Still Waiting


SOLSC Day 13

Is it just me or does anyone else get annoyed at businesses that don’t return calls?

As the person in charge of organizing a luncheon for 40+ retired school employees I like to be on top of things and have all necessary arrangements made well before the event date.  Well, I have a luncheon planned for the beginning of May.  It is at a venue our group has used before.  They have a nice meeting space, the wait staff is excellent, the price affordable, and the food delicious.

One of the important things for me is to let our members know the date, price, and menu choices they have for the event.  I have spoken to the person in charge at the restaurant over two months ago and the date is reserved.  Check one item off of my list.

We have a newsletter going out to our members in the beginning of April so I need to have a reservation form with all pertinent information ready to be included.  I know the price quoted to me, but I need to verify it in case there is a change.  I don’t have the menu picked so I need to get that taken care of. Should be easy.

Three weeks ago I called the person I spoke with to finalize all matters.  I got her voice mail, left my name, number, and message sure she would get back to me soon.  She hasn’t.

I called again two weeks ago thinking maybe I dialed incorrectly the first time.  Left the same information and waited.  No return call.

I thought I would try again last week with the same results.  I have a Board meeting coming up next week where I need to present this information for a final vote.  I am getting nervous.

This week I thought I would call the restaurant directly.  I spoke to a manager.  I confirmed the date.  Told him I needed to have choices.  He offered to send me a menu.  I simply asked for the same choices we had last year because people really liked them.  Fine.  I asked on a price check.  He would have to speak to the person I have been trying to contact.  He will talk to her and get back to me.


Update:  he did get back to me and everything is now set to go.  Relief!



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18 responses to “Still Waiting

  1. Jess B.

    I know how you feel! Planning for big events is stressful and you want to check IMPORTANT items off your list. It makes it even more difficult when you like the place. I’m glad everything is all set! Have fun 🙂

  2. So glad everything is all set! It’s always frustrating to have to wait to be able to move forward on your part because of someone else’s delay!

  3. It is normal to be anxious especially when people are relying on you to make sure everything is organized . Glad they got back to you.

  4. Reading your slice I got more and more worried. Good that everything is sorted.

  5. Alice Nine

    You had me worried… glad you finally were able to talk to a person and finalize the plans.

  6. I could have responded after the first sentence. It’s so annoying when people don’t call back…and when they don’t take deadlines seriously! I’m glad you were finally able to sort it out.

    • When you are organizing something for fifty people or more it is important to get information to them in a timely manner. Since our newsletters only go out quarterly it is important that I have the information sooner and not later.

  7. You must be breathing a bit easier by now! I sent an email last night and was very surprised that I had an email waiting for me this morning. Sometimes things do work out. Perhaps this person will be faster returning your call next time.

  8. What a relief to have it all settled. But what a run-around! That has to be the worst – to need that settled and having the business not even return calls. Hope the luncheon is wonderful!

  9. Phew….”All is well that ends well”

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