An Invitation


SOLSC Day 27

Getting an invitation in the mail is exciting.  Maybe it is to a party celebrating an important event in a friend’s life.  Could be a birthday party.  Cake and ice cream – yum.

Maybe it is an anniversary.  Celebrating the many years a couple has shared as partners in life.  Good food and a glass of bubbly – best wishes.

Maybe a family member is getting married and you have been invited to share this wonderful day with them.  Again, good food, drinks, dancing – a toast to the happy couple.

I enjoy getting invitations and always look forward to the coming event.  I get excited as the day draws closer.

However, there is someone in our family that is not thrilled to get an invitation.  She doesn’t want to hear about.  She doesn’t want to go and makes quite a fuss when the day and time to leave arrives.

I know there will be crying all the way to the destination.  I know there will be drooling.  I know she will not be happy.

On Monday Molly received an invitation.



I haven’t told her she got this invite and I don’t plan on telling her.  Our vet is wonderful and has taken care of all of our animals for the last 30 some years.  She takes excellent care of Molly as well as our other cats.  Dr. Thorton, please know that this is not a reflection on you or your great staff.  It is just the way Molly is.  She doesn’t do vets – if she can help it.



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32 responses to “An Invitation

  1. I enjoy invites too but Tuvia left me in the DUST!!! 🙂

  2. jumpofffindwings

    Molly is such inspiration—even her resistance is a source!

  3. Alice Nine

    Hahaha… I have some grandkids who adamantly and vocally agree with Molly.

  4. Lucy hates those, too!

  5. Love the way you structured this post! Hope all goes well for Molly!

  6. Terje

    I am with Molly on this, no invitation to a doctor would make me excited. Ice cream and cake on the other hand – any time!

  7. Sara Thornton

    Love you Molly!

  8. Vaccines, not too bad. Dentist, that is a different story. Perhaps Molly deserves a reward after each visit…

  9. I enjoyed having a suspicion about who the unwilling recipient of an invitation might be. You built a bit of suspense and let us have little laugh of understanding and perhaps commiseration. Few pets relish a visit to the vet.

  10. I did not see that twist coming, but it’s true! Getting our cats to the vet is an energy-draining ordeal that results in sulking for days. Good luck!

  11. What an unexpected ending! Vets definitely aren’t at the top of the list for our pets! Loved reading your slice!

  12. Poor Molly! I am waiting for an invitation like this. But our cat needs to be groomed too. She is definitely not going to be happy about that. She is getting too old to do a good job on herself, and she is a long haired cat!

  13. Loved your slice – got quite the chuckle! Thanks – I needed that

  14. Poor Molly! It looked like she knew about impending events . . .Clever slice! Loved the “maybe” format and cause and effect type response!

  15. Superb, love the suspense. I have a feeling cat slices seem to get more responses than other topics. May have to drag mine into a slice soon!

  16. Ha! Molly’s face says it all in that photo! Luckily our cat who most has to go to the vet, Oliver, is a real trouper riding in the car and going to the vet. When he gets home, he runs around chortling and face sniffing each cat just to say hello, I’m back, I missed you, did you miss me? Sadly, no one even notices he’s gone!

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