A Free Day


SOLSC Day 14

Here it is, Wednesday, my one totally free day this week.  Earlier this week I posted about how busy this week and next week would be.  Today is the only day where I don’t have to be somewhere or do something.

If I get several days in a row that are free I usually like to work on a project.  It could be something like cleaning out the garage, organizing my closet or workshop, or going out just to go out.

However, when a free day comes in the middle of a busy week I need to plan my day more judiciously.  I don’t want to go anywhere because I will be out of the house every other day this week.

I don’t want to start a project because if I don’t finish it I can’t get back to it for another week and a half.  At that point I might not feel like finishing it.

So, what are my options for today?  Posting and commenting on TWT is a given, but what else?

Well, I could spend some time reading.  I am down to the last 40 pages of  Hellbent by Gregg Hurwitz.

We are out of sweets to go with our evening cup of tea so I could make some cookies.  I do have a feeling that we will have some Czechoslovakian cookies before the day is over. Would have to put the cats behind closed doors for this because they like to help.

I could just surf the web.  That, however, seems like a waste of time if there is nothing in particular that I am looking for.

I could cook us a good home cook meal since we did or will be eating out most days this week.

There are many things I can do with this free day.  Maybe I’ll just take the day as it comes and do whatever strikes my fancy at the moment.  I find that relaxing.

The madness begins again tomorrow.



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26 responses to “A Free Day

  1. Free days are awesome! The madness never goes away – enjoy today

  2. Your thought process and rationale here are so aligned with how many of us make these decisions. Enjoy today, in all the ways you spend it.

  3. Love the free days and decide in the moment what I want to do. Enjoy your day!

  4. No plans, no problem! You have so many options and each one brings a different kind of joy. So enjoy all your activity or non-activity today.

  5. Love all the possibilities a free day holds. So much potential. Even just to sit and think and make a delicious list like this one. Fun to read!

  6. And here I was thinking pie for pi day sweetness. Enjoy a leisurely pace today for sure!!!

  7. Sometimes, on days like that, I think of all the things I could do, but do none of them. And that is OK.

  8. Terje

    Cookies with tea – perfect. Nothing else needed, except,well, maybe a book. I hope you had the most wonderful Wednesday.

  9. Free gas are the best! Enjoy!

  10. I always enjoy figuring out the possibilities for a free day as well. I do hope you baked some cookies, as those sound delicious. All too often, I end up frittering away a chunk of my time on the Internet and usually wish I’d done something different!

  11. Alice Nine

    I trust you have enjoyed your “free day” …. wondering if the cookies got baked or the home-cooked meal made… I baked a blueberry pie, totally unplanned.

  12. “Maybe I’ll just take the day as it comes and do whatever strikes my fancy at the moment” Always sounds like a good plan to me.

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