We Made It; It’s Over


SOLSC  Day 31

The challenge is over.  We made it!  When the call to sign up for the challenge came I did not hesitate.  I signed up with no second thoughts.  It was only afterwards that doubt crept in.  Why did I do it?  What do I possibly have to write about for 31 straight days? Will anyone bother to read what I write?

Well, why did I do it?  It is a challenge and I like challenges.  They are a way of helping me grow.  Because I am retired I don’t write the way I once did.  Use it or lose it.  I don’t want to lose my writing skill.  I also wanted to try some things I haven’t tried before and I know this is a safe and nurturing place to to that.

What do I possibly have to write about for 31 straight days.  This is something I have asked myself the previous 4 times I took on this challenge.  Many people plan their month in advance.  I don’t.  Many people make a list of possible topics.  I don’t.  I just hope for inspiration each day.  One thing I did do differently this year, though, was to write a draft the night before I posted it.  I didn’t feel so pressured this way.

Will anyone bother to read what I write?  This I have no control over. I am always grateful for those who read my posts and then leave comments.  They encourage me to try new things and to keep writing.  I am happy that I can sometimes bring a smile to those who read my blog or share some information someone may not have known.

Will I be here next March?  God willing, yes.  I will probably still have the same reservations and doubts but that won’t stop me.

What will I do until then?  I will be here every Tuesday (except for the weeks we will be away) sharing whatever is happening in my life.  Hope to see many of you here each Tuesday as well.

Thanks to everyone at TWT for hosting this challenge.  Thanks to all who took the time to read and comment on my posts.  You are the best.


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36 responses to “We Made It; It’s Over

  1. Glad you are here and that you plan to continue. I will, too. I made a list of ideas one day…and then mostly ignored it. But somehow I keep writing.

  2. I had the same doubts at the beginning. And yet, here we are, 31 (32 if you count the Tuesday before) posts in a row. I am looking forward to your posts about the quilt show and your upcoming trip. See you on Tuesday!

  3. Judy C.

    So glad that you took the challenge once again. I have enjoyed your slices and will continue seeing you each Tuesday. Thanks for all your comments on my slices – they are greatly appreciated. Here’s to many more challenges!

  4. so exciting! its been a great time! keep writing on tuesdays!

  5. So glad you hung in there for another year. I enjoy your sincere, level-headed,humorous approach to life that you share in yor slices. See. You on Tuesday!

  6. It’s amazing how we can find something to write about year after year. I, too, wonder at the beginning of the month if I will make it to the end. It’s always are relief to get to day 31. Another year in the books, now on to Tuesday! Thanks for commenting on my space. 🙂

  7. Lisa Corbett

    See you Tuesday!

  8. It’s been a great ride. You live a fun filled life and I’m glad you share it her in your blog!

  9. So glad you’ll be back next March too!

  10. I’ve enjoyed your slices,Bob! You always find something in the every things you do. Thank you.

  11. Always love reading your post! See you on Tuesday! Looking forward to hearing about your trips!

  12. I’m so glad any reservations that you may have are only part of your reflection. I like that you let the inspiration come to you each day. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and appreciated your comments very much.

  13. I do not make a list of topics or plan my slices ahead of time eithe. It’s amazing all the writing opportunities there around us!

  14. Congratulations on 31 days of slicing. Isn’t it amazing. I agree that you can plan, but life happens and you get slicing! See you Tuesday!

  15. It’s funny how we all start March the same way (why am I doing this?) and end March the same way (I am so glad I did this!). Thanks for showing up every day to write and comment, Bob – see you on Tuesdays!

  16. Yup, every year it begins with “Whyyyy?” and ends with “Whew!”. See you on Tuesday!

  17. lindabaie

    It’s quite a month of words, isn’t it? As we get to know one another, it’s sometimes a nice surprise to read a new approach, but then it’s also comforting to read similar things, dependable. I always like what you write, Bob, will look for quilts next Tuesday! Thanks for coming by my posts so faithfully, too.

  18. So glad you did join in. I’ve enjoyed your slices and am looking forward as well to next year as well.

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