jobs for the next few weeks.

  5. Never in a million years did I think I would spend time on the weekend making a mask for myself – for health reasons! I totally relate this this. I totally feel “like an outlaw in an old western.” Thanks for taking care of the world, by wearing a mask!

  6. I love the fabric she chose! I made two, one with elastic and one with ties. My husband thinks both are too small for him, so it’s back to the drawing board for me. I’m going to use the same pattern but adjust the size. He’s been annoyed by my fabric stash for a long time but it’s finally coming in hand! (Ok, probably not to justify a whole room devoted to my sewing, but still!!)

  7. Kathy would definitely say that a stash is necessary because you never know… (I really don’t think she would like me posting a picture of her sewing room.)

  8. Lainie Levin

    I LOVE this mask!

    And your last paragraphs struck a chord with me. I had a mask when I went grocery shopping last week, and as I was putting it on to go in the store, I couldn’t help but feel like a kid whose mother was telling her to put on her galoshes to go out in the rain. It felt weird and embarrassing. But I did it, and I was heartened to see I wasn’t the only one.

    We’ve got this!

  9. I finally made it to your slice and as usual your how to piece was thorough. Your wife constructed a very nice facial mask, unlike the no sew version I created for my husband. He also thought he looked like an outlaw. It is incredible what is happening during Quarantine Life. Let’s hope we can smile without masks in the future. My husband’s gloves and mask were hand-washed tonight and drying for his very early morning run to get groceries and necessities along with meds. Stay safe.

  10. Why you scoundrel! You may feel like a baddie from a western, but that colorful mask ruins any chance of one quivering in their boots, except maybe in delight. Kathy did an excellent job, I adore the school print, nice choice. Also, like the specs. Nice way to stay safe out there.

  11. Well, you might look like a bandit but that whimsical fabric choice gives you away!

  12. The mask is very nice. Please tell this to Kathy. I too have made some, but they do not require sewing. Someone sent a WhatsApp video but I have not needed to go to the shops. Our neighbours got grocery and some fruits when they went out to get theirs. You look nice 🙂 Please

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