Computer Woes part two


Last week I wrote about how my computer died but I was able to get the hard drive pulled so that my information was still there for me.That was not the end of the story.

Needless to say, when I got home I was excited because my PCTELA information was not lost and I would not have to start all over.  All I had to do was plug the hard drive into my new computer, find the files I needed, click on them and save them to my new computer.  Easy.  Wrong!

I have used jump drives and external drives before so I knew how to access the information I needed on them.  I thought this would be the same.  I plugged in the drive, opened it, saw me PCTELA file, clicked on it to open it and waited.  Why was my information not appearing?  What was all of this gibberish I was getting?  I was assured my information was there and I could get to it so why couldn’t I?  I tried several different things.  I removed the driver and then tried again.  Same results. I couldn’t get the information.

I didn’t know what to do.  I finally decided that on my next trip in for therapy I would take my computer and hard drive into Tom’s Computer Shop and ask them what I was doing wrong.  It turns out that since this was a hard drive from a different computer, the path to access the information was a bit more involved than just clicking on the file I wanted.  The computer had to be told which path to take to the drive and then the files could be opened.  Luckily the guy in the shop did this for me.  We found the file and dragged it onto my desktop.  Now I have what I need to continue working on my conference planning.  Yes, this file is now saved off of my computer as well.


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31 responses to “Computer Woes part two

  1. Silly computers! If they would just DO what we told them! I’m using my Mac in order to get ready for my trip , . . it’s so much smaller and lighter. . . but just not the same!

    So glad that you did not lose your files!

  2. Oh the paths these computer travel on are not compatible with a person’s path. Lucky you had Tom to figure this out for you. I wish I understood it.

  3. rosecappelli

    My greatest fears most always involve computers. That is one of the reasons I have not switched to Windows 10, even though I have all my files copied. Glad it worked out, and I’m looking forward to being part of PCTELA this year!

  4. I’m glad this has a happy ending. We are getting new computers at school so we need to back up all our files. They want us to do it in Google, but I dislike Google Drive, si I will also do it on a thumb drive.

  5. I am not nearly as well versed as you about using computers. If I run into trouble I ask my husband for help and usually he can figure it out. But this bigger “stuff” you are talking about absolutely terrifies me. For me, it’s like plunging into a Black Hole! What is Tom’s phone number?

  6. Computers are part cat! So glad i didn’t miss that little gem hidden in the comments!

    The more I learn about computers, the more I realize how little I know.

  7. I wish, on crazy busy days like this, that I was wired like your computer – I’d love to have a wired go-to path!

  8. My husband has been working on his laptop for a week now. It was my old laptop and he got it as a hand me down when I got a new one. It was working perfectly until we went to New Mexico and it then decided to crash. Ray is a retired computer programmer and so knows a lot about how do deal with unruly computers, but sometimes he is stumped. Funny though, I just heard him give a quiet shout of success and told the computer, “I won!” Anyway, this is a long way to show sympathy to your computer woes. So glad you got your files though.

  9. Judy C.

    Computers – such challenges they give us. Thankfully, “the guy” (Tom) could fix it. Glad you got the files you needed.

  10. There is nothing like a technology challenge to make me feel totally inadequate! I usually brood when turning the device off and back on doesn’t fix the problem.😩However, getting expert advice is much more productive! Maybe (using your example)I will remember to take this more sensible route next time!

  11. As a semi-tech person, I apologize for giggling at your woes. Glad everything has finally worked out.

    • Hopefully I have learned my lesson…at least for this month. I can say that I did learn something new since I can now find the path to my stored information on my own and without Tom’s help.

  12. Sounds complicated. I’m just glad you were able to access the file you needed!

  13. Glad you got the file you needed. I think computers are wonderful when they work and demons from hell when they don’t.

  14. Amy

    Yay, a happy ending! Computer glitches are never as easy. I wasn’t sure if the therapy was due to the computer woes or not…just kidding. Glad everything is a-okay!

  15. I swear, the most important thing about technology is that it will fail, and it will fail at the worst possible moment. I’m glad everything worked out for you, but isn’t it a pain?

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