Quilt Odyssey


July around here means just one thing:  it is time for Quilt Odyssey at the Hershey Lodge and Convention center.  So of course we went.  As with every year, these quilts are something to see. They are not the kind of quilt you would throw on top of a bed and sleep under, at least I wouldn’t.  I am sure, however, that my cats would have no trouble sleeping on top of any of them.

Here are samples of what we saw.  Some are winners.  Some are not although to me each quilt is a winner.

Many quilters today use a long arm quilting machine to do their quilting instead of doing it by hand.  Many quilters make the top and then send the quilt off to someone else to have it quilted.

q1 - Copy

q2 - Copy

As with most shows, pictorial quilts are always big.

q3 - Copy

q4 - Copy

Here is the winner in this category.

q5 - Copy

q6 - Copy

I liked the design an colors in this quilt.

q9 - Copyq10 - Copy

This is a more traditional pattern although there is nothing traditional about the quilt.

q13 - Copy

q14 - Copy

This quilt actually photographed better than it looked.  The colors are a bit too close to each other for there to be much distinction in the pattern.

q17 - Copy

q18 - Copy

Here is another first place winner.

q19 - Copy

q20 - Copy

I had to take a picture of this because we also have a Molly although a completely different Molly.

q26 - Copy

I will end with the Best of Show.



I think the next big quilt show is at Oaks in September. We will be there.



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12 responses to “Quilt Odyssey

  1. I think I would like to go to a quilt show sometime. These are exquisite pieces of art!

    • They really are. The one at Oaks is really a n ice one to see. Not too far a drive from here. You might want to check it out if you have some free time in September.

  2. Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski

    Beautiful quilts!

  3. Amazing… the closest I ever came to anything crafty like that was needle point pieces. But that’s child’s play. What a great passion.

  4. These are stunning; I can hardly believe them! I know each one tells a story. My grandmother made a quilt for each of her five grandchildren that she gave to us when we left home. In mine are scraps of clothing I remember her and other family members wearing. A vest here, a smock there – I need to write about it. What an intriguing post on such an intriguing craft. And – I hope you’re dried out from the flood!

  5. These are simply spectacular. I have trouble sewing a straight line and am impressed with the skill these sewers possess.

  6. Quiltmakers just blow my mind! They are the ultimate obsessives but their results are so exquisite.

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