They Did It Again


SOLSC Day 10

Each year there is one thing that happens in March (beside the SOLSC) that I look forward to because it always provided at least 5 days of fodder for my blogs.  It helped me get through the middle of the month when I usually hit a slump.

Last year this event happened toward the end of the month.  Some of you may remember me complaining about it in my blog  but not to the powers that be.  This year they are doing it again.

What am I talking about?  What has me so upset?  It is the Lancaster Quilt Show.  This year it is being held March 28 – 31.  A lot of good that will do me with this monthly challenge.  I don’t need the blog ideas that late in the month.  Of course I will be set for several Tuesday SOL posts.

Anyway, how can they do this to me?  Don’t they care that I am straining for topics earlier in the month.  Well, I will show them.  I will go to the show.  I will take pictures. I will collect ideas for weekly posts.  But, and this is a big one, I will put on my angry face and not enjoy myself.


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24 responses to “They Did It Again

  1. You should put in a good word for next year! haha

  2. jumpofffindwings

    Your words belie what I’m sure is something you truly love and are inspired by. My cousin just left after sharing with me her great, new quilting project. She never has idle hands while binging on some less-than-terrific Netflix fare. You take “nothing” here and make a fun post. I know that’ll happen repeatedly in March. Looking forward to what your “angry face” brings!

  3. I so remember your love of the quilts show and anytime you share the experience is a good time. 🙂

  4. I was thinking of your posts about the quilt show when I was at the flower show last week, wishing I took more pictures! Your post made me laugh. I just can’t imagine you with an angry face!

  5. Interesting take on this change of date. I have always admired the quilt pictures you have shared with us. I’ll be patient.

  6. How inconsiderate of the quilt show organizers! I’m sure you will find some new ideas lurking around your life to fill the gap. 🙂

  7. Stay strong, Bob! Eventually they may put you on their board of directors (volunteer of course) and you can pick better dates!

  8. Ha! I bet those beautiful quilts will turn that angry face to a smiley face before you know it. I LOVE those posts, so I will look forward to seeing all the amazing photos whenever you get to post them!

  9. Leigh Anne Eck

    I love your quilt posts because they remind me so much of my former quilting days. But they really should have asked you first before changing the date! 🙂

  10. Alice Nine

    Ha! So inconsiderate of them to change dates. Happy slicing!

  11. I don’t believe you! I believe the minute you hit the entrance, you will have the same smile you always have because actually you LOVE the quilt show. You just don’t love the change in dates. I’m with you on that since I, too, love consistency. So much is changing so fast, we love to stick to our favorite routines.

  12. Can’t wait to see pictures from this year’s show. A bit of a challenge for you I’m sure – but maybe this year leave a constructive comment.

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