Mid-Week Getaway


If you have been reading my posts for a bit you know that Kathy and I like to spend out birthdays in New York taking in a matinee, having dinner, seeing an evening show and staying the night.  This happens in August since we are both Leos.  On rare occasions we will take a second trip if something interesting is going on.

Well, last Wednesday we took a trip.  A few months ago I received a mailing about a new musical that was soon going to open on Broadway.  It was Summer: the Donna Summer Musical.  Take into account that Kathy and I dated during the disco era and that we were both fans of the Queen of Disco, there was no way we were not going to go see this show.  I already had our tickets for August so it looks like another trip had to be planned.

First thing I had to so was see when we wanted to go and if tickets were available.  I knew it would be a Wednesday and it would by once spring was in full force.  I didn’t want to chance snowy or icy weather.

Luck was on our side.  I found two tickets, Row J, on the aisle for the 2:00 show.  I grabbed them.  Now it was decision time.  Did we want to just go for the day, see the show, have dinner and come home home or did we want to try for a second show for the evening and stay the night?  Tough decision.  Of course I wanted to see a second show and spend the night.  Now, what should that second show be?

It is no secret that I am a fan of musicals.  There are many good ones playing that I haven’t seen.  However, there was one show, a non-musical, that had caught my attention and I really wanted to see especially since it is closing in August: The Play That Goes Wrong.

There happened to be two tickets in Row B, on the aisle for the 7:00 show that same Wednesday.  I took them.  We were set.  Now I just needed train tickets and dinner reservations.  I do like traveling Amtrak.  Dinner reservations were made at Cielo at the Mayfair.  All things were in place so last Wednesday we went.

A little bit about the shows.  If you are young you might not know who Donna Summer was.  If you are around my age you know her and her music from hits like Love to Love You Baby, I Feel Love, Hot Stuff, and Bad Girls to She Works Hard for the Money, Heaven Knows, and MacArthur Park.  The list goes on

After seeing the show I had just one word to describe it, “Wow!”  The three actresses who played her at different stages of her life were terrific.  The audience was dancing at their seats.  Even if you are not familiar with Donna Summer and her music I would highly recommend this show.

On the other hand, the second show had us falling out of our seats we were laughing so much.  There is a ten minute clip on you tube you can check out if you wish just search for The Play That Goes Wrong.  The title says it all.  A community theater is putting on a murder mystery and anything and everything that can go wrong does.  I don’t remember laughing so hard.  Too bad the show is closing in August.

Here are some pics.





To end with, here is a little taste of what is coming up in August.



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14 responses to “Mid-Week Getaway

  1. I was singing in my head as I read your post. I was a high school student during the end of the 70s and the early 80s. Donna Summer is part of the soundtrack of my life!

  2. I am so jealous of your outings to see musicals and plays! What a fun day of song and story! I bet the food was good too. 🙂

  3. Sounds like you had a great trip! NYC is always a fun adventure.

  4. Terje

    Two of you at two shows, double fun. Great planning on your part.

  5. Sounds like a lovely get away! I love musicals, but my husband does not. My daughter is now old enough to go with me, so I am taking her to her first big show this summer! (Still need to buy tickets, but we are going to see Wicked!)

  6. What a perfect trip! Would have loved to see Summer – I danced to her songs as a teen and they can still get me moving! We are off to Stratford, Ontario on Thursday to see The Music Man. Should be a great show. (Pray there are no more bomb threats. Someone called in a threat just before the opening night of The Tempest yesterday. It was a horrible thing to do – the theatre was evacuated and everyone lost seeing an amazing play)

    • Hope you have a great time at the show, and there are no threats of any kind. The Music Man is one of my favorite shows. Love the music. Enjoy.

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