Spring Is In the Air


SOLSC Day 12

These last few days when I went out to get the paper I usually had my head bent because of the wind and cold.  I didn’t bother to look up, just down.

Sunday there was no wind.  The sun was shining.  It was actually comfortable.  I looked up and I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw.



Our pussy willow is starting to bloom.  I had to go closer to investigate.  Sure enough the bush is covered with emerging fuzzy gray catkins.




I looked at the other bushes near the willow.  Signs of life everywhere.





I wondered, are our daffodils up as well?  I haven’t checked so I thought I would walk over and see.  Sure enough…



Even though it is not officially Spring, it can’t be too far off.


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23 responses to “Spring Is In the Air

  1. Lovely photos and yes, the plants sure know when to appear, so the signs are there…what anticipation, spring, seems to have been a long time coming this year!

  2. Such a great slice told through words and pictures. I love how you began this piece looking up not down because it wasn’t so cold.

  3. Love these signs of spring. Still waiting for snow to melt here. BUT, it may be a great spring for mushrooms with all the “water, water, everywhere”!

    • We hit the 40’s yesterday and predictions of 50’s for the next two days. Most of our snow has melted. I am hoping it will not be replaced any more this season.

  4. Yay!! I REALLY need spring to come! This makes me want to go check our plants and trees!

  5. Such lovely signs of spring! We still have snow, but it is warming up. Spring will soon be here.

  6. Oh, those signs of Spring are so important. They bring hope and joy to my heart.

  7. I just noticed our trees are getting leaf buds and my tulips have broken ground too. Yay! The signs of spring bring a smile. I do love your pussy willows!

  8. We brought a cut of pussy willow from our first house over 30 years ago. I am so glad it still blossoms.

  9. jumpofffindwings

    Nature will have its way. I say, “Hooray!”

  10. We are usually at least 6 weeks behind you for spring’s arrival. You’ve given me hope though!

  11. Lovely photos! A pleasant surprise indeed!

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