I Was Not Ready For This


SOLSC Day 14

It is interesting what people send in an email.  I’ve received notices of upcoming events from friends.  I have received invitations.  I occasionally get a picture sent as an attachment.

The other day I received a picture from a friend.  I can honestly say I was not prepared for what he sent.  Here it is.  Quality is not the best because it is 40+ years old.


Yes, that is me in the middle.  This picture was taken in 1975 when I received my Masters/Reading Specialists degree from Bloomsburg College (now University) along with two of my friends, Jane and Audrey.  I have known Jane, on the left, since undergraduate work at Penn State.  I have known Audrey, on the right, since we both began working at an Intermediate Unit my first year of teaching.  In fact, it is Audrey who introduced Kathy and me since she and Kathy worked at the same elementary school.

Comparing the me then to the me now I have to wonder how these two people are the same or even if they are.  Physical changes are quite evident.  Back then I had hair.  Now it is thinning and more gray.  Back then I had more energy.  Now I move at a slower pace.

But what about on the inside?  Am I still the same person?  I hope not.  My core values haven’t changed much but my view on the world and life in general has.  I am not going to get into that now; maybe in a future post.

So, what has become of the three people in this photograph?  Reading my blogs you pretty much know me.  Audrey and Jane both married.  I was a driver in Audrey’s wedding.  Audrey invited Kathy and me to join her and Dennis, her husband, on the Cherry Blossom tour we will be taking in a few weeks.

Unfortunately, Jane’s husband has died several years ago.  She volunteers two days a week in a local Catholic school helping out in the library.

Although there were many years when we lost track of each other  we have now reconnected.  In fact, Audrey, Jane, Kathy and I along with a few other friends meet once a month for lunch.

Although it is always nice to make new friends there is something to be said for old friends.


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16 responses to “I Was Not Ready For This

  1. jumpofffindwings

    That song, “Make new friends, but keep the old/ One is silver and the other is gold,” comes to mind when I read this post. Lovely.

  2. Greta piece and reflection. I was one year old at the time of the photograph.
    Besides that, you make me think how people do change inside out over the years. A very important thing to keep in mind when one is married.
    It’s nice to evolve along with your partner, bt I know that sometimes these changes make it impossible because people change and go in different ways.

    • You are right, people do change and go their separate ways but it is so nice to reconnect after many years and be able to pick up where you left off. I know that doesn’t always happen but for us it did and I am so glad.

  3. It is nice that you are in contact with your old friends. I think we all change as we grow older. I can’t imagine not changing 😊

    • As we age we do change and hopefully it is for the better. As we learn things and interact with the world around us I don’t see how we cannot change.

  4. How wonderful that you’ve reconnected and have friendships that have lasted for such a long time. I have moved a lot in my life and struggle to maintain those connections when I move to a new place, through there’s really no excuse with social media availability! I loved seeing the old photo too!

  5. I was looking at old pictures as I wrote my piece today – from 1977. I thought of that as I read your piece. I certainly can see the changes in me – most on the outside, but some on the inside as well. I hope for the better.
    Great slice – it sure resonated with me. I need to reconnect with some of my “old” friends.

  6. Old friends are the best! I recently received a notice that my 30th high school reunion is coming up this summer (maybe…it seems nobody wants to plan it – including me!) so I can relate to your reaction to the picture. I wonder what people are up to, and I would imagine we all look a bit different now. Pretty sure we are different on the inside too.

  7. Friends, old or new, are treasures!

  8. What a great piece, Bob! The internet has helped me connect with several old friends I had lost contact with, all the way back to elementary school. I’m sure some part of the 1975 Bob is still inside you somewhere, only better. Thanks for sharing.

    • I, too, have reconnected with elementary school friends through the internet. That is one of the benefits. I would like to think that I kept the best parts of the 1975 me and worked on those that needed improvement.

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