Day 11 The Art of Taking a Nap


SOLSC Day 11

Let’s face it.  It’s not just plopping down somewhere, closing your eyes, and nodding off.  Taking a good nap is a science.  The most important step in nap taking is finding the perfect place to take a nap.  This can be tricky.

There are so many conditions that must be met for a spot to be the one.  For instance, the spot must be comfortable.  Why would you choose to take a nap in an uncomfortable spot?

It mustn’t be too light.  How can you fall asleep if it is too light?

It must be a place where you will not be disturbed.  How can you get in a quality nap if someone is disturbing you every five minutes or so?

A pillow, though not necessary, is nice.

Well, I am on the lookout for the perfect napping spot.  This spot won’t work.  It is comfortable.  The light won’t shine in my eyes.  There is a drawback, though. This is a bed.  Beds are for night sleeping not nap taking.  Besides,  Molly wants to share the spot.  Not always conducive to good napping.


Let’s move on to another spot.  How about a chair?  Again, it is soft and comfortable.  Chairs are good places to nap.  It is protected on three sides by the arms and back.  But again there is a problem.  This time Dustin also wants the space.  He doesn’t always like to share.


As another option why don’t I try the tower.  It is not exactly soft. Light from the dining room window does hit me in the face.  On the plus side, though, no one else can share the spot with me.  I guess I could make do.


As a last resort there is always the floor.  Good carpeting and a soft pad make it inviting.  But there can be a lot of foot traffic.  This definitely disturbs a good nap.


Wait.  There is one more space left to try.  Someone just sat down on a chair. That means there is a lap.  Molly is there already, but I can make that work. She can be used as a pillow.


This pillow will even clean my face for me.



Oh yes.  I can feel my eyes closing.


Ah, I have found it.  This is the perfect place for a naaa…zzzzzzzz!



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26 responses to “Day 11 The Art of Taking a Nap

  1. Nice, how many cats do you have ?

  2. Did you know today is national nap day? 🙂 I agree, finding the right place for a nap is difficult. So many options available in your house. Glad they each found the best place for a nap.

  3. Oh my goodness, so sweet! I cuddled up with my puppy all day yesterday and napped. Today is national nap day!!! Enjoy it!

  4. Diane Anderson

    it’s perfect for National Nap Day, even if you didn’t plan it ahead of time. Ahh, it would be nice to be a cat and nap my way through this day… the time change always is a good excuse for extra napping.

  5. I wish that finding a perfect nap place was my main task today. I love the cat photos, especially ‘Molly as a pillow” ones.

  6. I love the way you are the cat’s voice here! My cat has 3 favourite nap spots: in front of the fire, on the couch, and in my closet. My children are hoping for another cat, but I keep telling them the cat doesn’t want another cat! Maybe she’d be happier than I think.

  7. This gave me so much happiness today. Thank you!

  8. jumpofffindwings

    I can’t wait to find our next cat. Putting Jack, the best cat ever, to sleep a month ago did me in. Now I’m ready to love again, and your pictures make it even easier.

  9. So glad the perfect place to “catnap” was finally discovered. Cute slice!

  10. Lucy can sleep anywhere. Maybe she’s always dog-tired. I am more picky, like your cats. I love a good catnap, in the dark.

  11. Your photos with the story are perfect! I hope the nap was refreshing!

  12. Perfect napping spaces! Love this authentic story…

  13. Naturally I adore this! Poor Ned trying to find just the right post! They are all so very beautiful. A pillow that washes your face sounds perfect! These are wonderful lap cat photos. They are big kitties to share a lap too! Most of our cats are fairly small. But then, there’s a lot of fur so perhaps they’re not quite as big as they look?

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