A Special Exhibit


Occasionally a fabric company offers a special challenge to quilters.  A few years ago you may remember me posting quilts that were all based on the Broadway show Wicked.

Well, this year Cherrywood fabrics offered another challenge.  Quilters were charged with keeping the integrity of the fabric and using it to depict scenes and characters from The Lion King.  All I can say is, “Oh my!”

There were 120 quilts in this challenge.  A few were designated as Disney Favorites.  These quilts will eventually be on display at the Minskoff Theatre in New York where The Lion King is playing.

Here you can see the display.

Here is a quilt featuring Rafiki.

IMG_2151 - Copy

 There were several lions.

How about one of Zazu?

IMG_2139 - Copy

This one touched me.

IMG_2163 - Copy

You can see the waste the Shadowlands had become reflected in the eye.

Not the best picture, but what is The Lion King without the Circle of Life?

IMG_2145 - Copy

A few more I thought were interesting.

Long live Simba, The Lion King.

IMG_2154 - Copy

Just want to let you all know that I will not be posting for the next several weeks.  I am taking some time off.  Will be back toward the end of May.


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19 responses to “A Special Exhibit

  1. These are incredible, Bob! I especially liked the the lion with the tear. I am continually amazed at the creativity and talent that people have and share. Thank you for sharing as well.

  2. Judy C.

    Amazing how fabric can be turned into something special. Thanks for sharing and have a great trip. Looking forward to hearing and seeing all about it!

  3. I Agee. The Lion tear/reflection was amazing. So many different perspectives!

  4. Alice Nine

    I only have one word. AMAZING! I am very impressed with the eye / reflection and the tear. What a message it holds. Thanks, Bob, for your “quilt posts.” May your upcoming trip (I think I remember correctly) be all you and Kathy hope for and more!

  5. First off I’m in awe that there were 120 quilts! That’s amazing. Your photographs make my jaw drop. I can’t even imagine what the quilts look like in person. People, quilters are amazing!

  6. These are astounding! Have a great trip. I can hardly wait to read the posts you will write when you return.

  7. Bob, this is amazing! Each and every quilt – thanks for posting these incredible photos. Loved the circle of life quilt and the pyramid with Simba on top and the one of the lion crying. Compelling!

  8. lindabaie

    Each one is magical in the response to the challenge, the design, and the emotion too. I do love the one with the scene in the eye, the tear. And I like the shadows, too. Beautiful! I’m always happy you share these quilts, Bob. Happy Travels!

  9. Thanks for letting us tag along with you and Kathy to the quilt show. Love these Lion King quilts. Enjoy your trip. We’ll look forward to fun posts on your return.

  10. Amazing quilts! Themed challenges are always interesting to see the various takes on a give theme. Enjoy your sojourns, Robert! Look forward to reading about some it on your return.

  11. Wow! What a fantastic display of talent! I liked the young lion with the tear best. Enjoy your time off and look forward to connecting with you again when you return.

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