We Made It



It is hared to believe that we are at the end of another March Challenge – 31 days of writing, posting, and commenting.  For some reason this year’s challenge seemed to pass by more quickly then previous.  Maybe it was because of what is happening in the world.

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for one again hosting event.  I can’t believe this is the eighth year I have participated.  I remember how leery and scared I was the first time I wrote and submitted something.  Of course I screwed up the link and Stacey had to correct it for me.

This is a wonderful community and I am glad to be part of it.  The help, support, and encouragement is something else.  It is what keeps me going even when I don’t feel like writing.

A great big Thank You to all who stopped by to read my posts and to leave  comments.  Although the goal was to write and not seek comments, the comments sure were nice to receive.  It is always nice to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.  Who knows, maybe an opportunity might arise where we might actually meet.  It has happened.

We are all winners and stronger writers because of participating in this challenge.  Here’s hoping many will continue posting in the weekly Slice of Life.  Continued great writing to all.  Stay healthy.


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19 responses to “We Made It

  1. Even though this has been the longest month ever, the writing part of it seemed to fly by! It was like I blinked and the slice challenge was over. Like you, the encouragement and community keep me writing even when I don’t feel like it. I can’t imagine March without this group. And thank YOU for all of your encouraging and warm comments and for our shared love and appreciation of cats!

    • Yes, March would seem so empty if I didn’t participate in this challenge even thou year after year I ask myself why do I do this. Thanks for constantly stopping by and leaving comments. I really appreciate them.

  2. Thanks for being here. I love the friendship that we have all developed over the years by writing here. See you on Tuesdays!

  3. See you Tuesdays! The comments are a factor that keeps us writing. And comments create friendships that are very real.

  4. Despite being at home for most of the Challenge, I didn’t struggle finding topics the same way I have other years. I also appreciated the comments, and making comments, in a new way. See you next Tuesday!

    • I agree. Usually I have several days when I am not sure what to write. This year that didn’t happen. You and Lucy stay safe and I will see you next week.

  5. Slice of Life is the best.

  6. jumpofffindwings

    Reading your post—and the comments above—reaffirms my commitment to write each Tuesday. (I’m taking it as a sign that we conclude on a Tuesday, so I’ve got a full week to gear up!) I have so enjoyed your posts and look forward to reading more of them. Thanks.

  7. “I’m so glad we had this time together… ” it’s a TV song quoting day for me, apparently. Luckily, our time is not over – see you next week! Back to our normal schedule!

  8. Lainie Levin

    Yes! It’s been wonderful slicing with you too. Thank you!

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