30 Days!

When I got to rehab I was given a monitor and told to get hooked up.  rehab 4  For the next hour I was sending heart rate as well as other information to a computer .Before starting on any of the equipment, blood pressure was taken.

30 Days!

I got on the stationary bike. I pedaled and pedaled for 20 minutes.  All the while I watched the end of the 12:00 news followed by Everybody Lobes Raymond. At the beginning sessions I stayed at level 1 resistance. By the end I was up to level 6.

30 Days!

After a drink of water it was off to the Stepper. (Didn’t get a good picture).  For the first few weeks I used just the legs and not the arms.  I had to wait until 6 weeks after surgery to make sure the inside was healed.  Again I started off at a level 6.  By the end of my sessions I was up to level 9 (out of 10). I stepped for 20 minutes.

rehab 3

30 Days!

After another drink it was off to the treadmill for the last 20 minutes. I started at an incline of 1 with a speed of 1.5.  I ended with an incline of 5.5 and a speed of 4.0.

Following another drink I waited for my heart rate to come down and have my blood pressure taken one final time.

30 Days!

These gals pushed me and encouraged me to do  my 2  I know this is a picture of a picture, but Chris, the one in the middle, was off having foot surgery my last day there. Judy, Chris, and Amy – can’t say enough good things about them.

30 Days!

Because they were pleased with the progress I made, Amy, Chris, and Judy decided I didn’t need the full 36 sessions.  30 would be sufficient.

30 Day!

After 30 days of therapy I graduated and received my certificate.

rehab 1



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24 responses to “Graduation

  1. Congratulations! I’d like to think you went out for a delicious, but healthy, meal to celebrate.

  2. What a hard worker you were! That’s great news! Now will you be back to pushing the mower around the yard? 🙂

  3. Hooray! I’m so glad you graduated with flying colors! It sounds like s great deal of work; but the results will be so beneficial. Congratulations!

  4. Terrific news. What a long time you’ve worked for this. Good for you, and congratulations!

  5. This is awesome news! Keep your body moving and you will reap the benefits. Glad to hear you were an early grad!

  6. What wonderful news and you’ve worked so diligently to get to this point. It was so nice you had those three lovely women cheering you on. I admire people who work in these places and are such good advocates. Now, the rest is up to you, and that’s the scary part, isn’t it? As a cancer survivor, I have to ask myself every few days, am I doing enough? There are some things I’m getting better at (like eating more veggies, less sugar and carbs), but others I must push myself to do (like exercising). Mostly, I try to live my life in the most positive way I can because I believe that will create the sense of well being that’s so important for getting beyond catastrophic illness. From what I’ve been reading of your blog posts, you have a great joie de vivre that you share with your wife. Lucky you!

  7. Bob, you have made a wonderful and brave commitment to your health. It isn’t easy. Congrats to you.

  8. BRAVO BOB!!!!!!!
    Bonnie K.

  9. Congratulations on such a speedy recovery! That’s a well-earned certificate!

  10. Hooray for you, Bob! You and your team did it!

  11. Congratulations! So good to read all about it!

  12. Judy c.

    So happy for you . I know it can be daunting when you first start, but the rewards of these positive changes are worth all the effort. Praying that you will continue to improve more each day.

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