Another Quilt Show


Last Thursday Kathy and I went to Hershey for  Quilt Odyssey.  This is an annual event held during the summer months.  Kathy likes it because of all of the vendors.  She  always finds something new, something she must have.  This year was no exception.

Although the show opened at 9:00, we didn’t get there until around 10:30.  It is only a 45 minute ride so we thought we would let the initial crowd get a head start.  That way we wouldn’t have to stand in line waiting to buy tickets.

We always do the merchant mall before we look at the quilts.  Here is a sample of the crowd as we entered the room.

Hershey 1

After about two hours of looking around and getting just halfway through the vendors, I was hungry.  It was time to eat.  We went to the Bear’s Den located in the Hershey Lodge.  Of course, I couldn’t possible eat in Hershey and not have a chocolate martini.

Hershey 2  Yes. that is a Hershey’s kiss on the bottom of the glass.  Lunch for me was a pulled pork sandwich while Kathy had a taco salad.  The food was delicious.

After lunch it was back to the vendors.  After seeing all of the things available and making a few purchases, it was time to go see the quilts.  Hope you enjoy the pictures and the commentary.

The first quilt we saw was a Mariner’s Compass.  I have always liked this pattern and I love the colors in this quilt.

Hershey 6

Sometimes the design just doesn’t fit on the quilt so it extends beyond the border.

Hershey 4

I cant imagine cutting and working with pieces this small.

Hershey 7

This I just thought was pretty.

Hershey 8

Anyone for cake?

Hershey 10

Hershey 11  Can you imagine using this much thread and doing this many stitches?  Here’s the quilt.

Hershey 14

I can appreciate the work that went into this quilt, but it is a bit too busy for me.

Hershey 16 - Copy

Again, I just thought these was pretty.

Notice how many baskets were made for this one.

Hershey 22 - Copy

Here it is,

Hershey 19 - Copy

If you like modern looking quilts here is one for you.

Hershey 20 - Copy

Each feather on this one was put on individually.

Hershey 26

To end, here are two miniature quilts.  The pictures are deceiving.  Neither one is bigger than an 11 x 14 picture.

Well, that finishes Hershey for another year.  The next big show will be held at Oaks near Philly in September,  We will be there.


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27 responses to “Another Quilt Show

  1. I saw there was a quilt show in Hershey and I immediately thought of you! Oh, and that chocolate martini looks absolutely delicious. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. I felt like I was there too!

  2. Wow! These are amazing. The details (and the patience required to crete the details) are amazing. As was the chocolate martini. Was it good?

  3. You’ve made me hungry for breakfast! Such awesome talent in these quilts-wow. I love that Mariner’s Compass, too, have never seen one like that. And I love the little baskets-very pretty. Glad you had a good time!

  4. Enjoyed “being there”with you! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Judy C.

    Once again you have captured so many beautiful creations. Patience and diligence are the two words that come to mind to create these quilts. Hope Kathy enjoys her purchases and maybe one day you’ll share some pics of her quilts. The chocolate martini looks especially enticing – it’s been a long time since I’ve had one.

  6. Those pictures are beautiful! I am in awe of these creations! And I agree, Hershey isn’t Hershey without something chocolate – and a martini will certainly do.

  7. Ok, first the chocolate martini looks great! A perfect dessert lunch!
    I loved the quilts. The detail is amazing. It makes me excited to see the local quilts at the State Fair in August. People do wonderful things with a bit of fabric and thread!

  8. AMAZING, a usual. Love your quilt how reports every time!

  9. I had no idea there was an annual quilt show in Hershey! Now, I want to go! We spent an evening at Hotel Hershey during a road trip four years ago. It’s over-the-top comfy and beautiful.

  10. In awe of those quilts…and that chocolate martini!

  11. Wow, the amount of detail that goes into creating these works of art! I’m so glad there is such a thing as a quilting show and wonderful people like you, and Kathy!, at attend and more importantly document such for the rest of us to appreciate and enjoy. Thank you! You earned that choc-tini lol.

  12. Every show seems to bring out more and more incredible quilts! I’m in awe and so glad you attend and share.

  13. Such variety! And so much fun to view! The quilts on display at a local center today were all three “t-shirt quilts” – commemorating high school activities for recent graduates! Always fun to see the many different ways that quilts can be made from the traditional to the geometric to ???

  14. Bob, a chocolate martini and a quilt show… sounds like a little piece of heaven to me. The quilt that ran over reminded me of a Klimt painting. When do you leave for your trip?

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