Getting Ready for Tomorrow


I almost didn’t post today.  With the SOLSC starting tomorrow I thought about taking a breather and waiting until tomorrow to write something.

After all, If I posted something today that would mean I would need 32 ideas to write about and not just 31.  Oh my.  That extra one might be the one that breaks this camel’s back.

I sometimes have difficulty coming up with a weekly topic so the thought or 32 straight days of posting is a bit daunting.

I know. I should make a list of topics that I can choose from so I wouldn’t need to worry about my topic of the day.  I don’t.

So, instead of taking the day off this is my post on the day before the challenge begins.  It is short.   There is absolutely no point to it. But I did write something/  Hopefully it will act as a way of easing into the challenge.  Looking forward to the next 31 days.



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24 responses to “Getting Ready for Tomorrow

  1. I know. The “daunting-ness” of the task: write for 31 days which is actually 32 days this year! Silly calendar. And then today is “Fat Tuesday” and additional hoopla!

    Writing something is important. It does not all have to be Pulitzer quality! Looking forward to seeing your March #SOLSC adventures!

  2. I know! It’s like the challenge is actually 32 days with the way the calendar falls. I guess it’s better to have the “extra” day at the beginning instead of at the end. I look forward to reading your posts this March!

  3. I had the same thought…I have something I almost wrote today, but decided to save until tomorrow. Thank goodness April 1st is on a Sunday!

  4. I agree with everyone – but it does start the ball rolling. Looking forward to it actually. All the best

  5. Judy C.

    A good way to ease into a month long challenge. Looking forward to reading many inspiration slices.

  6. lindabaie

    I nearly skipped today too, but then couldn’t “not” write a little bit. You did make me laugh about that 32nd one that might break the camel’s back. You never know, a big gamble! I enjoyed your “bridge” slice!

  7. I was a little disgruntled by the calendar this year as well. It does seem to add to the challenge. 32 days. Deep breath. We’ve got this!

  8. Lisa C

    I am thinking about taking the day off too! In past years I have noticed that the more I write the more ideas I seem to have. Ideas lead to ideas, and I start to think like a writer all day. Looking forward to reading more of your ideas in March!

  9. No point!? Oh, yes there is- you made us laugh, as usual. Let’s just hope the 32nd day doesn’t break any of us!

  10. Great minds think alike, I too, thought about skipping. Here’s to the next 31 days of life told one day at a time.

  11. Yup. I almost opted out of today for the same reason. I’m a glutton, I couldn’t not do it either. See you tomorrow,

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