Bring It On


SOLSC 2017 – Day 1

Here we are at the beginning of another March Challenge.  This is only my fourth year participating so I don’t have as many of these under my belt as some of you.

As with the last three years, I am excited and raring to go.  I know that there will be days when I can’t wait to post what is/has been happening and there will be others when I will wonder what will I write about today?  Why did I even sigh up for this challenge?

Somehow, though, something seems to come to me (thank you Holy Spirit for sending some inspiration my way) and I will get a post written.

If you have read any of my postings you know that there will be no earth shattering revelations found here.  At times things might not make sense to anyone but me.

What you will find will be things that interest me.  Again, if you have read my blogs you already know that three of those things are quilts, cats, and food.

Unlike so many others I don’t have a plan or a list of topics mapped out for the month ahead.  I basically wing it each day so there is no telling what you might find here.

What I do know is that I am committed to this challenge so there will be something posted each day in March, barring any unforeseen occurrences.

So SOLSC, all I have to say is, “Bring it on!”


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23 responses to “Bring It On

  1. I am something of a “pantser” too. I think about making a list of ideas, but usually sit down tow write and wing it.

  2. Judy C.

    So glad you’re back on this journey, I plan things I think I’ll write about and then life happens. Looking forward reading your inspiring slices.

  3. lindabaie

    Writing is its own reward, isn’t it? Especially in March, it’s filled with surprises I think because we sometimes grab words we didn’t know were there. Happy March!

  4. This is what I enjoy most about your blog! It’s the daily ins and outs of your life and the humor you add to it. The cats and the quilts are my favorites!

  5. I approach the challenge the same way as you… no plan, just hoping something will come out each day. The Holy Spirit must be guiding me, too because here I am, year five and still going strong.

  6. I’m totally playing this game the same way you are! In fact, I think our posts today are pretty similar haha! Good Luck!

  7. Lisa C

    I love this challenge because it gets me thinking about writing when I am away from the computer. I wing it less and less as the month goes on!

  8. I am a lion when the month starts and a tortoise by its end. Still, I have pretty much given up on lists when it comes to SOLC. It seems my best posts are when I simply sit and type. No point in arguing with what works right?
    Let’s DO this!

  9. One of the things I love about your posts is that they are so spontaneous. They almost always capture a true slice of life and reveal so much about you. I have only met you briefly in person a few times, yet I feel we have been friends for a long time.

  10. Looking forward to another March Challenge with you, Bob – you always find a way to insert some wry humor, which I so appreciate!

  11. So glad to see your post – here we all are again looking for ideas! Happy Writing!

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