What A Day!

Here it is 6:15 and I haven’t written and posted yet.  In fact, I wasn’t sure I would post anything today, but I will give it a shot.

Some days there is nothing on the calendar that needs to be done.  Some days there might be one or two things that need to be taken care of.  Then there are those days when it seems you are constantly on the go with no time to catch your breath.  That was today.

Now it didn’t start off looking too bad.  All I had to do was go to the ENT doctor for my check-up and bake some lemon bars because tomorrow is food pantry day.  My appointment was at 1:30 so I figured with getting something to eat after the appointment I could still be home by 4:00.  That would give me plenty of time to make the lemon bars.

Now, things started off on the wrong foot.  I over slept because some fur baby had me up at 3:00 AM.  It took me over an hour to get back to sleep so instead up getting up at my usual time I got up an hour later.

I guess I could have written my post then, but I decided to read the paper and check emails first.  At 9:00 I decided to go to the store because we needed a few things, mainly some iced cinnamon buns for breakfast.  Yes, I need one every morning.  If I go before 9 the  fresh buns aren’t out yet.

I could have written my post when I got back but I decided to read and comment on other posts first.  Besides, I knew I had to leave the house by 12:45 to get to my appointment on time and I still had to have breakfast and get cleaned up.

Anyway, as I was reading the phone rang.  It was Debbie from AAA.  My Trip Tik was ready and could be picked up.  Since the AAA office was three blocks from my doctor’s office I told her I would stop in that afternoon.

Back to more reading and commenting.  The phone rings again.  This time it is Home Depot telling my the last cabinet that we were waiting six weeks for was in and we could pick it up.  There was no way I was going to let that go until another day. The sooner I get it home the sooner our contractor could come back and finish our kitchen.

So. my day is set.  I get to the doctor’s office and wait 45 minutes until I am called back.  This was a short wait in this office.  An hour later I am done and we are off to AAA to pick up our material.  We spend about a half hour talking with Debbie and going over the material she has for us.  She also starts picking out tour books for each of the states we will be passing through.

Then it is off to Home Depot to pick up the cabinet.  My this time it is raining fairly heavily.  I don’t care.  We get our cabinet and one of the workers offers to load it into the car for us.  Great.  One problem though.  I had never put down the back seats in the RAV 4 so I wasn’t sure how to do it.   I assumed , silly me, that it would be like the Corolla which I knew how to do.  It wasn’t.  Neither one of us knew how to do it.  The worker even Googled it and couldn’t fine the needed information.  Finally, after about 5 minutes I did what I should have done first.  I got the owner’s manual out and checked.  There on page 147 it told us exactly how to do it.

With the cabinet loaded it was off to WalMart. for just a few tings since both stores are in the same plaza.  Got what we needed and it was now 4:30.  I was hungry.  Since there is a Subway in WalMart we decided to eat there.  That killed another 45 minutes.  We finished eating and then headed home.

It is now 6:00. I have a cabinet to unload.  I have 3 hungry beasties who want to be fed and I still have lemon bars to make.  Top priority is to feed the cats and put them in the other room so I can bake without their help.

That done I gather my supplies for the bars.  Remember our kitchen is packed in 50 boxes scattered throughout 3 rooms in the house so I need to remember where the pan is.  Where the juicer is.  Where the flour and sugar are.

I find all that I need.  Oh no!  I don’t have enough sugar.  If I had checked this morning I could have bought more when I went to the store.  I didn’t so it was off the Redner’s to get more sugar.  Finally I had everything and got the bars made.

Anyway, here is our final cabinet sitting in the garage waiting for Tony to come install it.


Here is the Trip Tik and all of the tour books from AAA.

Finally, here are the lemon bars.  They are not yet cut, but I will do that after I post this.


I am glad this day is finished.  Tomorrow it is just Food Pantry.  I can handle that.



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15 responses to “What A Day!

  1. Quite the day. Sometimes things just happen and we deal with them. Glad that everything worked out. Now you can sit back, relax and wait to nibble on those lemon bars!

    • I did have a nibble as I cut them and put them in a container for tomorrow. After all, I can’t give them to the workers if they don’t taste good can I?

  2. Remember when we thought retirement would be all relaxing and reading? Glad your busy day is concluded and that tomorrow will have fewer demands.

  3. A very busy day 🙂 We have started depending on Google too much, haven’s we ? 🙂 What is pantry day ? And the lemon bar looks delicious . Are you planning for a trip ? Regards

    • We are planning on driving from Pennsylvania to California. Our nephew is having a destination wedding in the Sonoma wine region of the state. Every two months we help out at our local food pantry. Free food is given to people who in low economic brackets. We help stuff the bags for them and carry out to their cars.

      • Such a wonderful gesture. God bless you and your family. Have a wonderful time and our best wishes to your nephew and his wife. Regards

  4. Terje

    Two things (lemon bars and doctor’s visit) on the to do list. Both checked off. Plus slice written. And all the extras added. A productive day. I am so happy you have the final cabinet ready.

  5. Michelle @litlearningzone

    Whoa! What a day! And you thought you had nothing to write about! I’m exhausted from the 3 am wake up and all the phone calls and running around from here to there! When it rains, it pours, right? And you even made the lemon bars … without the cats help! 🙂 But you survived and I bet you slept really good last night! Best of luck with the finished kitchen and your trip!

  6. That’s a very busy day! I often think summer days are going to be so much more empty than work days, but our summer days fill up quickly. I suppose retirement is the same. Better than sitting around watching movies all day! I can’t wait to start reading about your cross-country trip!

  7. You made lemon bars… I made key lime cake. All those tour books- a great trip to look forward to. The final cabinet ready- that must feel good. Hope your day at the Food Pantry is easy as anticipated. Nice slice… I have been so lazy this summer. I need to get back to my blog!

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