Yes, I am disappointed.  How could they have done this to me?  Am I being repaid for some past offense?  This has been something I count on every year  and now it has been taken away from me. I am devastated.

What am I talking about?  The AQS Quilt Show,of course.  Each year this show was held around the 16th of March.  Why do I like this show so much?  Is it because it means a trip to Lancaster and lunch in the hotel restaurant?  Although I do enjoy the trip and the food there is delicious, this is not the reason.

Is it because the quilts there are beautiful and interesting?  Because of the nature of this show they only take the best of the best.  But again, this is not the reason.

Is it because Kathy likes the show and would go with or without me?  Truth be told I enjoy the show as much as she does.  But this is not the reason.

The real reason that I am so upset by this is because happening in the middle of March, during the March Challenge, I could always expand this trip into five days worth of posts.  This was great when I hit a slump and didn’t know what to write about.  This year I won’t have that.  Woe is me.  Whatever shall I do? (Are you starting to pity me yet?)  If not, I can lay it on thicker.

So, I guess I will just have to come up with something else to fill in those days.  Wait a minute.  Kathy and I did go somewhere.  I did take tons of pictures.  Maybe I can substitute that trip instead. All is not lost. So, take that, AQS.  You haven’t won.

This year the quilt show will be held in March, but not until the 30th.  Won’t help much with the challenge  but will be good for a few weekly posts come April.


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29 responses to “Disappointed

  1. I also get upset when regularly scheduled events suddenly shift. I am not really angry with “them”. I am just upset that my plans have been scuppered. I will look forward to your Tuesday posts in April.

  2. How could they do this to you? It definitely is wrong! At least you have a back up plan. 🙂

  3. I hope you do post in April! I always enjoy seeing your pictures from the quilt show. So, will we be seeing some animal shots this year?

  4. I read somewhere that planning a trip is more therapeutic than the trip itself. Maybe you can write some posts about planning your trip! https://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/02/18/how-vacations-affect-your-happiness/?_r=0

  5. Judy C.

    Sorry to hear of your disappointment, but I’m sure you’ll find many other items to write about during March. I do miss seeing those pictures of the quilts – they are beautiful. Next year…

  6. maryannreilly

    Would love to see the images. Quilts interest me.

  7. So glad that at least you will still be going. Nothing worse that not being able to attend something you obviously so enjoy. Will have to wait to see your photos tho.

  8. I never knew about the quilt show. My KSRA conference is at the Hershey Lodge. I love it there! Your voice in this piece is the best!

  9. Sara Thornton

    More cat blogs!!!!

  10. lindabaie

    What a terrible disappointment, and frankly, I would have missed all that you’ve shared too! Love the way you set this up, though! My imagination was running wild!

  11. And we will all look forward to the quilt posts still. As Sara said…more cat blogs!

  12. Well, woe is me as well…I looked forward to those posts and the accompanying pictures.

  13. I was upset as well – I was looking forward to the quilts again this year. At least we will see some in April! I love all your pictures!

  14. Well, yes it disappointing to me too. I love the quilts! On my bucket list is to make my own quilt someday. I’m going to say I love those cat stories too so maybe they can fill some of that empty space. 🙂

  15. Gasp! How *could* they?! Those ingrates! Well, it’ll be a great show anyway and I’m looking forward to your April quilting posts.

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