Milford Sound


Before we left Queenstown we had one more planned excursion and a day on our own.  Let’s do the excursion first.

After breakfast on our second day in Queenstown we boarded our bus for a trip to Milford Sound.  It was a several hour trip and we passed some magnificent vistas on the way.

First of all we had to go through a mountain pass.  The story goes that when the road was being built there was no way to get over the mountain so they had to blast through it.  It is hard to tel from these photos, but you might be able to see the winding road we took’


We stopped partway down for some pictures.  Here you can see the tunnel entrance.


Just a spectacular view.


Yes, that is the road we traveled.

We traveled a bit farther and then stopped here.  The sigh explains it all.


I posted pictures of this spot several weeks ago, but I think they bear repeating.

The reflected images just blew my mind.

And one more.


On to Milford Sound.  Our boat was waiting for us.


Milford Sound heads out to the Tasman Sea which separates New Zealand and Australia.  Our ride took us the entire length of the sound and into the Tasman Sea where we turned around to head back to port.

This picture just proves that I was on the boat.


We did get up close and personal with a waterfall.


Wait, that’s not really close.  How about these.

I chose not to stand where I would get wet.

We came across some seals that were sunbathing.


It was really an enjoyable day.  As you can imaging, we were tired and many of us old fogies fell asleep  during the bus ride back to our hotel.

A quick bit about out last day in Queenstown.  It was a free day.  I hate to say it but Kathy and I spent the morning doing laundry.  Hey, when you are gone for 24 days clothes need to be washed and reworn.  There is only so much suitcase space.

When we were finished, though, we decided to take a walk around town.  We hit a few gift shops because I needed some gifts for family members.  Then it was time for lunch.  Our tour guide told us that one of THE places to eat in Queenstown was Fergburgers.  Yes, it is a hamburger joint, but what a burger.

The place itself is small.  There are maybe three tables in the place and a few counter seats.  The building is narrow.  People, however, are line up on the street just to get in and order a burger.


We joined the line. The burger was worth it.


m21Yes, there is a burger in there and it is the size of a dinner plate.  Hard to tell from this picture.

After we ate we took a slow, and I do mean slow, walk back to our hotel.  Along the way we stopped for some pictures – imagine that.




Queenstown really is a beautiful city.  Next weer, the north islane



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7 responses to “Milford Sound

  1. Erika Haak

    Mirror Lake and the waterfall were my favorites! I feel like a lot of the mountains and vistas remind me of our family’s Alaska trip–beautiful!

  2. lindabaie

    I adore hearing about your trip, and the mountains, of course, remind me of our Rockies, so beautiful to see. I love that you got into the Tasman Sea-Wow! Gorgeous pics of the lakes and the waterfalls. And that burger, again wow! It sounds like the last (laundry) day was special too. I’m glad you posted!

  3. I have enjoyed every one of the posts about your trip. To go there was already on my wish list, but all your pictures make me want to go even more!

  4. This week I’ve been reading Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas by Lynne Cox with third graders. It is set in Christchurch, NZ- the story of an elephant seal that came to live in the Avon River there. The kids have been really fascinated by it.

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