OLW 2017



For me, my One Little Word was easy to come up with this year.  I thought about 2016 and what I accomplished as far as things around the house.I wanted to clean out the garage.  Right now there is “stuff” in it from cleaning out my aunt’s house and my mother-in-laws house. There is no room for the car.  Did I do it?  No.

I wanted to get rid of things in our attic.  There are boxes we put up there when we moved here 28 years ago and they are still untouched.   Did I do it?  No.

I wanted to spend more time outside working on curb appeal for our house.  There was some planting and pulling of weeds that needed to be done.  Did I do it?  No.

Why didn’t I accomplish these things?  Well, it seems I had some small health issues that got in the way of me doing any kind of heavy lifting or pulling.  Now, though, the doctors say I have no restrictions so I can do the things I planned for last year.

Therefore, my OLW for 2017 is FINISH.


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20 responses to “OLW 2017

  1. Awesome word! You certainly had an excuse for not accomplishing the chores you meant to last year. Isn’t it wonderful to know that you are healthy enough to get to finish those jobs.

  2. lindabaie

    Great word, good start, the list! And best wishes for the happiest of your new year, that coming trip, too! There’s always time to “finish” isn’t there?

    • Thank you, Linda. Yes, there is always time to finish and always something new that needs to be done so that something always needs to be finished. Isn’t it wonderful!

  3. Great word, Bob! I agree. There is always time to finish and always new projects to start. And wonderful that you are here to do them all!

  4. Wow, it looks like you’re in for a busy 2017! As long as you remember to “finish” your slices in between, okay?

  5. Great word! It’s very concrete and action-oriented. And you’ll feel accomplish every time you finish one thing on your list!

  6. AH! Great word and your post really encouraged me! Perhaps if I heed your olw (finish) I’ll be able to do more of mine (rejoice).

  7. You don’t strike me as a slacker but rather as someone who likes to have a list of things he can check off…Done! I am happy to hear of your new lease on life, but please be advised to “finish” your tasks in due time. Don’t try to “finish” it all in record time and do harm to yourself. One thing we retirees have is time to devote to our lists! Good luck.

  8. Got a bit of a chuckle as I could certainly use that word. Too many piles and boxes to sort and get rid of. I need to get cracking and get on with the decluttering. All the best for this New Year!

  9. Hooray for good health and the opportunity to finish! And, Happy New Year, Bob!

  10. For a minute there I was predicting that your OLW would be organize but I love “finish”. Happy New Year to you!

  11. Terje

    “Finish” is filled with determination. Wishing you health and energy for 2017!

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