Longwood Gardens Part 4


SOLSC  Day 10

We’ve gone through half of the conservatory so now lets do the second half and finish up in here.  Let’s start with a look at a few more plants and flowers.

As we made out way through hallways we stopped at one point to see the bonsai exhibition.



And one more.


These were all behind glass hence the glare and ghost images.  You can’t read the information in front of them , but some of them are quite old.

Of course, to get from one exhibit to the next you had to walk through connecting hallways.  Now, this being Longwoood Gardens, you can’t have plain empty walkways.


Here are a few more pictures of what we saw.




On our way back to the entrance we passed the children’s garden.  We didn’t go in, but there were lots of children in there enjoying the sights and the interactive displays.

By now it was after 1:00 so the ladies were getting hungry.  Of course I wasn’t.  As many of you know eating out is not really my thing.  Anyway, Erika took us to the cafeteria so we could have some lunch.

Kennett Square is known as the Mushroom Capital of the World.  It produces over a million pounds of mushrooms a week.  Because of this there had to be mushroom soup on the menu and of course I had to have some.  Erika asked one of the workers how much soup they made each day.  The answer – vats.  Lunch for me was a cup of mushroom (which was delicious) half of a turkey sandwich, and a strawberry panna cotta for desert.

After lunch we were ready to head out to see what other treasures Longwood Gardens held. So, tomorrow we will explore the grounds.



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25 responses to “Longwood Gardens Part 4

  1. Gardens are such fun to explore! I’m always intrigued by the plants that are new to me. Love Bonsai trees!

  2. The hallways are spectacular. I bet it was energizing just being there at the tail end of a very long winter.

  3. Judy C.

    Once again, you have captured the beauty of these flowers. Looking forward to seeing the gardens. I’m sure they are totally amazing also. So happy to hear that Kathy and Erika didn’t have to wait too long to be fed! Sounds like you had a very healthy lunch.

  4. Alice Nine

    Such beauty! And your lunch sounds so good. I haven’t had good mushroom soup in a long time.

  5. How lovely that there is a children’s garden there – it makes me happy just thinking about kids enjoying the delights of such a place.

  6. I had to laugh when I saw the pictures of the bonsai. That is the only exhibit I don’t care for in all of Longwood Gardens. I don’t know what it is about bonsai, but they kind of freak me out! Glad you had the mushroom soup. I never miss a chance to enjoy a cup of it when I stop in for lunch.

  7. The bonsai trees and the hallway – oh my! So beautiful! (Also, I wouldn’t mind a cup of mushroom soup right about now!)

  8. That hallway is gorgeous! I’m wondering what that red flower is…it looks very similar to a flower we have here in Hawaii (which, ironically, is my first name – Lehua). It looks just like that red flower in your picture!
    Thanks for sharing!

    • I admit that I am not good with plant names. That would be neat if it is your namesake. With what they had at Longwood I wouldn’t be surprised it that were the case.

  9. I love Longwood Gardens and have been there several times. I used to live just over the boarder in Delaware. My favorite time to go there is at Holiday time when there are poinsettias everywhere! It is gorgeous! And the mention of Kennett Square brings back memories of steaming piles of compost and an odor of fungus in the summer! It is an amazing place! I hope the fountains were on when you explored the outdoors! Enjoy!

  10. After the cold winter blast that blew in today I am even more appreciative of my final tour of the gardens. That plush green carpet of grass is just beautiful!

  11. lindabaie

    Wonderful to see again! One of my nephews is an artist, and one of his loves is creating bonsai pots. I didn’t even know it was an “art”, but he’s won several prizes for them. I find those tiny trees fascinating.

  12. Wow! That’s a lot of mushrooms and mushroom soup. I’m glad you enjoyed some soup and dessert.

  13. What a lovely place – the flowers are gorgeous. I’m always amazed at the bonsai – at just how old some of them are. Thanks for sharing – especially nice we have snow falling!

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