York Quilt Show Part 2


Because the York quilters hold their show ever two years, they have many quilts to display. This week I will share more of what we saw.

As always, whenever we go to a quilt show I am amazed be the variety of patterns the quilters use as well as their choice of colors for the quilts.  Many times colors that I would not normally think would work together make beautiful quilts.

This quilt uses basically two colors.The 14  blocks surrounding the center square are made up of 7 blocks duplicated.  Can you find the 7 pairs?


This is a stack-n-whack quilt.  The same fabric was used in each block.  By lining up the fabric and cutting the exact pattern from it, when the pieces are sewn together each block has a different look.


These four I just liked.

This was an unusual pattern.  I have seen this used in boarders but not as the body of the quilt itself.


Kathy an I had a discussion about this one.  We both agree it is a snake, bu to be the head in in the center and the body coils around it.  To Kathy the tail in in the center with the head in the upper right hand corner.  What do you think?


Sometimes quilts are made for a cause.  Here is a walk for a cure quilt.  I just love the shoes on each animal.

The teacher in me couldn’t resist these apples.


Here are a couple more just because.

Love the giraffe drooling on this one.


I thought this was neat.  The quilter sewed squares together, then paced a clam shell template on top of them, cut them out, and sewed them together.


Finally, do you see the angel?


That’s it from York.  Two years until they hold their next show.  I know we will be there.  Next show will be in Hershey.  It will be in July.  We, along with my trusty camera, will be there.


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30 responses to “York Quilt Show Part 2

  1. I definitely see the head in the center, but can see how Kathy might see the tail in the center. I think with the head in the center, it seems to be a resting snake. With the tail in the center, the head looks about to strike. Watch out!

  2. Each one has something to love! And my favorite is that giraffe, just wonderful! As for the snake, I think it’s the upper right corner, but what is that symbol in the upper left? Is that a head, too? I love the stack-a-whack, very clever, & the blue quilt is beautiful. Guess there’s something for everyone? Thanks as always for sharing.

  3. rosecappelli

    This is amazing! I will have to get to a show one of these years.

  4. Wow! It’s so exciting to know these crafters are still busy making these beautiful quilts. During the 60’s and 70’s I had friends who were into quilting, but I never had the patience to be so focused. Thanks for sharing one of your pet passions.

  5. What talent! I’m sure I say that every time, but I do marvel at the ability to create with needle and thread. As for the snake, I think the head is top right.

  6. Judy C.

    Beautiful quilts – such amazing talent and creativity. I must agree with Kathy, the head is top right. Thanks again for sharing.

  7. Thank you for allowing me to take a visual tour of the quilts! I love quilts and the story that is woven into them.

  8. All these quilts are gorgeous; but my favorite is the one that looks like ocean waves. I also liked the elephant quilt. I thought it looked whimsical. Each quilt seems to tell a story.

  9. Incredible. Thanks for explaining each photo so well. I love the simplicity of the pattern in the first one (though I am sure there is nothing simple about creating it) and admire the creativity and complexity of the others. Fun to read!

  10. These are amazing!! I love the Stack-n-Wack quilt – and I love the name! The giraffe one looks like a painting. So amazing.

  11. Amy

    My favorites is the first one. I love symmetry and the classic quilt look. I love the colors too. I also like the giraffe and llama quilt…just because! I hope to dabble in quilting someday. It’s on my bucket list.

  12. Bob, Thanks for sharing your visit and the photos of all the quilts. I have gotten to appreciate this art form from reading your blog posts so much that I wrote about Faith Ringgold whose art form is quilting last Friday in my Feminist Friday column.

  13. These are all spectacular, but that first one (with the 14 blocks) is my favorite thanks to both the pattern and the color scheme.

  14. So much love, patience and craft in each of these quilts. Wonder how many times quilters have to revise??? The art of quilting has many parallels to the art of writing! ❤

    Thanks for sharing all this beauty. (Shoes on the animals is my fave!)

  15. I’m with you Bob. Head in the center, but tail in the center is cooler. Wonderful pieces of art!!!! How are you feeling?

    • They really are art, Bonnie. I am feeling fine. Thanks for asking. I am half way through my therapy sessions. Hard to believe it is 12 weeks since my surgery.

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