Longwood Gardens Part 3



It was now time to begin our walk through the conservatory.  There was life all around.  If you needed a rest, there were places to sit.  Of course there were flowers behind the benches.


There were flowers hanging from the ceiling.


There were flowers surrounding the entry ways to other rooms in the building.


Yes, there were flowers everywhere.


Even though this was the orchid extravaganza, orchids were not the only things in bloom.  Here is a bird-of -paradise and some other flower whose name I don’t remember.

Plants lined the walkways.


One room was devoted to tropical plants.  It’s hard see because of shadows, but can you see the bananas growing in the last picture?

Here’s a better shot of the bananas.


A few more flowers.


Well, I think this is enough for today.  And this was just the first half of the conservatory.  Tomorrow we will finish up in here.


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32 responses to “Longwood Gardens Part 3

  1. Longwood Gardens has long been on my bucket list. Your posts have been torture…good torture!

  2. I try to get to Longwood at least one time for each season and two summer events. I was there for the orchid extravaganza. I will go back for the tulips – they are incredible! If you haven’t walked to the farmhouse in the meadow, that’s another wonderful walk! Oh, I am ready to go back this month, especially after viewing your photos!

  3. Beautiful! You must go back and visit after the main fountain reopens at the end of May. And the tulips in April…oh, don’t miss them!

  4. Spectacular. I am accustomed to seeing a single orchid plant in a pot. Putting multiples together this way takes my breath away.

  5. This is so beautiful. Thanks for taking us on your journey with you.

  6. Ah, such glorious beauty! I especially love the lush greens – we are in muddy March right now, and I am so looking forward to those green Spring days.

  7. lindabaie

    Wow, they’re spectacular. I love that first one a lot! I just took Ingrid to our Botanic Gardens a few weeks ago, and we saw bananas too! Love the bird of paradise. I guess I want to say each one is beautiful!

  8. It’s breathtaking. I can’t imagine what it smelled like in there!

  9. dianeandlynne

    Ah! the restorative properties of natural beauty. I love your photos. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  10. Such beautiful photos. Those orchids are just so gorgeous. And it was fun to see the bananas- it reminded of when we lived in Panama, at Ft. Corozal and bananas grew in our neighborhood.

  11. Terje

    What beauty. I wish to escape there from the unpredictable Estonian March weather

  12. Judy C.

    Totally amazing! This slice has been well worth the wait and anticipation that you have teased us with the last couple of days. I can only imagine the aroma that is almost intoxicating. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and journey.

  13. I’ve never been to Longwood Gardens but I know I’ll get there one day soon! We visit the conservatory in Pittsburgh when we visit my daughter and I love it there.
    Your photos offer a breath of serenity. Not only could I see their beauty but I felt like I could smell them too. So glad you shared with us!

  14. room311news

    I have never been there, but your post sure makes me want to visit! Thanks to you, I will add it to the never ending list of places to visit!

  15. Absolutely beautiful! I can’t imagine how there could be more.

  16. What a magical place! The photos really capture the vastness of flowers surrounding you. I love your commentary, there is something so direct and playful about it.

  17. Oh what a beautiful place! Such lovely flora and foliage. That sense of wonderful surprise as you discover new things. Brings to mind our Botanical Gardens here in NYC. Each time I visit I see something new.

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