And the Winner Is…


Last week Kathy and I went to the Lancaster Quilt Show.  It is sponsored by AQS, the group that also does the huge shoe in Paducah, Kentucky.  We have been to this show many times and I must admit that some years the quilts are better than others.  This year, in my humble opinion, the quilts were spectacular.

I think I snapped pictures of 90% of the quilts on display and now I am having a difficult time organizing them into one post.  I have decided that I can’t, so over the next few weeks I will be bringing you highlights form the show.

I thought I would start the series by focusing on the winners, those quilts that won “best of” in their category.

So, let’s start with the quilt that won for:


And the winner is…


One quilt at every show gets the honor of being named:


And the winner is…


Next comes the award for:


And the winner is:


Since there is an award for stationary machine there also must be one for:


And the winner is:


One room at the show was devoted strictly to wall quilts, those quilts that aren’t bed size but can be hung on walls for decoration.  They also had their winners.

As with the bed sized quilts, there had to be a:

IMG_2131 - Copy

Some of you know my likes pretty well so you won’t be surprised when I say this is my kind of quilt.  And the winner is…

IMG_2132 - Copy

A ribbon was given for:

IMG_2133 - Copy

And the winner is…

IMG_2134 - Copy

The last award went for:

IMG_2135 - Copy

And the winner is…

IMG_2136 - Copy

As I said at the beginning of this post, these are the top award winners.  They do not include 2nd, 3rd, and Honorable Mention winners.  I don’t want to bore or overload you with pictures so I think I will stop here and save the non-award winners for next week.  Oh, and just to pique your curiosity, they had a special exhibit that just blew me away.  That I’ll save for a future post.


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32 responses to “And the Winner Is…

  1. Katie Diez

    I love how you used pictures as part of this piece. It sounds like this show was a lot of fun. Those quilts are gorgeous! Thanks for giving me some ideas about how to incorporate other media into my slices!

  2. I was determined to stop for slices about poetry only. But your quilt teaser made me stop by. I love tagging along to the quilt shows with you and Kathy. The cat quilt is my favorite! it doesn’t even look like quilting.

  3. It just amazes me that these are quilts. They are so detailed they look like paintings.

  4. Judy C.

    These quilts deserve the best of show. The producers of these quilts have such patience and creativity. Amazing. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the Non-winners.

  5. Alice Nine

    I’ve always been intrigued by quilting… from the “old ladies” quilting around the wooden frame that I remember, to the variety of materials one uses, to these incredible masterpieces that are entered in fairs and shows. If I were to list of words that pop into my head when I read “Lancaster,” “quilts” would be one… from childhood memory. Lovely post!

  6. There are amazing quilts. I am excited to see what else you saw.

  7. Love looking at the quilts. They are so gorgeous and colorful. Thanks for sharing.

  8. lindabaie

    I so admire the work that went into these fabulous quilts. That first one, wow! And I too love the cat quilt, a loving picture! Glad you gave us the first taste, Bob. Thanks!

  9. I loved visiting you today! Oh, I wish I had been there – I love quilts and I’m only 90 minutes from Lancaster! I have a few hanging on my walls. On at Christmastime with a beautiful horse and a Christmas greeting that I will eventually give to my goddaughter. Thanks for the show!

    • Have you ever been to the Oaks Quilt Show? It’s held usually the third weekend in September. There is also one at the Hershey Lodge in August. Both are really nice.

  10. I used to be a HUGE quilter — in a past life before I went back and got my teaching degree. I really, really miss it, especially after having seen your beautiful pictures. Thank you for bringing me back in time.

  11. My favorite is the Original Design. I have to say that I prefer more of a traditional quilt. There are some very artistic ones there!

    • I am with you. I prefer the more traditional quilts. However, with the ways the shows are going it is hard to find a traditional quilt displayed.

  12. wow those are beautiful quilts! what talented people!

  13. So many stitches in every one! I am always in awe of the quilts you share. Glad you have some inspiration for the next few weeks of posting.

  14. I usually like traditional, but there is something so appealing about that best use of color quilt. I love it.

  15. So fun, and what handiwork. Thank you for sharing all of it. Have you read Tracy Chevalier’s The Last Runaway? The themes of the Underground Railroad, the Quakers, and quilting run through it. You might enjoy it. I learned a lot about all 3 topics!

  16. The patience, attention to detail and all out craftsmanship every year blows me away. So beautiful, I would not want to use them for their intended purpose.

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