York Quilt Show


Every two years the York Quilt Guild holds a show that showcases the talents of their members.  This was the year for that.  Of course Kathy and I took a trip down to see them.  It seems that for this show the quilters decided to try techniques that would stretch their skills.  Maybe it was a type of quilting they haven’t tried before.  Maybe it was using fabrics they didn’t typically use in their quilts.  Whatever, the results were quite beautiful.  See what you think.

I will say that I was surprised to see a famous person there.  Wish I had a chance to talk to him.



It is never surprising that animals make quite a showing at quilt shows.


One quilt even took to the sky.



Another popular theme among the quilters is flowers.

As with many quilt shows there was one featured quilter.  The woman featured buys quilt tops no one wants.  Maybe the family doesn’t like it. Maybe they don’t know how to finish it.  Maybe they can’t clean it.  Anyway, this woman buys them, not spending more than $50.00 per top, and she finishes them.  Quilts that no one wanted become masterpieces.



Here are a few she finished.  I would take any of them.

Quilt guilds like to hold challenges for their members.  The York Guild decided that their challenge would be an ugly fabric one.  It seems like the members were to take what they considered to be ugly fabric and try to turn it into something beautiful.  Honestly, I can see ugliness in any of there examples.


There were other quilts on display, but I think this post has gone on long enough.  Maybe I will return to the show next week with the rest of the pictures.


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18 responses to “York Quilt Show

  1. What talent! I find it hard to spot any ugly fabric when it is transformed into works of art.

  2. I am amazed that the Theodore Roosevelt quilt is a first quilt!

  3. Alice Nine

    What a gallery of art! Such talent!!! That Teddy R quilt is so impressive. Amazing that it was “first quilt.” Thanks for sharing.

  4. I kept thinking, “That’s my favourite!” and then I’d scroll down and think, “NO! THAT”S MY FAVOURITE!” Can’t wait until I retire in 10 years and quilt again. 🙂

  5. No matter how ugly a piece of fabric may look on its own, when put together with others, they all turn out beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. So many talented quilters! The ugly fabric challenge is so interesting–difficult to see the ugly in the final results (especially in that glorious cat, of course!)

  7. I was trying to force myself to pick just one favorite but I couldn’t do it. I did narrow it down to two favorites though. I love Flower Garden for its somewhat simplistic appeal and Floral Bouquet symmetry and distinct use of angles. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I always enjoy seeing these amazing quilts!

  9. All of them are so beautiful. We don’t have much of quilting here. Quilting sounds so fascinating 🙂

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