Unusual February



February here in central PA is one for the books.  It is officially the warmest February on record.We had 10 days where temps soared to 60 degrees or better.  One day, the 24th, it even reached 80 degrees.

This is so unusual.  Usually during this month I spend several days shoveling out the cars in my driveway.  This year I did not.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining.

Usually every time I go out during the month I need my heavy coat and gloves.  This year I was out in shirt sleeves.

Usually during the month I see the first signs of life from the plants around our house.  The heads of the daffodils just begin poking their heads up out of the ground with the promise of bright yellow clusters to come.  This year the plants are up several inches and you can see the yellowness in them.



daffs-3  daffs-4  daffs-5

Even the rhododendron had pronounced buds.


Even though this was not a typical February for us, I did enjoy the unusually warm temperatures.  I only hope now that we don’t get a cold spell that will harm the buds.


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25 responses to “Unusual February

  1. Your hope is my hope…we have daffodils about to bloom, and frost warning for the weekend. 😦

  2. Alice Nine

    A spoiled spring is sometimes the price of a warm winter. This year, we had the wettest February on record. My weather sense is totally distorted right now having jumped from winter in NA to summer is SA.

  3. Terje

    The February has been warm over here too. The weather forecast warns not to pack winter coats yet because more cold is on our way.

  4. Yes, neighbor, it has been a very mild winter. I’ve loved every bit of it. Sometimes I feel like we move from winter straight to summer. I, too, worry about those perennials that are as anxious for spring as I am.

  5. I was just talking with my colleagues about how our February and March moods have been better with the sunshine and warmth in Chicago. It’s cold again now, and I feel as befuddled as the flowers and the birds about this weather. I lover your description of the daffodils.

  6. I think the warm winter can be attributed to the fact that my husband purchased a new snow blower in the fall. I told him it was good insurance! Let’s hope the daffodils survive!

  7. We had the same kind of February here in Wisconsin. I was worried about the apple trees in my orchard. A few years ago, we had a really warm March and then a cold snap which resulted in virtually no apples that fall. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that will not be the case this year.

  8. We have had the wettest February on record in Portland, OR.

    10.04 inches of precipitation in Feb, eclipsing the record of 10.03 inches that was set in 1996.

    Rainfall since October 1st (water year): 34.26″ Departure from Normal: +11.32″

    I am looking forward to some dry days and sunshine soon.

  9. It was a warm February… and now today it’s below 30 and snowing! Crazy… sudden winter again!

  10. lindabaie

    Same here, breaking records, and more to come. I’ll need to drag the hose our to water the trees this weekend. It’s very dry.

  11. I have all sorts of green buds sprouting in my yard already, too, here in the midwest!

  12. mrssurridge

    I live in Southern CA so I just, mostly, WATCH weather in other places. We had lots of unusual rain this year and I learned how to layer my clothes. I see that you all are dropping 30 degrees over the weekend. I think it might be fun…for a day. You all take “layering” to new levels.

  13. It has been an unusual winter in central Indiana, too. My sister gave me an electric snow shovel for Christmas, and I haven’t used it yet!

  14. Until the past couple of days we’ve had unseasonably decent temps here in NYC. I had to pull a couple of my plants out of the window, it dropped so steeply over night. From our lips to Gaia’s ears, may she keep up the warm works on your end on PA.

  15. Since I am solely in charge now of clearing snow (my hubby isn’t allowed yet), I am glad not to have much. But it is scary – to see these record breaking warm days in FEBRUARY! Weird weather all over – and still more to come I’m sure.

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