Computer Woes


We all know that there are things we should do, but do we always do them?  For example, we know that when picking something up we should bend at the knees and not the waist.  Sometimes I did this, but not always.  Now since my surgery I do admit that this is how I always pick things up now.

We also know that when going outside we should always wear sunscreen.  I admit that I I am only going to be out for a little bit or work in the shade I don’t always apply sunscreen.

Then there are computer issues.  We all know that we should back up things to an external drive.  I know this but don’t really do it.  I paid the price.

Two weeks ago, after posting on SOL, I turned the computer off.  I had been having trouble with it charging and holding a charge.  I wouldn’t do it.  It worked fine plugged in.  I should have taken the warning but didn’t.

Later that day I turned it back on intending to do some work for PCTELA.  The black screen just sat there and looked at me.  Lights were flashing on the keyboard, but the screen remained black.  Oh well, maybe if I rebooted it things would work.  After three or four rebootings (I am a slow learner) and still no desktop popping up I made the assumption that something was wrong.  How smart of me.

I did what I am sure others might have done in a similar situation – I panicked.  I wasn’t upset because I could not retrieve my recipe file (luckily I have hard copies of everything in that file).  I wasn’t upset because of the pictures I couldn’t get out of mu picture folder.  I was upset because I couldn’t get my PCTELA conference information.  The week before I had finished my presenters schedule, the conference schedule, and a short description of each presenters’ session description.  Everything was in a PCTELA folder on my desktop.  I did not print out a hard copy.  I did not save it to an external drive.  I had no way of getting back the information I had lost.  What was I going to do?

I decided to take my computer into Tom’s Computer Repair shop.  I told them what had happened.  They thought it could be the back light.  Could be expensive to replace along with a new battery.  It was an old computer still running Vista.  I had a brand new computer at home that I should have been using but wasn’t.  Finally we decided to just pull the hard drive and check it.  If there was nothing wrong with it all of my information should still be there.

Three days later I got a call that the drive was pulled and it was fine.  All information on it was safe.  I breathed a sigh of relief.  I could go on with my conference planning.  I let out an audible sigh of relief.

Was I able to retrieve the information?  Did things go well?  Did I learn my lesson?  I will answer those questions next week.


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25 responses to “Computer Woes

  1. Oh no! I have been in your situation, and I do not like it. Glad the hard drive was okay and your files were there. Now I will wait to see how you proceed. Guess I should be backing up my files, maybe tomorrow. 🙂

  2. Ok so I am going to pay attention to the little warning at the top of my computer page that say you have not backed up in 103 days. I think maybe now would be a good time! 🙂 Thanks for the added warning.

  3. Oooh, a cliffhanger. I’m sure you learned your lesson. Right?!

  4. A happy ending. Good. Reminds me that I need to back up my laptop. I lost a lot when the last one crashed.

  5. Oh my…I know that panic feeling. I am glad nothing was lost and that things are fixed…but it sure makes me appreciate my husband being a pest on backing up things.

  6. Oh, we have all had those things happen. It is funny, though, that we don’t usually do what we ought to have done , until the worst case scenario happens. I’m glad Tom’s Computer Repair saved your hard drive.

  7. Bob, computers are wonderful when they work. It is hard to believe how much we have come to rely upon them in such a short time for the technology. At least you were able to retrieve everything.

  8. Whew! That sounds like a close one. Computer trouble causes me to feel super stressed. I’m so glad you did not lose your information. Seems like I always have to learn the hard way!

  9. I just believe in Apple. Maybe I shouldn’t and I do keep up with my backup just in case. You are going to learn your lesson, right?

  10. I read stories like yours and break into a cold sweat. So much is on my laptop, I’d be lost without it. At these moments, I wish I was still paper and pen oriented! But…your story has a happy ending 🙂

  11. There are so many times I am ready to throw my pc. Instead I pull the plug and let it rest. I do have an external drive at least. Hope all is well.

  12. Amy

    Oh, a “to be continued” story! You are so right when you say that we all know there are things we should do. I am glad you received good news. Now I can’t wait to hear the rest!!!

  13. Thank you for this warning. I have a hard drive to back stuff up to, but I don’t know where it is. I’m sure glad you didn’t lose everything and hope I can find time to search for my backup drive.

  14. We just got new computers at school…thank goodness we did before my old one crashed. I am contemplating the same move at home.

  15. Well you’re here posting, so I’m glad it was not a total loss. But man do I know that panic! And why did it *always* happen when it is most inconvenient? I have learned my lesson. My system set to auto back up every Sunday morning around 1am when I am asleep.

    Now, did you learn you lesson? Hah! For a few weeks/month perhaps, but you’ll get complacent with in a year. You’ll remember to do a full backup a couple of times a year and vaya con Dio the rest, lol. It’s a new(ish) machine what can go wrong? Right? Riiiiiight…

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