Which End Is Up?


SOLSC Day 28

Shortly we will be heading out.  I am not sure when we will get back home.  The beginning of this week wasn’t too bad, but the next three are a whirlwind of activity.

Today we are going to a brunch.  Not something I would generally do, but because this is with the retired teachers, and since I am a co-president, and because I organized it I guess I had better be there.

This will be over around 1:00 which isn’t too bad.  At least it wouldn’t be if we were going straight home.  Did I mention the the Lancaster Quilt Show is running this week and today is the first day?  Want to take a guess as to where we are going after brunch?

It is a little over an hour’s drive from Palmyra where the brunch is being held to Lancaster where the quilt show is being held.  We should be there by 2:30 which will give us two and a half hours to look around.

This is not nearly enough time so we will be going back tomorrow.  Besides the building where the quilts are housed there is another building a few miles away hosting the vendors Kathy likes.  I know it will be an all day event for us.

You would think I would take Saturday as a day of rest.  Guess again.  The Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of English and Language Arts (PCTELA) is holding a board meeting on Saturday. I am on the executive board. I need to be there for 8:30.  It is a two hour plus drive from home so that means leaving around 6:00.  It ends at 4:00.  I figure a two hour drive, maybe stopping somewhere for church, and definitely stopping somewhere for dinner It could be 9:00 or later until I get home.

Hopefully I will be able to have some drafts done so that for the next three days all I need to do is post them.  I would hate to blow the challenge this close to finishing it.  My bigger problem will be finding time to read and comment on all of the posts I want.

It will get done, but I am saying right here up front that the comments I leave over the next three days might not make any sense or they may be totally unrelated to what people wrote about.  If that is the case please just ignore them.


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20 responses to “Which End Is Up?

  1. WOWilkinson

    Sounds busy but fun. Take care and enjoy.

  2. Sharon Gubser

    I’m tired after just reading about your schedule! Sounds like fun though. I’ll bet you’ll find inspiration in all your activities for your next slices!

  3. At least it is the good kind of busy! Isn’t it funny how things sometimes pop up near the end of the Challenge to make it hard to write?

  4. jumpofffindwings

    Have a terrific time at the Quilt Show. You’ll fit everything in, I know it! (I can sympathize when you say “I would hate to blow the challenge this close to finishing it.” I’ve experienced the same sentiment—today, in fact!) Travel safe.

  5. Busy for you, good for us, because it will show up in slices, especially QUILT PICTURES!!

  6. Can’t wait to see the pictures of the quilts. Sounds like a very busy few days – but some enjoyment at least!

  7. Yes have a lot of fun, despite the busyness and enjoy the quilts!

  8. As my husband would say, “I thought you retired?” Have fun enjoying what you love to do! Because that’s what retirement is all about. Can’t wait to see some quilts!

  9. Alice Nine

    Have fun and we all will take this into consideration when we read your comments… hahaha! Looking forward seeing your pictures of quilts in April.

  10. Busier now that you are retired!

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