The Non-winners


Last week I focused on the quilts that won top honors.  There were so many other quilts to see as well.  I was looking for a way to group that made some kind of sense for this post, but I didn’t succeed.  So, here are the non-winners in no particular order.

Let’s start with some animal quilts, basically cat quilts.  There were several beside the winner I posted last week.  I can see one of my three doing this.

IMG_2171 - Copy

Is he perhaps watching this?

IMG_2110 - Copy

I think this guy is wondering what what his two friends have in mind.IMG_2169 - Copy

Flowers are always well represented on quilts.  Here are a few featuring flowers.

IMG_2172 - Copy

Some quilts were just downright colorful.

This was just too cute not to snap a picture.

IMG_2166 - Copy

How can I not take a picture of any quilt that depicts reading?

Here are a few more to round out what we saw.

This one just fascinated me.

IMG_2165 - Copy

Since I started with animal quilts I felt that it is fitting to end with animal quits.  Here is another cat,only slightly bigger and two animals we saw in Africa but not in these colors.

Next week, a special exhibit.


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27 responses to “The Non-winners

  1. A bit of thread and fabric create magic. These are spectacular!

  2. I grinning that, of course, you’d like the reading ones. Wow. I am always going to admire the detail and patience required to create these. The literal months it takes to create/complete one would gall me.

  3. Judy C.

    Winners or not, they are spectacular! I could not imagine trying to design and put them together. Love how you grouped them.

  4. The non-winners are still quite beautiful and nothing I could ever come close to creating. Thanks for sharing them, too!

  5. Such a display! Glad I didn’t have to pick winners. They are all gorgeous! I can only imagine the time and talent needed for the creation of this work. Thank you for sharing.

  6. lindabaie

    I am constantly amazed at the ability of these artists to create such wonders from fabric. Thanks for sharing more, Bob. It’s hard to tear myself away from one to the other. The giraffes are sweet!

  7. I marvel at the variety and talent apparent in all the quilts you shared today, many of which are “winners” in their own right. I think of all the non-winners in life, who come so close, yet don’t get the prize. My son is experiencing that now with a film he made. He had hoped to get it accepted at several film festivals…but so far only one has invited him to show his film. He is bearing it well…says there is so much competition in the film world, it’s staggering. Anyone who can make a quilt as exquisite as all of these non-winners, is a winner in my book!

  8. To have the “vision” to “see” these ideas come to life. So much crafting in quilting . . . of a different sort! And “winners” for being there as completed quilts!!!

  9. They are all truly amazing. I can’t even imagine the time and dedication involved. I say they are all winners!!!

  10. Crazy to think none of these won. They are so beautiful.

  11. These are so intricate! It’s hard to believe they are quilts. Thanks for sharing and taking us on a virtual field trip.

  12. Leigh Anne

    Quilts are artwork themselves, and I love when you share these. I now need to go back and check our your prior posts!

  13. Lisa Corbett

    I am in awe of these fabric artists! I love quilting, but I stick to traditional patterns. I can’t imagine doing an animal or a scene. So amazing!!

  14. These quilts are truly stunning and I’m glad that they are featured and acknowledged here. My favorite are the sleeping monkeys.

  15. Alice Nine

    Beautiful handiwork… certainly all winners by my judgment. I have a friendship quilt that was a farewell gift given to my mother by the ladies of a church many years ago. It has names embroidered in the squares that were then pieced together. Not a prize winner like these, but a treasure!

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