What A Mess!


This is not the post I was all set to write today.  I have never posted this early, but I doubt if I will get any sleep tonight.  I guess even with all of the precautions we took it was still bound to happen eventually and today was the day.

Here on the east coast we are caught in a stalled weather pattern.  It has been raining all day yesterday and most of the day today. The ground is saturated.  There is no place for the water to go so it came into our basement – a good two inches.

I realize that this is not as much as other communities got.  I look at places like Pine Grove and my heart aches for those who are still recovering from the last flood they had.  Pictures on the news shows cars submerged in water.

Hershey Park is flooded.  They said they would open tomorrow but I think that is doubtful.  I pity the poor animals in Zoo America.

The interstate was closed in the Ravine area.  I heard that there is possible structural damage to one of the bridges.

In Pine Grove the National Guard was called in to rescue some people and take them to the local high school.

So, with all that is going on around us I guess I won’t complain too loudly.  Whatever mess we have in the basement we will deal with it when the rain is over.  I firmly believe that God never gives us more than we can handle and with His help we will deal with this.

Here is our overworked sump.  Not running constantly now, but not much rest time between cycles.


Furniture stacked in the big room.


More staked furniture.


You can see the ceiling lights reflected in the water outside of Kathy’s sewing room.


It was much worse several hours ago.  Didn’t take pictures then because I was too busy trying to pick things up off of the floor.



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26 responses to “What A Mess!

  1. Yikes! Hope tomorrow brings less rain and time to clean up. We cleaned up a friend’s apartment more than thirty years ago when it flooded. They were out of town. It’s overwhelming! Hope that weather pattern gets some get up and go soon.

  2. Terje

    Sorry to hear. I hope you will be able to clear the mess and get some sunshine soon.

  3. OMG Robert.
    It could be worse but you’re right- what a mess that you have to deal with it. So far it hasn’t been so bad here. Fingers crossed for us and for you that it isn’t too overwhelming.

  4. We’ve been there with a flooded basement and an all-nighter of buckets, and it’s terrible. I hope the rains let up and that your situation gets better as the day progresses. And you get some sleep. Take care.

  5. Oh, no! I am sorry about the flooding. I admire your outlook here, how you paused in your trial to write about it. I reminds me of how messy life is, how messy writing is – yet there’s something beautiful and powerful in working through it. Strength to you and yours.

  6. Oh, my goodness! I’ve been following the news and it’s awful to see the damage everywhere. Stay safe…and as dry as you can.

  7. You have the right attitude and this line is proof: “So, with all that is going on around us I guess I won’t complain too loudly.” Despite the inconvenience, you seem to have the situation under control. Positive thoughts being sent your way with hopes that your community will rise above the water collecting at ground level.

    • Thank you. I have great friends who have offered to help with the clean up. Probably won’t need them but it sure is nice to know they are there.

  8. Wow! How scary and worrying. I don’t know if this will require a conversation with your insurance agent or not, but, if it does, I hope it goes smoothly and well.

    • Hopefully won’t need insurance involvement. The worst thing is the wet rugs. If they can be cleaned, fine. If not we will get new ones. Luckily things we have stored downstairs are in plastic bins so they did not get damaged.

  9. Yikes! I have been more off the grid in the last week than I usually am and missed the flooding on the East Coast. You have quite a bit to clean up there. I hope there are some sunny skies ahead.

  10. Not at all fun to clean up a flooded basement! Weather is so funny…we are caught in a very dry spell, and there are immense forest fires burning all around. We are praying for more rain, while you are praying for less. Good luck with the clean up. Hope Cathy didn’t lose any fabric!

  11. Having had a flooded lower level, I feel for you! You seem to be keeping a positive attitude, though. Best wishes!

  12. We hear about things on the news, but our community of slicers often gives us a personal connection. We’ll be thinking of you and Kathy- yes, you will get through it. God be your strength.

  13. So sorry to hear about the flooding in East. Hopefully the clean up will go smoothly and you’ll get some of the sunshine. At the moment, we would trade you sunshine and heat for some of the rain – we are in drought conditions here in the Ozarks.

    • Right now I would gladly trade some weather with you, Judy. I guess each area of the country has its own weather related problems to deal with. Wishing you relief.

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