Christmas in July


Getting a package in the mail is always exciting especially if you are not sure what is inside of it.  Yesterday I received a package.

cat toy club 1

Of course, any time a package comes I am not the only one to check it out.

Oh, no wonder Dustin and Ned are checking out the package.  It is for them.

cat toy club 5

Ned’s breeder’s husband started a club where every month a box of toys comes for the cats.  I know, they are spoiled.  Here is this month’s collection of goodies.

cat toy club 11

Dustin already knows which one he wants.

cat toy club 6

Ned is looking and trying to decide.  Molly is waiting her turn.

cat toy club 7

Ned has a thing for feathers so here is his pick.  Molly loves laser lights.

Actually, all of the cats enjoy the dot of red light.

So, I guess every month will be like Christmas for the cats.

cat toy club 11

Wonder what next month will bring.


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26 responses to “Christmas in July

  1. What a fun post to read. I also like getting packages in the mail. When I served on the Morris Committee last year, I never knew when books would arrive. There was much joy in the unpacking. Lucy just got some new toys because I won 2 raffle items at the Oregon Basset Hound Games. She especially loves toys with squeakers.

  2. Loved seeing pictures of your kitties. Mine like the feather toys and the lasers. For some reason they tire of chasing balls. What a fun idea for them. I love how curious cats are, and I am sure Molly and Dustin would have been just as curious if the box had not been for them.

  3. ALR

    aren’t cats so funny? Mine, Havika Jane, gets into everything! I also love receiving packages. I was just thinking today to order myself something from Amazon so I can get a package, LOL!

  4. Love how you told this story in pictures. This would be a great mentor text for young writers!

  5. That is so cute! I love the way your cats pick out their toys. I have two cats, but they tend to pick “toys” that weren’t intended to be toys!

  6. Oh my, I know there are monthly boxes for kids now, but for cats! I wonder if they remember that the boxes that arrive hold some new treasures? Love that you captured the pictures!

  7. This is what I am missing by being a non animal person:) But I also learned about the Cat Toy Club (didn’t know one existed)!

  8. Judy C.

    Too cute. I’ve sent my granddaughters monthly boxes. Now I guess I’ll have to send one to our grand kitties too. Cats are so inquisitive. Love the pics.

  9. How cool! My Schnauzer would love a gift in the mail; but she probably would chew up the box! I love the fun pictures of the cats checking out their new toys.

  10. that is cool! very cute idea!

  11. I love your sense of humor, how you “reeled us in” with that surprise package, and the antics of the cats. Thanks for making me laugh!

  12. I love this! Spoiling the fur kids is the best. We have rabbits and they even have the boxes for rabbits. We haven’t gone there, yet…

  13. Lucky cats! I loved the photographs – the toys were a success, it looks like.

  14. Love those types of care packages. Those are certainly some lucky kitties!

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