Spring Beauties?


Spring is a time for rebirth.  the grass greens, birds return singing their warm weather songs, and flowers begin to bloom.  These are all welcome sights we look forward to during the long winter days.  With these smile bringing sights there are also those things we don’t want to see and do our best to eradicate.  I wonder how these unwelcome guests feel.

My Plight

I have been been in hiding for much too long

And have come to realize that is wrong.

So now it’s time to make an appearance

Don my yellow dress and and begin my dance.

I may not be welcome; some may shun me.

They try to chase me but I will not flee.

My sister’s and I delight in the sun

And that is why you’ll never see just one.

We’ll be there in droves not fours, threes or twos

But when we come it is not welcome news.

For those who live there want to destroy us

I’ll never know why they make such a fuss.

What is wrong with just leaving us alone?

In no time at all we will all be gone.

So let us be as we enjoy the sun.

We’ll all get along, each and every one.






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20 responses to “Spring Beauties?

  1. jumpofffindwings

    Just yesterday I was thinking how cheery those dandelions look. We have some tiny white ones with sweet pink centers, too. Frankly, like your characters, I’m all for live and let live, “So let us be as we enjoy the sun.”

  2. It’s too bad that we can’t all learn to embrace the dandelion, though I suppose then there’d be nothing left of the grass. But I do find them cheerful.

  3. Terje

    I like dandelion fields. Then again I don’t try to grow beautiful green lawn. Fun fact: in Estonian dandelion is “võilill” and translates to “butter flower.”

  4. Hi, Bob. By line #4, I knew you were writing about dandelions! And while it is true they are pretty, they spread like wildfire as their fuzzy head sends seeds everywhere! I must confess, I did ask Ralph to dig up the five or six we had in the front lawn by the road. There will be more! I enjoyed reading your poem. Much love to you, dear friend.

    • I remember as a kid we would pick them when they were in their fuzzy stage and blow on them. Not the best thing to do to halt their spread. Love to you as well my friend. Stay safe.

  5. A lovely tribute to a flower that has such a cheery color but are so unloved.

  6. What a wonderful poem. Halfway through, I knew exactly what you were talking about. Today, I noticed many dandelions and thought about how they grow wild on some lawns and are not noticed. I used to love collecting them when I was a child.

  7. When I tell you this is just dandy, know that I’m not lion to you. It is a wonderful poem, really. I adored it.

  8. Lainie Levin

    There is something wonderful and charming about dandelions, and you capture it so beautifully in this poem. =)

  9. Great poem, Bob! I think you would like Ame Dyckman’s picture book Dandy. Here’s a link to a teacher reading it on You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsNxG9HEHHA

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