Kitchen Design Update


SOLSC Day 15

On Tuesday we met with Taylor, our kitchen designer for a second time.  After our first meeting she took what we told her and did a design for us.  Because of the way our kitchen is set up we are keeping the layout the same.  We picked a natural oak cabinet finish, a speckled counter top, and a non-descript tile floor.

Here is the what the kitchen would basically look like.


To get a better idea this is the cabinet color and style.


This would be the counter top.


And the floor tile.


When we first saw things laid out with these colors we liked it but weren’t really excited by what it looked like.  Although everything is new, it looks too much like what we now have.  We wanted a change.

To get some ideas we went to Ollie’s where you can get good stuff cheap and bought several design books at $3.00 each.  The more we looked the less happy we were with the color scheme.

We saw some painted cabinets that we liked so when we met with Taylor today we told her we changed our mind about the color scheme.  Her response, “Not a problem.  Many people do this.”  We looked at the Thomasville color choices and found one we liked.  The finish is “pearl”. It is sort of a very pale creamy yellow.  The countertop we picked works well with this color so we are keeping that.  The floor tile was definitely out.  It is much too pale and doesn’t look nice next to the cabinet color.  Back to the drawing board.

When we first began thinking about this project we had seen some Pergo flooring we had liked.  We thought we would check this out with the cabinet color.  It really looked sharp.  It is a medium ash color that really makes the cabinets pop.

We then went and looked at the tile backsplashes to see if anything caught our eye and would work well with our color scheme.  We found one.  It took Taylor no time to change the cabinet color in the computer program.  We are pleased.

After she fine tunes things she will send us the updated look.  I will post it when we get it along with some other changes we made to the original design.



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16 responses to “Kitchen Design Update

  1. I’m glad you took a second try when you realized your plan didn’t “spark joy.” I’ll look for the new decisions!

  2. If you are spending all this money, you definitely want to be excited about the design. Wise thinking to look some more at ideas and readjust the original plan. Sounds good, can’t wait to see the new look.

  3. I agree with Elsie. Taking your time and finding exactly what you want is important. I was more clear about this for our bathroom changes than with our kitchen. I enjoyed reading about your process, Bob. Keep us posted!

  4. No need to rush into something that is expensive. Make sure you like the look before it’s all done. Now is the time to make those changes. Good luck with you new color scheme.

  5. I am not a visual person and have such trouble making decisions like this. Taylor sounds like a gem to work with and is willing to understand how and why people change their minds.

  6. It is shaping up beautifully!

  7. Revision! Important when planning a kitchen as well as in writing.

  8. Nice rendering! What you wanted were easy changes, that’s why Taylor didn’t bat an eye. Now, if you suddenly decided you want that lemon frosted Bundt cake in the rendering to be on the left side of the kitchen instead, she may quit from the stress. 🙂

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