A New TV Station


Maybe it is only me, but most of the time I find television to be the Great American Wasteland.  We have Comcast cable and with over 300 channels there are days the TV isn’t turned on except for the news and weather.  I don’t find the comedies to be all that funny and the violence and language on other shows is just a turn off for me.

You can imagine my excitement then when I found something new to watch.  It is not only me, but everyone in the house enjoys the channel.  The best part is that it is free.  The best shows are on in the morning and around dinner time.  It is bird TV.

Bird TV 4As you can see, both Ned and Dustin are fascinated by it.  All it took to get set up was a trip to Lowe’s to buy two feeders.  We already had the shepherd’s hook.  We placed it outside our dining area window.

Bird TV 6 Here you see one of the channel’s stars in the show “Romeo and Juliette”.

Bird TV 3  Here you can see one of the stars of “Redhead”.

Bird TV 7  The scenes switch from time to time.  Here the star of”Redhead” moved to an all green setting.  Probably wants his redness to stand out.

Bird TV 2  Of course, even this channel has sponsors and therefore commercials.  This guy is selling some new kind of food.

Bird TV 5  Even  though it is called Bird TV, other actors are given a shot at starring roles.  Here we see Chipper waiting for any crumbs that might fall.  Don’t you just feel sorry for the little guy?

Bird TV 8  There is also mystery and adventure on this channel.  Here you can see Shirley trying to hide while she is spying on someone.

Bird TV 1  This channel also broadcasts in 3-D  (not the best picture).  You would swear that Shirley is so close you can almost touch her.

I am so glad that we found this channel.  It is entertaining and provides a nice alternative to the 300 Comcast channels.  Does anyone else get Bird TV?



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19 responses to “A New TV Station

  1. That is the best TV station ever! I gave up my TV over a decade ago. Now, if there is something I want to watch, I just check it out of the library, if it is available. If it isn’t, I live without it.

  2. Judy C.

    I agree, so many channels and yet nothing worth wasting my time to watch. I love your Bird TV. We have one called Hummingbird TV – they are amazing little creatures. Stayed tuned for more adventures!

  3. Best TV ever. I agree about the offerings, but do admit I watch CNN election stuff more, can’t stop discovering the latest. You’ve made me think about a bird feeder again, hoping I can find a ‘squirrel-proof’ one. We have many squirrels who appear to have no enemies! Also loved the cardinals, miss them. They do not come this far west so I have to visit my brother in MO to enjoy them all over again. Loved the post!

  4. Sara

    Dustin’s relatives watch the same channel!

  5. Unfortunately, my bird TV has been temporarily disconnected (actors’ strike, I think) since I am currently out of birdseed! This slice brought a smile to my face. I loved the pictures!!! This truly is the best version of The Nature Channel.

  6. Amy

    I need Bird TV! Comcast is a circus and you are correct, a wasteland. You’ve attracted quite a repertoire of wildlife. I can see why it is engaging not only to you but to your fur kids too! Love the pictures!

  7. rosecappelli

    Wonderful post and great pics! Watching birds is so entertaining!

  8. I loved this “view” – it’s all about noticing, imagining, and finding laughter, isn’t it? Now, what is that so difficult to find on what passes for TV viewing these days?

  9. I enjoyed reading your post today, but I am not giving up Netflix and basic TV we have. There are times when all I want out of life is to watch a British mystery and knit with a glass of wine at hand.

  10. Very cute! I love how you didn’t give it away right away, and how the cats are involved members of the family, partaking of this decision.

  11. richard hamera

    I wish I had comcast, however I only have service electric and they would charge an extra $10.00 for that great station. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Your post today really made me Laugh Out Loud! I even insisted that my husband look at it, too. We have been avid bird watchers for a long time and enjoy the activity at our bird bath. All it takes is a refill of the bird bath for there to be a flat-out competition for who gets to bathe. It’s so funny to watch the different species competing for bath time! And, yes, it is my favorite channel, too! Love how you formatted the piece today.

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