Kitchen Remodel #1

8a3cc-11454297503_e27946e4ff_hI once heard someone say that the kitchen holds the most stuff and is the hardest to pack.  After this week I agree.  A few posts ago I wrote that we were remodeling out kitchen.  Well, last week our contractor called and said he would be here tomorrow at 9:30 to start.  That meant I had one week to empty out all of the cabinets and drawers, clean off the top of the counters, and get everything off the walls.  I also had appointments I had to keep, as well as do the regular weekly things around the house such as cut the grass.

Well, I finally finished an hour  ago.  Wasn’t sure I really felt like writing anything, posting it, and then commenting, but I also felt like Tuesday wouldn’t be complete unless I did.  So here is a short summary of what has been happening.

A week and a half ago I got a call from the cabinet company.  Our cabinets were ready and they would be delivered in two days.  That meant cleaning out the dining room to make room for them.

Aren’t they lovely?

I must say the Ned and Molly really like them.

On to packing.  I had our grocery store save boxes for me and they were real good about doing so.  I got around 40 boxes from them and used every single one.  If you were to look at our living room right now, I am not showing a picture, you would think two hoarders lived in this house.

I did have help packing so things did go quickly. The utensil drawer was a snap to pack with some help.


The empty drawer also makes a good place to do some personal cleaning.


We did get it cleaned.


Onto the top cabinets.  It took some doing, but i got them emptied.  I labeled the boxes so I would know what was in them and put them in places where I hope I can find what I need when I need it.

Our kitchen right now looks like Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard. Even Dustin couldn’t find anything.

Ned didn’t have much luck either.


Will they survive this remodel?  Will we survive this remodel?  Update next Tuesday.


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11 responses to “Kitchen Remodel #1

  1. You have rocked the cats’ world! I know it will be worth it in the end, but what a pain to live through! Good luck!

  2. What a great kitty playhouse. You will be thrilled when the remodel is done. The cats maybe less so.

    • The cats aren’t going to be thrilled spending the next several weeks behind a closed door. Can’t risk them getting out as the contractor comes and goes.

  3. Love the pictures of your cats. So cute! The remodel will be annoying, I’m sure – but then it will be awesome!!!

  4. This is obviously my favorite post EVER! As soon as I saw that first photo of the boxes, I thought CAT WONDERLAND. I laughed out loud when I saw the next picture. I love how your cats were all over this project. It’s funny to me how very curious they are about anything new and how “helpful” they are when we’re projecting. I hope you have plenty of doors to close to keep them safe. We always struggle when we have repairmen or contractors over for things. No one else takes keeping doors closed as seriously as we do! And with 8 cats, it’s tricky to keep track of everyone. Your cats are absolutely gorgeous, btw. I have promised my husband no more long-haired cats (his long-haired cats literally throw up every single day), but I do admire their beauty!

    • The cats do love to climb. Any like is fair game to them. For as curious as they are when the contractor rang the doorbell this morning they all scattered to go into hiding. My hope is that they stay there til he leaves. With the guys carrying deconstructed cabinets out I don’t want the data getting out. They are strictly indoor cats.

  5. Terje

    I can fully sympathize with you. I remodelled my kitchen a year and half ago. This time was stressful. So worth it though. It took longer and cost more than we had planned but now it looks just as I had envisioned. Your kitchen is going to be great. Have patience.

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